Shaping Mobile Marketing for 2019

In 2019 there are a lot of things going on right now but we’re only four months and two days in. Have you ever took time to think what is in store for us this coming year and the rest of the year as Digital Marketers? We often don’t really think about it but there is constantly new trends in mobile marketing from social media to using videos to get the consumer’s attention. A lot of videos streamed or online videos are all through smartphones, well not all of them but most of streamers are viewing from their smartphone. A lot if not all of major brands will continue to invest significantly in mobile video. It is really crazy to think about because our social media apps even have their own form of TV on the app themselves. Facebook has Facebook Watch and Instagram has IGTV. It just shows that a big impacting factor is that videos, streaming, and TV in general are all being broadcasted on your smartphone. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own room or nothing. Below is what I have to say about shaping mobile marketing in 2019.

“Major brands will continue to invest significantly in mobile video and perhaps step up the game in production, quality and budgets.”

Peter Csathy

CEO, Creatv Media

I thought the article was pretty cool seeing that these are just predictions so we won’t be so in shock when this stuff really does happen and come out. We will be in shock partially though because we will think back on this article that we read and remember exactly what we read. I agree with the article all together because for one the video streaming thing seems on point because if you think about it we’re constantly watching videos on YouTube and all other forms of social media even Netflix and Hulu. I was not surprised at all by this prediction because we are always streaming shows on our phones and like we don’t really stop and realize it, we can stream on our TVs, Laptops, and gaming systems but almost everyone watches their shows or forms of entertainment like YouTube on our smartphones. Our smartphones are constantly in our pocket so it doesn’t really affect us, or we don’t think to grab our laptop that is downstairs we just pull out our phones and watch away.

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Another cool prediction was the 5g topic, that would be so cool to have because I know most of us only have 4g and being in Wisconsin you sometimes don’t get the best of a connection at all. They were saying that if we had 5g it would bring even more capabilities to the mobile world and download stuff at speeds so much more faster than 4g. It said something like 10x more faster than 4g just imagine all the speed we would have for our mobile devices. If you have unlimited data I am pretty sure the 5g would work better than WiFi itself which is weird to say because normally you need WiFi for everything.

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All in all the article predictions were pretty cool to read up on and kind of get an idea of what to expect in the future for mobile marketing. As marketers though I feel like we should also be making our own predictions for future references. It really does make you think about all the possibilities of the future wave and what not. Marketers need to adapt to whatever comes their way from trends to predictions because that is how we make profit. Well not all the time like that but we need to learn how to market for a company or even your own company like how will we advertise on mobile devices do we want to go through with social media app advertising or through streaming and video services or both. So yes I do agree with everything that was said in the article I mean I still have yet to see this kind of stuff actually happen in 2019 but the video one is pretty spot on. You get to see new opportunities which is always nice and set up your own plan and attack it. Verizon and Samsung are said to want to come out with 5g within the first half of 2019 so that is one thing to look forward to if you plan on upgrading your phone or even want to start a new plan with the 5g method. It would make life so much easier and fast mobile wise. What do you think about the article if you did decide to read it?

Shaping Mobile Marketing for 2019

2 thoughts on “Shaping Mobile Marketing for 2019

  1. Haden Blau says:

    I like how you mention the fact that as marketers we should really try to imagine our own predictions and trends. Being ahead of the trend can oftentimes be a game changer if done right.


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