Wearable Technology & Marketing

Over the last few years, wearable technology has become a huge thing, with Fitbits, smartwatches, and more. Those that wear these may be marketed in a different way through these. I have interviewed my friend to see how her smartwatch affects her in terms of marketing. I have also looked into the future of wearable technology, as many of us know, technology is always on the rise and improving. 

Starting with my interview, my friend has had a smartwatch for about a year and a half now and wears it almost every day. She mainly uses it to track her fitness and as a reminder to stand up and walk around and track her workouts when she does work out on the rare occasion. She uses this as a basic watch as well but also with its other features like reminders connecting to her calendar on her phone and such, it works well for work. To her, it doesn’t really change her buying habits or anything. She says what attracts her to buy things are coupons, so if there was an app on her watch for coupons, she might use it more to buy things. Her fiancé on the other hand says he uses his Apply pay on his watch but did not get the watch for that reason. 

With technology on the rise, one day they may be a smart version of nearly everything, including the things we wear. For example, smart eyewear is said to account for 40% of total revenue of wearables market in 2020. There are many ideas for different smart wear that will help in the healthcare industry like hearables or even tech tattoos. These are totally different platforms that marketers need to think about, but it is still hard to say currently if these different smart wear products will really take off or hit a dead end. 

Once the industry has made advancements in the data wearables collect about their customers, retailers will be able to build a fully personalized experience of the entire browsing and buying journey.

Seeing as though technology is always on the rise, this is an area I think some marketers should really focus more on to improve their sales. I personally do not have a smartwatch, but do debate getting one since they have multifunctional for many basic things, yet I see it kind of as a smarter phone, so is it really necessary? I’m curious myself to see what all these smart wearable technologies and how they will change not only marketing possibly, but everyday life. 



Wearable Technology Statistics and Trends 2018

Wearable Technology & Marketing

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