Mobile Cross Promo and Snapchat Hack

While reading and looking into my options to blog about, I decided to look at some interesting case studies in both chapters 6 and 7. Chapter 6’s case study is about mobile cross promotion with Sony and Amazon and we will take a closer look at how this was vital to their success. Chapter 7’s case study is on Maybelline’s snapchat hack in Singapore and we will see how this helped their brand. 

Looking at the first case study, Sony did some research and found that Sony customers would research on average 11 reviews before purchasing a product. They also found that 30% of online buyers started researching their last purchase on Amazon versus 13% via search engines. Seeing this, Sony decided to advertise their 4K TVs on Amazon. They more so created an experience with video and sound through the Kindle Fire. This not only got customers attention but helped educate them on this new product. Doing this increased their reviews which they had then put into ads to help sell the Sony even more. This was a clearly successful step for Sony as it increased not only awareness, but research shows people were more likely to add this TV to their wish list or shopping carts. It all started with doing the research from the start and getting to know their customers. Amazon has changed the way we shop especially over the last few years. There are many other products or companies that could benefit from doing the same, and other things other than electronics. I have recently used Amazon for reviews on household items like Vacuums or coffee makers. A lot of the things that are reviewed I believe are items we either spend a lot of money on and/or use quite frequently. 

“310 percent more likely to research SONY 4K TVs on 260 percent more likely to add SONY 4K TVs to their Amazon wish lists. 240 percent more likely to add SONY 4K TVs to their Amazon shopping carts”

Everyone loves to take a good selfie, especially those in Singapore. Maybelline noticed that many girls like the soft look a filter gave them and decided to portray that their makeup could give you that exact look. They had two of Singapore’s big influencers take a snap using a filter and one without to see if people could tell the difference. This got so much attention and created so many sales, especially for this product. Advertising on snapchat is the next big thing I believe, especially for someone like me who is always checking snapchat. I think advertising for clothing on snapchat would do really well, as again it is still related somewhat to beauty. Snapchat works well for advertising in that it gets your name out there in a whole different way and you can see how many people view it, snapshot it, and maybe even reply. Although advertising on there sounds like a good idea now, I could see snapchat ads becoming more like tv ads for things you can only get through tv, like odd inventions that may be useful, but not really necessary. Overall, I could see snapchat continue to improve and grow or slowly die out. 

There’s so much more to advertising than just putting up a billboard, radio ad, or commercial. It all starts with research! Doing this and getting to know your customer most importantly helps you plan more efficiently to actually sell your product. There are so many places and ways now to advertise, a lot has to be taken into consideration before just throwing your brand or product out there into the world. 


Mobile Cross Promo and Snapchat Hack

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