Marketing Analytics Terms (14 & 15)

    If you are marketer for a business you most likely have came across the question of how much money should be budget for different marketing channels. So you might wonder if it’s better to have a larger budget for social media instead of television and so on. This may be tough to figure out so you’ll want to take a look at creating a marketing mix model to come to a certain answer to your question and avoid wasting the marketing budget on ineffective channels for your business. In this post your will learn about the marketing mix and the components as well.

Marketing Mix Model

A Marketing Mix Model implicates techniques that help anticipate marketing outcomes. This is do to predict what marketing investments will be best to maximize your profit. For example it may be tough figuring out how much money your business should spend on advertising on social media, television, or radio. The marketing mix will help you figure out your budget for every single ones of these marketing channels. To create a marketing mix model you can include, economic, industry, product, sales, profits data and more. You will want to determine what you want to predict and use the data to your favor.


    This is part of the marketing mix model and and regression basically means the number of inputs and the way that they are related to the outcome. These are important because once you figure out the outcome you can go back and change the inputs to rule what are the profits/sales. 

Correlation/ Causation

    Correlation is the association of two completely different variables. It’s important to look back at the variables and see these correlation and see if there is an explanation to this. Although there is different types of correlations as well. There is negative and positive correlations as well. So what a negative correlation means is that when a variable decreases another increases and vice versa. In contrary a positive correlation is when a variable increases so does another one and when a variable decreases so does the other one.

    So causation is related to correlation and this means that there is a certain association between one variable and another one. More like a cause and effect so one variable has effect on the next this would be considered causation. Although is important know the difference between just a coincidence and an actual causality.

In conclusion there is a lot that goes into creating a marketing mix model and at times it may be a tedious process. Although if you follow the right steps, creating a marketing mix can be very beneficial to your business. This is key for every business, as it will use the marketing budget positively and this will increase the effectiveness of the overall marketing strategies.

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”

Pam Moore


Marketing Analytics Terms (14 & 15)

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