Shopping on Multiple Devices

Shopping on My iPhone

I do more searching on my phone than buying. The only two reasons I order on my mobile device is because I cannot get to my desktop right away and will miss the sale or I am ordering from Amazon. According to OuterBox, “79% of smartphone uses have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months,” and “80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations.”

Being newly married and trying to save money, I am that person to compare prices to another store. Same with my husband. When we were at Target the other day, I was looking for a matte black hand mixer (to match my Kitchenaid mixer) and thought it was rather expensive. My husband scanned the box with the amazon app and found it a couple dollars cheaper. Well, I did a search in Google and saw that Bed Bath & Beyond was the cheapest and I could get free shipping with it. When I got home, I ordered it online with my laptop. 

Laptop vs. Mobile

I buy on my laptop majority of the time because I feel like it is easier to navigate through, check out and see the product better on my screen. When I am ordering a product through my mobile device, I am most likely ordering through my Amazon App. It’s quick and easy for me. Also, when buying the purchase, I have a good idea with what I am ordering and past the research stage in my buying process. Recently, I just purchased more plates through my mobile device at Crate & Barrel. I already have the same dishes but wanted to order more. I noticed that if I have an account/app, I tend to order on my phone. If I don’t have an account and don’t want one or the app, I will buy through my laptop and check out as a guest.

Some other purchases I make with my mobile device is through the Starbucks app and Qdoba App. I have my card linked to both apps. I love how convenient it is for them to scan my bar code and I don’t have to worry about taking my wallet out of my bag, then opening my wallet, taking out my card, give them my card, wait what feels like a century for my purchase to be “approved” and then put the card back in my wallet and back in my bag. That was a lot to type, so imagine doing that in person vs. using the app. Also, I can send my order in through the app and pick it up at a time that I choose. 

Shopping on Multiple Devices

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