Mobile Marketing Essentials

So, what is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is both a direct, and indirect channel for marketing. This means that it is a real-time two way channel. The goal with mobile marketing is to enhance the customers overall experience with the brand. The the ever changing digital world that we live in, it’s essential that companies learn how to leverage the mobile space and ultimately build strategic marketing campaigns to encompass the mobile atmosphere.

Mobile Audience

Based off of chapter one in our book, there are six primary objectives for marketers:

  1. Understanding the customers needs
  2. Acquire new customers
  3. Retain those customers by building loyalty and advocacy
  4. Encourage customres to spend more
  5. Encourage them to spend more often
  6. Build the companies brand
  7. Measure results & optimize marketing

While these are strong objectives, it’s also important that throughout all of them we understand the value of the 4 P’s of marketing… product, price, place, and promotion. With the four P’s were able to maximize our distribution channels.

Did you know that 9/10 consumers start their buyers journey on a digital device and end it on a different device? This means that company’s must understand the need for a flexible online platform that has the capabilities to mold with what the consumer needs.

My favorite app to shop online with is Aerie/American Eagle. I’m all for comfy clothes in everyday life so Aerie is always my go-to. I downloaded the app years ago and have seen the evolution that it has manifested over that time period.

One of my favorite things about the Aerie app is that its almost identical to the website. It’s so easy to navigate and I never have to mess around to get where I want to be. Also, I love that it notifies me every time they have a new offer or promotion and I can instantly navigate to it using the bottom menu. See below:

In addition to the ease of use, I’m able to add favorites, and find outfit inspirations, and scan tags in store to find additional sizes, color, or verify price all on the app. Something that I think is really unique is that both American Eagle and Aerie share the same app. That way, if I need jeans from American Eagle, but want a sweatshirt through Aerie, I can still make one purchase all in the same place, while receiving promotions, and getting my product points.

American Eagle/Aerie as a brand does an awesome job with blending their mobile marketing, in store, and website to all match. It encourages me to always be thinking about “whats the next best deal”, and the notifications always keep aerie fresh in my mind. American Eagle/Aerie changed the way that I look at mobile marketing because every touch point that they make with the consumer is strategic and has value. Below I have attached a quote and article that breaks down how American Eagle is up leveling against brands like Victoria Secret.

“As a competitor, Aerie has gone a very different direction. An early forerunner in the body positivity movements, Aerie has built up a fairly loyal following that offers very vocal support of its advertising campaigns – including the #AerieREAL no-airbrushing campaign – which exhibit a wide range of body types and ethnicities. One of this year’s more eye-catching campaigns involved with visible disabilities. That inclusivity-based marketing is planned into the fall of 2018, when men will take the center stage as underwear models (but not with the body type of the typical male underwear model).

Customers have responded positively to these campaigns. Data from Sprout Social finds that both the American Eagle and Aerie brands have won extraordinarily high ratings among consumers on social media. About 83 of social media commentary on AE is positive, while Aerie clocks in with 68 percent positive mentions.”

Strategy for Growth

The strategy for growth chapter offered how to evolve mobile marketing to create a mobile first strategy. There were several different steps in this chapter. Starting with learning about how customers use mobile, testing your efforts, and living the brand through the eyes of mobile. The most important aspect about this section in the chapter is understanding how to measure and collect data to interpret consumer behavior, and in turn use that to create strategic marketing efforts and improve growth.

From there, its optimizing those marketing efforts to run across different mediums such as mobile apps, and email marketing.

To relate this to the above example, American Eagle/Aerie, in 2015 when they released their mobile app, they offered this statement:

“With this month’s news, however, American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) is doubling down on mobile. “More than 50% of our customers shop with their phone,” Wills explains. “Our goal is to take away the friction that often exists when shopping on a mobile device.” “

Mobile first is continually driving their strategy as they understand that their market (15-24 year olds) are shifting in that direction.

Creating a Mobile Path

Chapter 3 dove more in depth into the strategy behind using mobile apps and websites. It discussed the essentials for mobile path building, strategy, measuring systems, and testing campaigns. When using apps, users tend to have the ability to compare shop, check reviews, find coupons, view product photos, etc.

Creating a mobile path has a lot to do with mobile being local. According to the chapter, this means that marketers are locally available while still maintaining a mobile presence.

In conclusion, this chapter offered extensive evidence and reasoning why creating mobile interfaces for business is essential in today’s society. I was able to relate this to one of my favorite retailers and understand first hand why they had to update their systems.

Mobile Marketing Essentials

Marketing vs. Culture

Content marketing is not a ‘one size fits all’ shoe. It’s complex and intense in almost every aspect. Most importantly, it’s significantly different when it comes to the millions of products and services out there.

The most efficient way to achieve success when creating content would be to truly understand your audience and target market. Important things to understand, especially in terms of a global company would be the difference in cultures. For this blog entry specifically, I would like to focus on the differences of marketing in Germany, vs. marketing in United States.

Culture’s affect on company’s strategies

In order to construct a successful marketing strategy, brands must use data tracking to understand their audience’s culture, customs, and society as a whole. In an article published by Janet Hunt, she offers several different influences to understand as a marketer.

  • Cultural values of a society (dictates what is/is not acceptable)
  • Cultural values within a country (dictates what is/is not acceptable per country)
  • Symbols (Spoken and non spoken language, cultural pride, foreign influence)
  • Rituals (Cultural behavior patterns)
  • Thought Processes (How the marketing strategy is perceived)

All of the above options should be key factors in creating messaging, and more importantly, understand exactly where your target market fits into all of this. For example, large businesses have the capital to include several different cultural segments in their marketing strategy, but small businesses must hone in on only a few segments because they are lacking capital to gain full market share.

Image result for culture of your target market quote


According to Else Gellinek (marketing specialist from the UK), German marketing tends to be more clear on the marketing intent. Meaning it is upfront in its copy and imagery. In addition, the use of puns, metaphors, and symbols are less of that in the United States. Symbols in Germany often do not have connotations, and are very minimalistic and simple. Below are some examples of German logos that you might recognize:

Image result for adidas logo
Image result for volkswagen

German Marketing is often more pragmatic. Meaning facts, figures, and “to the pointedness” is essential. Overall, Germany tend to be very direct and matter of fact!

United States

The bottom line with marketing in the US would be that it’s totally about the experience! In my personal opinion I LOVE packaging. I think that totally encompasses the customer experience when its a product based business. This is one of the main reasons I love purchasing apple products, and if you have ever had one/unboxed one you know exactly what I mean! I attached a link here describing the sensory experience that Apple offers.

In America we also use much more visual ways to communicate a marketing message such as very pictures and infographics. I think that the way we convey information here is much more ‘warm and fuzzy’ and not as straight to the point as it is in Germany. For example, below we all know Duke from Bush’s baked beans (RIP). It adds a complete “warm and fuzzy” element to their marketing. Even though a dog has nothing to do with baked beans. Below that, you see a straight to the point, Heinz bean ad. You be the judge: Which one makes you feel more excited to purchase from?

Image result for bush's baked beans ad
American Ad:
Image result for uk bean ad
German Ad:

In conclusion, culture does have a significant impact on marketing strategies and we can understand this by referencing the the differences between both German and America’s marketing tendencies. If we were all the same, marketing would be so much more easier! It would appeal to everybody all over the world. But because that simply is not the case, marketers must leverage the customs of their audience and learn how to utilize them to their advantage.

Marketing vs. Culture

Into The Future of Tech!

The Here and Now

Technology is an amazing tool that has grown and expanded so much since the start. Computers went from being giant hunks of plastic and metal that stored data to thin, amazingly designed communication devices. It’s uncommon to meet someone who doesn’t own a phone, computer, or tablet. It’s uncommon to go into someones home or business and not see one ounce of technology being used whether it be from TV’s to I-Phones. People would quite honestly be lost without technology now because it is such a huge part of our everyday lives.

Imagine having to walk up to someones door and ask to hang out like our parents did when they were kids….we couldn’t because there hasn’t been a slow down in technological advances since the dawn of it and we have rarely lived without it!

According to the law of accelerating returns, the pace of technological progress—especially information technology—speeds up exponentially over time because there is a common force driving it forward.

If technology advances exponentially, that means in the next five to ten years, everything we know to be true about it will be completely different. It will continue to do so for the rest of time unless there’s an apocalypse or something wild like that.


From what I have grown up watching in the tech world evolve and change, I can only image what it will be like in the coming years. I think of things like phones that we no longer have to hold, but are simply contacts we put in our eyes and are able to control with our minds. Or a chip inserted in our brains. I also think of more realistic things like holographic phones, laptops with and entirely touch keyboard (Similar to iPads but with the foldable design that feels more natural for avid laptop users).

I also think that mobile marketing will be vastly more user friendly and widely used. From experience, using customer service numbers are a pain and it’s frustrating to not get a real person on the other end of the line.

The introduction of online chat rooms for different companies I feel has been a huge success.

 if you don’t offer live chat on your website, then you’re essentially ignoring your customers.

Nine times out of ten I will prefer to use an online chat to help me get an answer versus calling the customer service number. I always seem to get answers much faster and I am able to take screenshots just in case another employee tries to say something else. (A tool that has come in handy more than I’d like to say). People are on their phones all day anyway and we all have busy lives so it’s much more convenient to use a chat.

As for how I think mobile marketing will change, I just think it will continue to get easier and easier to promote your brand or service. There is so much exposure in the online world to take advantage of and with the ever changing technology, platforms we use it on will be easier and more efficient to use. I think the will also be more responsive for users.

Right now, social media apps are already adding features that make it easier for everyone, not just businesses, to promote them selves and grow an audience. Take Instagram for example. The implemented a business profile feature that allows for creators and businesses to easily talk with customers and promote ads.

Light Years Away

Okay maybe not light years, but in five to ten years there will be a huge change in technology. It is undeniable and also expected. There has been complaints in the past with how little Apple changes their products from year to year sometimes and they have really stepped their game up as of recent. That same attitude will happen with advances do not continue like the have been all across the board. As a human race we love to grow and build upon what we have already created. We have a need to see more and want more, so I believe the same will happen with technology.

I hope that I get my contacts for my eyes to use my phone with my brain and the laptop with a fully touch keyboard. I also hope I mobile marketing will be able to adapt along with those things.

But…until then I will settle for my iPhone, Mac and Flat Screen TV.

Into The Future of Tech!

Wal-Mart vs. Amazon…who apps better??

Let’s talk mobile apps.  Today I want to dive into a comparison of two apps.  These happen to be two apps that I use regularly, and pretty equally.  Wal-Mart and Amazon.  Which one is better? Which one is easier to use?  Pros and cons of each…Let’s go!

          I am going to start with Wal-Mart.  First of all, Wal-Mart has multiple apps, which is actually very smart. They have their app for general merchandise that you can order for delivery, but they also have an app that allows you to order fresh grocery to be hand-picked and carried out to your car on a same day or on an order-ahead basis.  I am only going to be talking about their general merchandise app today.

          The Wal-Mart app has some really fantastic features.  It is easy to navigate. Easy to filter.  Easy to reorder previously purchased items on.  This app also has some great benefits that come to life when you use it for in-store shopping.  The Wal-Mart app actually allows you to scan your items as you shop in store, check yourself out, and skip the line in the store.  It has the ability to help you locate specific items when shopping in store as well.  It will tell you exactly what isle the item you are looking for is in.  This can be a big time saver. 

          When utilizing this app for online services you will not be disappointed.  Wal-Mart has done a great job at anticipating consumer needs by making the app very easy to navigate and very comprehensive.   It allows you to submit RX refill orders, transfer an existing RX to another pharmacy, or even view your RX history.  It also allows you to create lists, order custom designed cakes, create or shop a baby or wedding registry, and even start a return.  These are only a few of the great things you can do on the Wal-Mart app. 

          Shopping is made easy on this app by making it very easy to create filters based on several different things.  You can opt to only view items available for NextDay Delivery.  This is nice if you know you are on a time limit and only want to see items that are available for fast delivery.  If you are in no rush, you can shop the app by department, special deals, or even search specific items.  Wal-Mart does offer a wide range of items available for nationwide shipping.  It is nice that you can order a gift for someone and have it delivered to them no matter where in the U.S. they live.

According to, the Wal-Mart App has 4.5 out of 5 stars and has been reviewed by 3,361 people to date.

“I use this app often. Navigating is so easy, and I can compare prices quickly. I can track what I’ve purchased, and even get money back with the savings portion. I like that I can order from the app and click to pick up in the store.” -Lauren M. review

Moving on to the Amazon app.  I also really enjoy this app.  One thing that I really appreciate about using the Amazon app, is that they offer a feature where you can link your amazon account to a specific charity.  Then every time you shop using the app a percentage of your purchases gets automatically donated to that charity.  I have my account linked to my children’s school PTO.  Then I can feel good about having part of what I spend come back around to benefit my kids, their friends, and the community.  If you would like to look up charity options available, go to:

          I personally do not think the Amazon app is quite as user friendly as we discussed the Wal-Mart one being, but it still has some awesome features.  It gives you access the entire world of products in all shapes, sizes, price ranges, and quality variations.  Once you know what you are looking for, it is really easy to filter out options based on a number of factors. 

This app is really good at allowing you to shop by department, storing previously viewed items, and suggesting items of interest based on recent browsing history and previous purchases.  I love signing into my daughters IPod with my amazon account.  This way I can see what she is looking at from my phone because it shows recently view items.  This is a great way to be a gift giving hero to your kids!

          I also really love that my Amazon app stores multiple shipping addresses.  I love to use Amazon to ship gifts to my nieces and nephews across the country.  This is so easy to do by having stored addresses.  I can even separate items purchased in the same transaction and send them to different loved ones all at once by simply selecting the appropriate shipping address.

          The world according to, does not agree with me about liking the Wal-Mart app bett4er though.  The Amazon app has 4.8 out of 5 stars as reviewed by 10,997 people.

Amazon is simply the best. It has seriously changed my life. Being a busy single mom of 3 kids I do not have time to be going to the store for all of our families needs. It was always a big stress when we were getting low on shampoo or dishwasher detergent or someone ripped a hole in their pants or needed new scissors for a school project. Being able to get on Amazon and get it all in one place and receive it quickly. It saved my sanity! I am so so so thankful for it!” -Brittani L. review

         I really hope this gives you a little insight in to these apps and you try them out. Overall, I would have to say that I highly recommend downloading and trying both apps.  They are both very convenient, user friendly, and fun!  Happy Shopping!

Wal-Mart vs. Amazon…who apps better??

Online Girl Shopping in an Online World

Clothes, household goods, pet care items, shoes, groceries…there is no limit to the things you can order in this ever growing digital world.  Shopping online has become second nature to many of us.  We are never more than a few clicks away from whatever our heart desires. 

Today I want to talk about some of the things I have recently purchased online, and why I opt to shop in this fashion.  Some of my online purchases were made on my mobile phone, while others were made on my laptop, desktop, or tablet.  According to a recent statistic put out by, 76% of U.S. consumers shop online. I am definitely one of those 76%.  We all have habits on how we do things in our life.  Online shopping is one of those for me!

76% of U.S. Consumers Shop Online

One thing that I shop for online using my mobile phone is groceries.  This is SUCH a time saver for in my life!  Each week I open my WalMart Grocery app and add items to my cart all week long.  For me, this is an extremely effective and efficient way of grocery shopping.  It helps me keep up on my list of what I need, not get unnecessary items, and stay on track budget wise.  All of these benefits combined with the fact that I can drive up to the store, have my groceries all loaded into my car, and drive away all within 15 minutes, is very convenient for the busy single mom lifestyle I have to keep up with. 

This is one area where I prefer to use my mobile device.  You can accomplish the same outcome by going to the desktop site, , and add items to your cart from there.  For me, it is less convenient to me to shop this way.  When using the app, I can do it from anywhere…literally anywhere…I often use my phone to look up recipes when I am cooking.  When I run out of something, it is right there and I add the items I am low on as I go.  I usually wind up checking out and finish my grocery shopping for the week after I do my meal plan and put my kids to bed.  It makes me feel productive and accomplished.  Almost like I have a leg up on the next day.

Each week I open my WalMart Grocery app and add items to my cart all week long.

It is also convenient to shop using the mobile app because it stores my preferred pick up store, preferred payment option, and I can check in and it tracks my location as I drive to the store.  The app check-in and GPS tracking makes the process even more fast and convenient.  If you use the desktop site for shopping, you are not able to check-in for pick up until you arrive at the store.  Doing it this way takes more time at pick up.  When you are as busy as I am, every minute counts.

Shopping online is convenient from any device, but sometimes there are certain things I like to shop for from my laptop or desktop.  I often do research on larger purchases from multiple devices.  For example, when I purchased my house this summer, I researched from multiple devices.  I find when I need to do a lot of research on something it is easier from a non-mobile device.  Researching on my desktop or laptop enables me to go from window to window easier so I can look up multiple things at once and bounce around quicker.

When shopping for something that has many factors at play, such as a house, this is convent.  I would use my desktop to look up houses I was interested in, find information about their neighborhood statistics, school information, and google earth the yards.  This was extremely convenient on my desktop, but was much harder on the mobile sites.

I am almost exclusively an online shopper.  As a busy single mom that works and goes to school full time, my time is very precious.  The places I order from regularly, I usually prefer to use the mobile apps to shop.  Some of my favorites include Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Kohls.  I have all of these apps on my phone and use them all the time.  Having the conveniences offered by the mobile apps saves me countless amounts of time.  The apps help me by tracking what I have purchased in the past, and make re-ordering awesome!

We all make decisions that fit our lifestyles best.  For some, having a larger screen that offers larger pictures, a larger keyboard, and a mouse is easier.  For others, the on the go conveniences offered by mobile shopping is ideal.  Which is best for you?  Why?  What trends and habits affect the way you shop? These are things to consider when analyzing how and why you shop the way you shop!

How do you shop???

Online Girl Shopping in an Online World

Staying Home to Shop

Online Shopping

When it comes to online shopping the convenience can not be beat. The major problem with shopping online is that you cant see the product, feel the product, test the product, its almost impossible to see the quality of the product unless if you have bought the product in the past. When it comes to online shopping I get stuck between a rock and a hard place. The convenience can not be beaten. But at the same time the fact that it is killing brick and mortar stores and the small business. So I have a hard time buying online and not supporting the local stores. Although it seems as though about every week there seems to be a package at my door step. I am an owner of a small business locally and we fight to stay competitive with online stores. We also sell products online to try and reach a broader audience and to help customers that live farther away or maybe are away to school.

Image result for online shopping
Can it get any easier to shop?

Mobile Shopping

I do not do a whole lot of shopping on my mobile phone. I find that almost all of the shopping that I do on my mobile device is on Amazon. I will typically right away go to Amazon for the fact that they have everything you can think of. The convenience of Amazon is that I can order fish food a cell phone charger and a pair of socks (just an example) all at one time and with Amazon prime you have it in two days with free shipping. Some perks that I like about Amazon is that they track all of my orders so if I forget what i ordered in the past I can look back and see what the product might have been. I can have multiple credit cards on file and choose a work card or personal depending on what I am ordering at the time. The ability to be able to choose the address that you would like to have your packages shipped to as well

Image result for online shopping

Shopping on my Tablet

I typically use my tablet to make purchases that take more time to purchase. When I need to take more time to research and shop different products I like to utilize my tablet. To be able to have a larger screen and jump from tab to tab makes it 100% easier to search and purchase on a tablet. A few times a week I will use my computer to make orders for work that would be nearly impossible to complete on a mobile devise. When making orders for work that at times will have 20-30 and upwards of 100 plus products the only way to accomplish the orders is with a computer.

Image result for online shopping quotes



According to KPMG, men spend around 68 percent more money in their transactions than women do. This is due to the fact that they are more likely to purchase luxury products and electronics as well as buy in bulk than their female counterparts. Women are more likely to purchase food and make-up which are lower cost items.

Men maximize their time online and thus end up spending more money because of it. If you’re looking to up your sales to your male audience in your eCommerce marketplace, try offering packages. Men are more likely to take the time to figure out that they can buy a bigger package at once and spend more money at one time—so they don’t have to come back later—than a woman.



What does this say about the ecommerce market? It’s all about convenience. Amazon markets convenience before anything else. Their Prime shipping option is the epitome of convenience because it gets your product to your doorstep before a tracking number is even available for you to locate your package.

Once Amazon has got you, you’re never going back. Plus, Amazon offers so many different items you need there’s really never a need to look anywhere else.


Even though that I do not like online shopping I find it almost impossible in this day and age to not shop online. For the simple fact of convenience is why I and I would presume most people use online shopping like Amazon. To have the ability to use your phone or computer to research and find out all the information that you can imagine is simply amazing and extremely helpful. With that said try and remind your self to do your research online but do as much shopping in your local businesses while they are still here.

Staying Home to Shop

Shopping Here, There, and Everywhere

Companies used to rely on brick-and-mortar stores to get potential customers to like what they saw from the display window, come into the store, start shopping, go through with the purchase. Afterward, they’d hope that the customer would make the trip back to the store again. Sometimes the business would even ask for a home address so they could send a catalog, and in late 2019, a lot has changed. If you do go to the store, employees ask for your email rather than address, and now those companies can send you an email every day in the hopes of getting you to convert online whether that’s on your mobile device, a laptop, or desktop.

“Ecommerce is growing 3x faster than traditional retail. Overall, 51% of consumers prefer to shop online, while 49% would rather go to a store.” – Chris Clever

Statistic source:

Urban Outfitters and Mango are the two main companies that I purchase from on my mobile device. They both have apps, so to me, that makes it way easier! Urban Outfitters always has sales and has consistent push notifications sent to my phone, as seen below.

Both Mango and Urban Outfitters are clothing companies, and I think it should be noted that I’ve only been to an Urban Outfitters store one time seven years ago. I’ve never been to a physical Mango store location, so clearly, their online advertising has really worked on me. They both offer user-friendly experiences the visuals they provide of their products and through the ease of their app. I can easily browse, read reviews* (*only on Urban Outfitters), see different outfit ideas, add to cart, my wishlist, place an order, and track it.

In regards to these two sites, some of the trends I can identify from my behavior are that I will likely shop when there’s a sale reminder notification, or I’ll finish shopping after I see a reminder that says I still have items in my cart. I’ll usually purchase an item from these websites once a month or twice every 1-3 months (depending on what’s going on in my life). I convert more on Urban Outfitters for a few reasons. One is that their items are at a lower price point, two being that they offer AfterPay on purchases which means that your bill is split into four interest-free payments, so you don’t have to see a big chunk of money coming out of your bank account all at once, and three is because of all the push notifications they send me! I’ve seen a couple of ads from them before, but I never click on the ads, I’d rather go to the app instead.

Since Mango’s items are a little bit pricier than Urban Outfitters, I try to wait until there’s a sale unless I NEED something for an event, although I really like their items and they are all high quality. I like that the categories on Mango’s apps are simple to sort through, and it only shows you items from that category such as women’s and does not require the user to filter it each time you go into the shirts section or pants section. Mango always has a great scroll feature within a product and provides a lot of photos that can inspire an outfit by showing the item in different ways. For example, they might have a model wearing a coat in a studio and feature varying angles, and they’ll also have another model for the lifestyle shot, then they have a photo of just the item which I think is nice to see.

According to SmartInsights, 53% of traffic to online stores comes from mobile, but most of the revenue is coming from a desktop. This statistic makes complete sense to me because when it comes to comparing prices and (costly) products that I don’t regularly purchase, I always review and buy those items on my laptop.

“In comparison, desktop accounted for 37% of traffic but over half (56%) of revenue, showing that larger purchases are still being made via computers.”


A recent purchase I made on my laptop was Blue Light glasses from Felix Gray–I bought them on my computer because I didn’t know a lot about these glasses, and I don’t wear regular seeing glasses. Therefore, I wanted to make sure I was getting the best price and style and wanted to view that easily without having to switch apps or tabs on my phone constantly. It was easy just to have one window with the Felix Grays and compare those glasses to Warby Parker’s in another window right next to it.

I like that Felix Gray shows more options in one row than Warby Parker does.

Plus, after I added both to cart, I was able to see which I could get an additional discount for through my favorite Chrome Extension, Honey. Another example of an item I only purchase on my computer is airline tickets. I usually buy from Delta since I have accrued Skymiles. Still, although they have an app, I just prefer to look at what flights they have to offer on my laptop, so if I have any questions regarding dates, I can simply pull up my Google calendar and look at them both simultaneously. Additionally, if I feel like the price is too much, I can easily take a look at Expedia or other websites to see what they have to offer for the same flight.

Some trends I can identify from my laptop purchasing behavior is I will use the computer to purchase higher-priced items, which then causes me to always spend more time researching the brand that I’m thinking about buying from. In addition to the research, I spend more time on my final decision because I can look at so many pages at once. I’ll also sign up for the percentage discount as a first-time customer, or I’ll go to my email to see if the company has sent any offers because I can quickly search through it on a bigger screen and have a direct link to the sale instead of my phone asking if I want to open it on Safari or Chrome.

Overall it is pretty interesting to see how a person uses different devices to make purchases for specific items. From what I’ve seen and experienced, I think that a lot of people will purchase simple items or repurchase from a brand they’re loyal to on mobile. In comparison, if someone hasn’t heard of a brand or if the product they’re buying has more risk in terms of cost and quality, people are going to want to use their laptop or desktop to have better access to prices and multiple items at once since without the back and forth hassle that’s more common on a mobile device.

Shopping Here, There, and Everywhere

My thoughts on mobile marketing trends article

After reading the article “6 trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2019” here are my thoughts. The article mentions some rising trends in the mobile marketing industry such as mobile video, social commerce, and influencer marketing. All of these are things I believe will continue having a bigger impact on the marketing industry.

According to an article on, “Video on landing pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80%, and the mere mention of the word “video” in your email subject line increases open rates by 19%. 90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions.” Video is a powerful tool in today’s marketing industry. People don’t necessarily want to read articles, especially if they can find the same information in video form. You can listen to videos on the go with your mobile phone, so I believe companies need to start optimizing more of their content for video and audio consumption.

The article also talks about the rise of social commerce is the mobile marketing industry. More and more businesses are noticing and taking advantage of social media platforms to drive awareness about their brand or products. I believe people respond well to this type of advertising, as it not only gives the company a platform to generate awareness, but it gives the consumer a platform to interact with these companies on a more personal level. Attention is a valuable thing and both companies and consumers value getting that attention from each other.

According to an article on, “Not only do 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations but 40% had purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.” Influencer marketing is something I really believe in and I think it’s going to develop an even bigger role in mobile marketing in the future. People follow these influencers on social media every day, they begin to trust and value the thoughts and opinions of these people and even begin to take simple product recommendations into account from these influencers. I know for me, I’ve purchased products that were recommended by influencers I trust and I think that this type of marketing is more personal, grabs people’s attention more, and well-targeted ads through influencers can help build brand awareness and generate sales.

“Not only do 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations but 40% had purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram.”

The article “6 trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2019” provided a lot of good examples of some rising trends in the mobile marketing industry. Things such as an increased amount of mobile video viewership, as well as mobile video creation, social commerce and driving sales and brand awareness through social media, and influencer marketing are all things that are rising in the mobile marketing industry. It will be interesting to see what new trends come about and what marketers can come up with in the industry to create more effective ad campaigns. I believe more and more companies will start to focus more heavily on the mobile market for their brand promotions and ad campaigns in the future.


6 trends that will shape mobile marketing in 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing


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mobile shopping or desktop shopping

Online shopping plays such tremendous roll in todays culture. wether it’s on your mobile device or desktop computer the amount of stores and products you can see in a matter of minutes is just crazy. Traditionally shoppers would go to the mall and go store to store, but what if the local mall doesn’t have your favorite store? Basically forcing you to go online and at that point it’s almost not worth going to the mall at all. This trend have changed the way people consume in day to day life.

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Personally like going to a store to shopping and have the merchandise in hand before perchance, but sometimes that’s not possible. when shopping online their are a few sites I like to use the computer for rather then my mobile phone for a hand full of reasons. When I was in the market to get a new snowboard I went to one of my favorite website to get snowboarding gear it’s called The and has everything from summer sports gear, winter gear, they just have everything. At first I used was looking at snowboards on my mobile phone but I felt I couldn’t compare prices, go from site to site, tab to tab as fast as I would like. I figured I could do my research better on my desktop. Boy was I right, finally able to see better details open up three or four tabs, compare pricing and ratings much more efficiently just an over all better research experience.

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When using a mobile device I usually make smaller purchases off amazon, clothing, or some cosmetic products that are harder to find in stores. I know In my last post I talked about not using the amazon app for awhile but since I dowloaded it again 2 weeks ago I have used it and made purchase a purchase from Amazon, I bought a new 10 foot charing cord for my iPhone. While making this purchase never did I think to use my computer I opened up my phone within seconds found the cord I needed and made the purchase, it didn’t take more then 4 minutes. Here is another interesting purchase story that is little different from what most consumers do. One time when I needed to order a pair of shoes that were not gonna be available in stores and if I didn’t purchase right away when the shoe dropped it was going to sell out in a matter of seconds. I had to use my fastest device to actually be able to purchase the shoes, witch was going to be my desktop computer.


After looking back and thinking about how I use mobile vs desktop shopping it varies on what I’m buying rather then the site most of the time (that’s how I feel). When making a bigger more expensive purchase it can be more effective to do research and compare products using a computer instead of a mobile device, but when needing to buy something fast and already knowing what you want or need it can be more efficient to just pull out your phone go to the site and boom purchase.

mobile shopping or desktop shopping

Shop Shop Shop

The big world of online shopping

I am an avid online shopper (well used to be). College days of living pay check to pay check have slowed that obsession down a bit.

I find online shopping to be a lot easier and convenient, which I think most people can agree with. You can purchase anything you want with the click of a button. You can even buy cars online…how wild is that. The introduction of the world wide web has opened up so many different ways to do things now and I believe that online shopping has been a huge success. Even resulting in entire stores being shut down because they can nt compete with online.

A statistic states that around 75,000 stores, 75,000 STORES, are predicted to close by 2026.

Now that may not be all due to online shoppers, but part of it is. Theres a whole community of people now who don’t even think of stepping foot into a real store. They order they groceries, shop online, and buy home good straight from amazon. The usability and convince is at an all time high right now.

Mobile Shopping

For the most part, my phone is not my go-to when it comes to purchasing goods. Thanks to impressive UX design, I think my laptop is easier for this because you can see on a bigger screen and I can type even faster on a keyboard to search. Having multiple tabs open feel more organized and quick than on our phones.

If I am to buy anything on my phone though, it’s usually bills or parking tickets (my neighborhood is quite serious about not parking on the street). I use mobile apps for banking which allow me to send money to all the places I have bills with very fast. It’s great too because I can do it from anywhere and don’t need a large laptop for it.

This year alone, about 61 million people have used mobile payments according to 99firms.

It’s safe to say that area of spending thrives on the mobile market.

Good ole laptops

For a long time I thought I could live without my laptop and only get an iPad and live the rest of my days in peace. Not true at all. Since I am a graphic designer, a laptop is a must and an iPad is a bonus for me. Theres also something about shopping online with my mac that feels more of an experience and real than it does on a phone. If I need to shop for anything and can’t go to the store for it I will 100% use my mac before I use my phone.

I definitely prefer online shopping over the real thing just because the amount of options is unreal and I don’t think retail stores could ever compete with that. So I do use my laptop more for online shopping for sure.

Christmas once again.

Now that the Christmas season is upon us, online shopping is booming. Every year I do about 80-90% of all my Christmas shopping online. If I lived down the street from Mall of America or lived in a huge metropolitan city like New York, maybe that percentage would be lower, but I don’t.

Our stores just simply aren’t enough anymore to provide the variety of good we all want. I feel like I can never find what I am looking for and everything is so similar in the retail stores we have here at Bay Park.


I’d say I notice that if I am just leisurely shopping or falling short to impulse buys, then going in person to shop is ideal. If I am looking for something specific, not so much. Those are really the only two instances that would make me decide between one or the other. It’s also a bad thing though because I fell like it’s easier to spend online because you aren’t really noticing or feeling that withdrawal of money until you look at your bank account a week later. It is fun though to get packages sent in the mail. Even though you know exactly what it is, it’s like Christmas morning every time.

So with all that being said, I hope the internet never goes away and I can continue to waste my money on things I don’t need with online shopping. I think it’s convince will also become better as the years go by and with all the technological advancements. Shopping is ever changing and will continue to grow.

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