Amazon App vs. Walmart App

            Since I already have the Amazon app on my phone, I decided to download the Walmart app to compare them and differentiate them. Both apps are the two most popular for e-commerce. First, let’s start with the amazon app.


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In 2015, Amazon offered its consumers a mobile referral program. Every time a current app user shared the amazon app and they downloaded it, both the referee and the referrer received $5 reward for their site. Amazon changed the game and was able to rank the app higher. As of 2018, Amazon is considered part of the top 10 most popular apps.  

I am an avid user with Amazon’s app. I am able to search three or more different ways for products that I want. I can type in the search query, use the voice recognition or I can scan things around me and see if Amazon has it! Sometimes, when I am at the store, I will use this to see if it is cheaper on Amazon (which isn’t always the case.) There are lots of features on the app that make it user friendly. If I want to save an item to look at later, all I do is press on it and drag it to the bottom of my screen. I am still debating if this is creepy or not, but Amazon keeps track of my purchases. If I am looking to buy something again, I can click buy again and find my purchase. 

With my account, I receive daily emails and push notifications. 

However, there are some things I don’t like. They have lots of advertisements for their own stuff. Another thing is, this app is so stuffed and busy. On the home page, I can scroll for days (aggerating of course) just to get to the bottom of the app. Being a prime member has so many advantages. I get free-fast shipping, access to music and videos. 


When Walmart released their app in 2014, they had over 10 million app downloads within a week of the release date. This app was their Savings Catcher app, which is now a part of their Walmart app. Their customers were able to scan barcodes on items for savings and to compare prices. To this day, the app still allows you to do so. Kind of like Amazon, you can search by query, voice search or scan code.

I really like how Walmart has a section for their services. You have your savings catcher, Walmart pay, store finder, pharmacy, photo, grocery, starting a return and more. Having this app with all these features is actually really nice and benefits their customers. For example, their pharmacy service. If I needed to refill my prescription, I can do it straight from the app. They send notifications when the prescription is ready.

Personally, I have never used the Walmart app but I like it! It is very clean and not so overwhelming. 

Walmart vs. Amazon

Both apps are very similar to each other. They both try to engage and meet their customers needs. They are trying to provide an effortless experience. It’s really hard to choose which app which is superior. They both provide different services. However, when it comes to engagement, it’s the same. 

Amazon App vs. Walmart App

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