Exploring The Glossary

In Chapter 6, we learn about social listening tools, general marketing data tools/sources, data craping and content analysis tools, which all provide a unique advantage to marketing analytics gurus in the digital age. If you didn’t read the chapter, I will define some of these things I mentioned.

Social Listening 

Social listening is defined as an examination of consumer data from social media networks. Every company wants to make sure that they have a solid reputation on and off social media. In order to keep your brand name sacred, its vital to continuously track different social media channels. Social listening could get confused with social monitoring. These two things are different. Social listening is trying to find the root cause behind conversations and implement long-term strategy changes. When we listen to our followers/audience we are able to give them what they are asking for. This ranges from content to coming up with new product ideas. For example, there is a site called Built Bar. This site sells protein bars. As they continue to grow, they continue to put new products out there. They came up with a banana crème flavor that people were begging for on their social media accounts. By listening to your audience, you begin to build a deeper relationship with them. You are satisfying the customer needs. 

Are there tools to help with Social Listening?

Of course! Some popular social listening tools are Sprout Social, Hootsuite and HubSpot! Also, many social media platforms offer their own analytics. 

It is important to grab a variety of data and then make it mean something. Data scraping is one of the tools where it extracts large amounts of data from websites. Here are some potential reasons someone may use this technique:

  • Research for web content
  • Prices for travel booker sites/price comparison sites
  • Discovering sale leads and conducting market research
  • Sending product data from an e-commerce site to another online vendor.

Here is a video on how to import data from the web to excel:

Glossary Provides You Key Information

Exploring The GlossaryIt is really important to look at the glossary at the end of the chapter. The digital text book provides key words that you need to know in order to be successful when it comes to extracting meaning from data on the web. 

Exploring The Glossary

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