The Zero Moment of Truth

Technology has changed the game in how it effects consumers to make a purchase decision. Imagine you are on your way out the door of work or school and notice you forgot to bring your lunch from home. From here you can do one of two things, pick a restaurant you are already familiar with or open up your smartphone and google search “‘Restaurant’s near me”. After clicking enter, many places to eat will pop up on your screen, you will also see ratings on which restaurants are most popular among consumers. This is a prime example of how a consumers use one of many sources before making a purchase decision. In using a source, like google, to find a restaurant you are activating the Zero Moment Of Truth, the part of the buying process when a consumer researches a product before purchasing.

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There are many instances in my life where I need to do research before making a purchase decision. The example above is when I use a quick google search to find a restaurant, however my most recent purchase required a more in depth research of the product. Choosing a computer to jump start my college experience was one of the most difficult purchase decisions I had to make. The battle between Windows and Mac is what made this so difficult. I took it upon myself to gather research on the pros and cons of both computers, Mac book air and the Windows Surface Pro 6. What I found was the computers were very similar to the processors used, and the battery life. The two companies were both very prepared in having information readily available for me, the consumer. According to an article I read, “,” this is one of the many ways a marketers can be prepared for the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’.

“Here are a few ways that you can make sure your B2B product or service passes the ZMOT test:Make sure information about your product is readily available. Consumers will be looking for the following types of content to help them make a decision: customer testimonials, buyers guides, and case studies. They want reviews that are coming from your customers and clients, not directly from you.”

How Rating’s Fit into ZMOT

To make this purchase decision on a computer, I not only looked up information on the speeds and graphics of each individual computer, I also looked at reviews and ratings other consumers had on them. Ratings, in my opinion, are the most influential part when a consumer is in ZMOT. After reading all of the specs on each of the computers and noticing they were very similar, I decided that I need opinions of other people who have used the products and created reviews on them. This helped me make my decision and narrow down what I was looking for in the computer. Youtube was my main source of finding ratings and reviews. I decided my basic needs I needed fulfilled were finding a computer for school work and mobility. I found that the only real advantage the windows computer had over the Mac book was the touch screen, which I did not need. I went with the MacBook because their were more positive reviews and a lot more information readily available. Below is a link to a video, similar to one of many I watched before making this purchase decision.


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This is an example of what ratings look like on websites that help consumers make a purchase decision.


All in all from small purchase decisions to larger more complex decisions, ZMOT, the point in the buying cycle where the consumer researches a product, is one of the most influencial parts in converting a consumer. Whether it’s making a quick google search on finding a good place to eat for lunch or a more in depth process in comparing two different computer brands, the research and gathering of information that is done is what finalizes the consumers decision.

The Zero Moment of Truth

One thought on “The Zero Moment of Truth

  1. nathanleonardson says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and I found it quite relatable. As consumers, we are always making purchasing decisions such as ratings, like you suggested, allow us to narrow down our choices and hopefully result in a positive post-purchase experience.


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