Fitbit’s at it’s Finest

Fitness trackers where to start. You can get a basic one or one that does everything for you except have a relationship with someone else. The relationship part is up in the air since you can text and call from most of the newer ones. Over the last 6 years they have changed from just keeping track of steps to get you to the 10,000 recommended steps a day to being able to talk on them. That being said….there is so much for the marketing world to keep up with from all the different types.

I interviewed an instructor at the YMCA that wears one everyday, as long as it is charged. She had stated that to market a product for her to really get into, it has to be a funny commercial or a competitive ad. Tricia had stated that if you want people to buy your product and it is a fitness thing, advertise with competitiveness. It will draw the fitness people into that model or brand. She stated that there are so many of them out there right now it is hard to determine the difference between the name brands. The only one that stands out from the rest is the Apple watch, which is more than a fitness tracker and has a big name. People want to be on the go and don’t want anything to hold them up, so advertising what is all included in a fitness tracker, smartwatch, is the best way to go. Tricia did state that having too much on a watch is a turn off for her. She wants certain things and would love a watch that she could pick the items that she wants on hers.


If you take what you know about smartwatches and what Tricia had said about creating her own, wouldn’t that be a great new way for a product. I know it would be a great marketing promotion. Create your own smartwatch, have only the items that you want on it and pay for only those features. I think people would love the option to make watch. People love options and to be able to have a say in what they buy. Win win for everyone.

What are your thoughts on having people be able to create their own watch with only the features they will use?

Fitbit’s at it’s Finest

3 thoughts on “Fitbit’s at it’s Finest

  1. carlyfleury says:

    I am not a big fitness wearable person, or even a traditional wrist watch person, but I would probably buy a smart watch that I could customize. I would use it for the time, checking weather, reminding myself of tasks, using it as a GPS to navigate, and finding things to do near me.


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