Chris Kelly and Natalie Koltun’s Prediction on Trends in Mobile Marking

Since 2018 is over, that means new trends are around us. Neon is coming back; biker shorts are actually a thing (thanks Kimmy) and god parents’ proposal will be the new engagement proposal. However, what are the trends going to be for mobile marketing? One thing that Chris and Natalie mention is video. This was a trend last year so, it’s not really a surprise. Video is growing. 

Mobile Video is taking over

Video is going to take the number one spot for marketers to get in front of their customer.. and if they’re not then they are showing up to the game late. According to the article: 

“The next 12 months could prove make-or-break for new players and for two big names that launched in 2018: Facebook Watch and Instagram’s IGTV. Despite Facebook’s billion-dollar investment in these platforms, they have so far underperformed.”

I have noticed that with the recent update from Facebook, they restructured their app to put Facebook Watch in the viewers hands more easily. This is huge step in the right direction. Video is the most entertaining and kind of addicting. I have a feeling Facebook Watch and IGTV is going to see an increase in views. Also, I just want to add that Facebook live was not a huge thing starting out but now you see Facebook boutiques and other companies taking advantage to engage with their consumers and potential consumers. 

What kind of video should marketers be doing?

Vlogging. It is huge right now and I think it would be a great way to get on a more personal level with consumers and humanize their company. As mentioned earlier, going live on social media and other streaming accounts. My husband is a gamer and loves watching YouTube videos and Twitch. Going live is a great way to share new products and answer consumers questions. 

TV ads are making a comeback. Just kidding. Stop wasting your money. A lot of my generation and the baby boomers are watching shows on YouTube, Hulu, HBO, Netflix and other streaming services. It’s time to start moving ads from the TV to YouTube. YouTube will be more cost efficient and will reach more people. 

5G is opening up endless possibilities

5G is already being be introduced this year. Verizon has made 5G available in certain cities. New phones are already about to be launched with it too, but you may not see Apple jumping on the wagon yet. This new type of speed will open up doors and more data for marketers

I agree with the article 6 trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2019. I am really interested in how marketers are going to get their products in front of customers when consumers are using artificial intelligence like Amazon echo and Google home. 

Chris Kelly and Natalie Koltun’s Prediction on Trends in Mobile Marking

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