Fitbit – wearable health

Guys, it’s here. My last blog post. Ever. For this final post, I am going to be talking about Fitbit and marketing potential for the devices.

Wearable technology has spiked since the “Qualified Self” movement that came about in the 1970s. This movement refers to increased data collection for a better, healthier lifestyle. Since then, pedometers have turned into apps on our phones and wearable technology like Fitbits, Applewatches, and more.

For this post I interviewed my girlfriend Karli who wears her Fitbit watch semi-regularly. She initially got her Fitbit to monitor her health and keep track of her daily steps. When she bought her newest Fitbit, she also wanted to added features like the heart rate monitor.

When I asked her what other marketing opportunities she saw for Fitbit, she said it would be an interesting concept if Fitbit could partner with local workout facilities or golf courses, hiking trails, etc. If by wearing a Fitbit maybe an individual received a discount, or if they could track their workouts and then earn badges, or streaks they would receive discounts at their local gym or course.

We also discussed the idea for Fitbit to partner with stationary bikes in the home. If there was a way to either use VR or a bike that has a built in TV so the user could login and have an interactive biking trail while they used their stationary bike.

At first when I wanted to buy a Fitbit, it was really just because they were a cool, new technology device it seemed a lot of people were getting. But Fitbits and Apple-watches have so much to offer. It’s been really cool seeing my progress- and so easily accessible!

Karli Norton

Personally, I believe there are a lot of marketing opportunities for these smart devices. I agree with the ones provided, but it would be interesting if they could dive more into the food realms of things. I think a lot of people use their trackers for steps, and now notifications. But what if your Fitbit could be connected to your smart fridge, and it could let you know when you’re running low on something. Or, if there was a way to incorporate what you eat out of your fridge right into your calorie counter on Fitbit. I’m not sure exactly how that could be implemented, but I think someone out there could figure it out.

Overall, I think wearable technology in the form of these health devices has probably increased physical activity and a healthier lifestyle.

Fitbit – wearable health

One thought on “Fitbit – wearable health

  1. muhkenzee13 says:

    My husband wears an Apple Watch and uses it more for tracking his work outs. Sort of a long the lines with the smart fridge, he would like his watch maybe to inform him of low prices and where to buy of his favorite prework out and his whey powder. There is so much potential with the Apple Watch and companies being able to get on that screen. My watch lets me know every time my card is used. I like this because then I know if there are purchases being made that isn’t by me.


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