Hi. I’m Hannah.

I am a born and raised Wisconsinite who happens to also be a music and travel enthusiast with a passion for photography. 

As a photographer, my greatest photography accomplishments consist of — capturing the Solar Eclipse, being titled SkillsUSA 2018 Photography State Champion, and SkillsUSA 2018 Photography National Qualifier.

Most recently, I graduated Bay Port high school and I have been working part time as a Kohler associate at Lodge Kohler since August of 2017. As of this past February, I have been promoted to work as a server inside Lodge Kohler at the restaurant up on the 5th floor; Taverne In The Sky. When I not working, I am studying at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College full time so that I can earn a degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. 

While many thought I would apply myself to college for photography, my objective is to gain experience needed in the Digital Arts and Marketing. I aspire to work in the field of Digital Marketing for a company pursuing my interests — outdoor recreation, music, and/or photography — and help develop interactive and engaging content for web campaigns, among their social media platforms, website, etc.

With that said, it is a no-brainer for why I am enrolled in NWTC’s Engagement Strategies course; because without it, how will I be able to help develop marketing content that is interactive and engaging?!

Before even reading the first chapter in our Stukent textbook, I had completely forgotten about mobile marketing. It almost seems silly to have had it skip my mind because mobile marketing plays such a huge role in the marketing world. My mind had been so fixated on billboards, tv ads, pop-up ads, social media ads, google ads, etc. on being the brand image for how marketing is displayed; my mind had completely skipped over mobile devices belonging on that list.

For goodness sake, our mobile devices are the item used to view over half of the marketing ad types!

Of U.S. Smartphone Users:

97% send or receive text messages
75% access a social network
89% access the Internet
88% access email on their phone
93% download apps
67% get directions, recommendations or other location based information
41% listen to music
92% participate in video calls or video chats

(Source: Pew Internet Research, 2015)

So of course! It is obvious as to why marketers choose to display their ads over text messaging, social networks, the internet, email, downloaded apps, music platforms, videos, etc. Marketers are then able to reach their target market through a source that almost all ad styles can be seen and displayed on; all through the same device. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the device is a mobile one too?

Given my ambitions for what I hope to do in my near future for a career, I think NWTC’s Engagement Strategies course will be very beneficial to me. Not only will I be able to dive deeper and learn what it is about content that makes it so engaging to an audience or why some campaigns develop such a high interactivity among their audience, but also how mobile marketing plays such a large part into each role.

Hi. I’m Hannah.

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