Everything available at your fingertips

Times are changing faster than we know. I remember getting my first phone that had a sliding keyboard in middle school, and being so excited for that. Thinking back how that was only around a decade ago times have really changed. To think I would have had everything at the touch of my finger tips now is crazy to me.

“You cannot change any world unless you become a vital part of the changing.” 

― Munia Khan

source: https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/changing-times
Everything available at your fingertips


Picture for attention

So, our book says color doesn’t matter. That contrast is key for digital marketing and that might be partly true, but it feels like more of one person’s opinion. I think color influences you. Maybe not fully on its own. But I think I am 100% more likely to buy in my “fave” colors. In fact, there are tons of things I have only bought because it came in said favorite colors. And contrast had nothing to do with my buying impulses. Usually a color is a fave because of how it reminds you of things or a way it might make you feel. I hate the colors orange, yellow, and brown with a passion. But I lost a few dear friends in the last few years due to drama and now their fave colors are close to my heart. It fits their personalities. Now we had been friends for a decade or longer in some of the instances and I have plenty of memories triggered by seeing things in their fave colors. I still find myself picking somethings they liked in their colors they preferred to celebrate their memories. But what I want to talk about more in detail is how you feel not because of a specific person or memory of a color but by the color in general.

 You may look at a color and just see the color but what if I told you I want you to make me feel cold? I would use white and blue. What color would you use? If I told you I wanted to feel loved, which color would you pick to use? I’d pick pink or red. what color would make me feel important? Purple. A lot of people don’t realize there are feelings with colors. Or color schemes, if I use red and green, you may feel festive or commonly what is felt with green and red is pain. Black and orange in the fall reminds us of Halloween and spooky things. Pastels remind us of Easter and spring in general.

You want to be view as trustworthy? Use blue.

The most versatile color could be green, gives a warm and inviting and pleasing feeling. It denotes health, goodwill and environment. Also makes you think of money and wealth.

Photo by Lucas Ettore Chiereguini on Pexels.com

Want to add elegance? Use purple the color associated with royalty. Even more elegant and powerful? Use gold. Gold Purple and Green together can symbolize wealth and pedigree. You can read a few more choices that would help increase sales in the following link below.


Let’s see more associations for common color choices for more detail of the association of the colors go to the link below for the full info.


Associated meanings for the color red.

  • General Appearance: Brilliant, intense, opaque, dry
  • Mental Associations: Hot, fire, heat, blood
  • Direction Associations: Danger, Christmas, Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Flag
  • Objective Impressions: Passionate, exciting, fervent, active
  • Subjective Impressions: Intensity, rage, rapacity, fierceness
  • Signifies: strength, health, vigor, lust, danger
  • Holiday: Yule
  • Planet: Mars
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Astrological: Scorpio

Associated Meanings for color green

  • General Appearance: Clear, moist
  • Mental Associations: Cool, nature, water
  • Direction Associations: Clear, Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Objective Impressions: Quieting, refreshing, peaceful, growing
  • Subjective Impressions: Repulsiveness, disease, terror, guilt
  • Signifies: finances, fertility, luck, success, charity, growth, rejuvenation, ambition, greed and jealousy, plant kingdom, herbal healing
  • Planets: Venus, Mercury
  • Days: Friday, Wednesday
  • Holidays: Spring Equinox, Beltane, Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Astrological: Taurus

Associated Meanings for color yellow

  • General Appearance: Sunny, incandescent, radiant
  • Mental Associations: Sunlight
  • Direction Associations: Caution
  • Objective Impressions: Cheerful, inspiring, vital, celestial
  • Subjective Impressions: High spirit, health
  • Signifies: knowledge, learning, concentration, persuasion, charm, confidence, jealousy, joy, comfort
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Astrological: Gemini, Leo

Associated Meanings for color blue

  • General Appearance: Transparent, wet
  • Mental Associations: Cold, sky, water, ice
  • Direction Associations: Service, flag
  • Objective Impressions: Subduing, melancholy, contemplative, sober
  • Subjective Impressions: Gloom, fearfulness, secrecy
  • Signifies: tranquility, understanding, patience, health, truth, devotion, sincerity, honor, loyalty, peace, wisdom, protection during sleep, astral projection
  • Planets: Moon, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter
  • Days: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Thursday
  • Astrological: Libra, Sagittarius

Associated Meanings for color black

  • General Appearance: Spatial darkness
  • Mental Associations: Neutral, night, emptiness
  • Direction Associations: Mourning
  • Objective Impressions: Funeral, ominous, deadly, depressing
  • Subjective Impressions: Negation of spirit, death
  • Signifies: Negation without reflecting, unlocking when stuck, banishing evil or negativity
  • Holiday: Samhain
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Day: Saturday
  • Deities: The Crone
  • Astrological: Scorpio & Capricorn

Associated Meanings for color white

  • General Appearance: Spatial light
  • Mental Associations: Cool, snow
  • Direction Associations: Cleanliness, Mother’s Day, flag
  • Objective Impressions: Pure, clean, frank, youthful
  • Subjective Impressions: Brightness of Spirit, normality
  • Signifies: purity, consecration, meditation, divination, exorcism, the full moon, healing, peace, spiritual strength, may be substituted for any other color
  • Planet: Moon
  • Day: Monday
  • Astrological: Cancer

Associated Meanings for color orange

Amber is the color of your energy

-311 lyrics
  • General Appearance: Bright, luminous, glowing
  • Mental Associations: Warm, metallic, autumn
  • Direction Associations: Halloween, Thanksgiving
  • Objective Impressions: Jovial, Lively, energetic, forceful
  • Subjective Impressions: Hilarity, exuberance, indulgence
  • Signifies: encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction, plenty, kindness
  • Holiday: Candlemas
  • Deities: Brigid
  • Planets: Sun, Mars, Mercury
  • Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Associated Meanings for color purple

  • General Appearance: Deep, soft, atmospheric
  • Mental Associations: Cool, mist, darkness, shadow
  • Direction Associations: Mourning, Easter
  • Objective Impressions: Dignified, pompous, mournful, mystic
  • Subjective Impressions: Loneliness, desperation
  • Signifies: power, piety, sanctity, sentimentality, tension, sadness amplification of other energies, wisdom, high ideals, spiritual protection and healing, psychic ability, protective energy
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Day: Thursday
  • Astrological: Sagittarius

“most of you reading this will have imperfect color vision”

-me, the author of this blog

So in conclusion there is more to a color than you probably have realized and now that we have talked a bit about colors and how they make you feel I thought I would leave you with the important fact that most of you reading this will have imperfect color vision. Now I’m not talking about those of you who may be color blind. I mean the rest of you who “think you know colors perfectly” take this free test

Now I am one of the few who can brag about having a 0 score or perfect color vision, I challenge you on your first testing to get the perfect score too. Take your time, follow your gut on it because it most likely is right. After all, if you fail to have perfect color IQ you can just blame it on the fact that your monitor wasn’t calibrated correctly ;p

photo credit: Jon Dickson Photography <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/52569587@N08/49046398013″>Canopy of Trees</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;

Word Count: 1070 ish but who’s counting right? haha.


Mobile First: The Importance of Responsive Web Design

According to Affordable Webdesign, 75% of smartphone users admit to taking their phone to the bathroom with them. Everywhere you look, and I really do mean everywhere, you see smartphones… that is if you’re not too busy looking down at yours while in the bathroom stall.

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 7.09.17 PM

From 2014 to 2016, 4G subscriptions went from a mere 2.7 million to 23.6 million, and by the end of 2016 mobile web usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time ever. Now as a consumer you might ask yourself, “Okay, big deal? I’m now able to access everything in the palm of my hand, that’s great for me, what’s your point?” And yes, I agree! To constantly have access to anything from your favorite store, bank account, or Netflix at the tip of your fingers is quite convenient.

“75% of smartphone users admit to taking their phone to the bathroom with them..” 

However, it’s not as simple from the business standpoint.

Responsive web design is a key factor to optimize conversion rates, which is a system used to increase the percentage of visitors to a website that then take a desired action on a webpage and hopefully, convert into customers. But with the shift from desktop to smartphone, this changes the way people browse. What might be a great layout for a desktop computer can be very frustrating if not impossible to navigate on a mobile device, which is why any site should be fully optimized for mobile platforms. The Mobile First design philosophy is concerned less with the optimal layout and presentation of content than with versatility in content presentation across device types. It states that websites should be designed primarily for mobile devices and adapted to larger screens rather than the other way around. The two reasons behind this are:

  1. A site that functions well on a mobile device will also function well on larger screens
  2. Mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic in volume

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 7.52.46 PM

How to Achieve an Easy-to-Use, Customer Pleasing Mobile Website?

  • Make Your Website Responsive

  • Make Information People Look for Easier to Find

  • Don’t Use Flash

  • Include the Viewport Meta Tag

  • Turn Off Autocorrect for Forms

  • Make Your Button Sizes Large Enough to Work on Mobile

  • Use Large Font Sizes

  • Compress Your Images and CSS

  • Allow an Easy Way to Switch to Desktop View

  • Regularly Perform Mobile Testing

    To dive further into these topics, visit HostGator


If you happened to be reading this on your phone while in a bathroom, don’t worry, i’m not judging you. Comment down below which websites could use a ‘mobile makeover’ and feel free to share your thoughts on ways they could make their website more mobile friendly! Remember: mobile friendly leads to higher conversion rates which means more money!

Visit this video to learn more about designing mobile-friendly websites



Are You Captivated?

The importance of digital marketing to me? There are a ton of answers for this and millions of ideas that pop into my head. The first thought though that comes to mind is a passion of mine and how digital marketing correlates with this passion. You might be wondering what is this passion? There are millions and millions of passions that are encompassed in the internet. Mine however revolves around travel, cultures, geography, and anything that deals with learning something new about the world! I absolutely love to travel and have really made it a focus of my life. At the age of 23, I have traveled to almost all 50 states and 18 countries with my 19th country only a month away! Not only have I traveled to all of these places around the world, but I have also done it completely SOLO. That is right. You read that correctly. I have been to all of these places and have done it completely alone. Now you might be wondering why would I ever want to do that, how in the world do I figure it all out on my own, and maybe, (if you are a parent), what do my parents say and think about all this? I read and read and read some more. I have multiple bloggers that I follow, YouTube channels that I watch, books that I read, Facebook groups that I join, and so, so, so much more! It is impossible to get too much information!

This now brings me back to the importance of digital marketing to me. Digital marketing got me started on these travels. It is what sparked my interest. Made me read and research and obsess over these different cultures, their way of life, their history, their beliefs, etc.

Me, myself, and I getting way too excited over having gelato in Florence, Italy.

This passion and my drive to continue learning and traveling all started with digital marketing. There was one main blogger that I stumbled upon in high school that paved the way for this obsession. It was Brooke Saward from World of Wanderlust. She was young, funny, brave, honest, and most importantly traveling solo! I remember when I first found her account I sat and read a ton of her travel articles and watched every single vlog she had on her YouTube page. She had captivated me! If it would not have been for digital marketing on that day, who knows if I would enjoy traveling as much as I do, if I would have ever had the courage to travel solo, or if I ever would have found this love in my life. She inspired me through her travels, her freedom, her strength, and her independence which allowed me to really believe I could handle it all alone (and know what? I CAN!). She captivated me and from there on I still obsess over traveling and I do not see an end to this obsession in sight (nor do I want one). Brooke’s business, World of Wanderlust, was 100% built off digital marketing, and it is where I found the next travel blogger I would obsess over -Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad. She has built an empire out of digital marketing that revolves around travel 100% and through her own words has “experienced the empowerment of solo travel for the first time,”. I will forever be thankful to these two beautiful ladies and the power of digital marketing.

Through my research and experience with digital marketing, I believe the most important part is captivating your audience. It is finding something that your audience loves and are interested in. It is making sure you are strategically placing your ads where the right target audience will reach them based off their interests. It is ensuring that the ad will catch the attention of the target audience through design, location, color, etc. Digital marketing needs to be positioned where it will be effective and generate traffic, interest, and revenue.

Piranha fishing in the Amazon Jungle in southeastern Peru!

The world of digital marketing is becoming bigger and bigger, and the internet continues to grow and collect more information everyday. Therefore, there are an immense amount of reasons to invest in digital marketing, understand the purpose, and embrace the benefits in our daily lives whether personally or professionally. You never know what might come of it. I was/am a success story for those two bloggers listed above at the World of Wanderlust and The Blonde Abroad. I gained awareness through their blogs, which turned into interest, and then a strong desire. It finally became acted upon when I completed my first solo trip.

Digital marketing has shaped my life without a doubt, captivated my attention, and I would not have it any other way.

Are You Captivated?

Wait… I have to pay for post clicks and advertising?!

About 5 years ago, I thought of this neat idea of making personalized “stuff.” I thought it was cool at the time, because I could make shirts, cups, key-chains, etc with people’s names on them. Specifically, for people who have unique names (not you, John). I didn’t know that 5 years later, it would be an over saturated market and everywhere you look, someone with a Cricut and a “business” was doing the same thing.

I officially made my hobby a legal business with all those pesky tax forms in 2017. I started selling my products on Etsy in 2019. I created a really simple and boring logo in literally 2 minutes (below), but hey, it’s working! It’s distinct enough for locals to recognize it.

Fun Fact: I am totally re-branding everything this summer after my wedding!

When I started this hobby, I never thought I would turn it into a business and I didn’t know what work went into it. In the past year, I got really serious with it and my 3 year plan is to eventually quit my full time job and work my business in replacement. I have put THOUSANDS of dollars into my business with little profit thus far.

In mid 2019, I started doing more research on how to get people to notice the brand I had created for myself. I watched countless YouTube videos by this lady named Nancy Badillo, who is a self-proclaimed Guru on all things Etsy, digital marketing, SEO, branding, etc. Heck, I was even intrigued by her YouTube video titles! She claimed to have the knowledge to gain your followers, increase Etsy views, and make $3,000 per day. Who wouldn’t be interested in that?

I spent countless hours watching her videos and it actually paid off! In October and November, I had two very large orders of glittered Christmas ornaments (sounds silly – but definitely my best seller). One was from a life insurance company based in Hong Kong, and the other was for a well-known grocery store chain based in the US. I was so thrilled! Getting these orders helped me put more money back into my business by marketing.

Here is one of the videos that caught my eye – clever lady! Sharing her secrets to making $3,000 in a weekend??!!

Facebook is my second best-selling platform. I figured out quickly that my posts were only being seen by people if I PAID to boost them! Not really fair right? But then I realized that to make money, you have to spend money. I couldn’t keep expecting to get lucky like I did with my 2 large Etsy orders. I consistently boost my posts on Facebook, and sometimes pay for ads on Etsy. My next step is to do some Google Ads. It’s kind of cool to see that a certain amount goes to each “click” on your ad. But, it also adds up fast.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


This quote is one I live by. I spend too much time worrying that my new items won’t be good enough. I keep telling myself that I can’t dwell on the past, and I need to build my business for the future.

I also kind of live by this snarky play on words – and it’s one of my best selling items. So many people have contacted me saying “Oh my gosh, you sell such cool stuff! Tell me exactly how you make it!”

Here’s my sales plug – visit my site at www.khettodesigns.com where you will find so many unique things – whether you are shopping for yourself, your mom, dad, brother, etc. I have something for everyone (especially those who find kitchen puns funny, and who have a good sense of humor) – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

In conclusion, I have learned that some (not all) forms of digital marketing are expensive, but they will pay off one day! …or at least I hope so! Do some research, watch some videos, and give it a try!

Anyone can be a successful business owner, and their own marketing person if they set their mind to it and don’t let others stand in their way.

Wait… I have to pay for post clicks and advertising?!

Avoiding Career Root Rot

For the last few years, I have established some roots in marketing. I have worked throughout various areas like; content creation, campaigns, fundraising, print, traditional media, analytics, event marketing and more. While it has been a fulfilling and joyful time of growth, I have concerns about my lacking skill sets towards digital marketing. It’s not that I haven’t dabbled in it, but I do not feel as comfortable with the topic and the vast number of avenues and opportunities available. Plus, with so many technological advancements happening in short time periods, I truly had a pit in my stomach that this could be the root rot that may kill my career if don’t gain more insight. So here I am…soaking up some educational sunlight.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

As I am starting to pivot my career into the strategic planning side, I realize digital marketing is an area I, nor my company, can overlook much further. I am sort of embarrassed to say that most of our digital marketing services are outsourced. I would like to see if this can be brought into our department within the next couple of years, so that our brand’s online reputation can be handled by those who know it best, love it, and want to see it reach its greatest potential.

Part of this shift entails a change in our view of what marketing is now. I think marketers should start looking at digital marketing, not as an additional section of their strategic planning, but as a part of marketing. It has been a separate aspect for many companies, but it should not be considered detached. If marketing’s purpose is to connect, why are some of us leaving out one of the most powerful tools available to us now?

“They realized that successful marketing demands understanding the customers, in order to be relevant to them. It wasn’t about products and services anymore, and it wasn’t about print ads, TV spots, or even selling. It was about connecting.”

The End of “Digital”: Why You Need to Stop Separating Traditional and Digital Marketing
By: Ida Cheinman

However, I do realize that saying that is one thing… convincing board members or senior management is a whole other issue. Most do not understand marketing well to begin with, so it is often much simpler to separate them in planning conversations. I think a few people believe that digital has something to do with a separate reality and often imagine the future with groups of people lacking human interaction while playing on devices like Oculus VR Headsets. What we fail to understand is this is not a separate reality. Digital is a part of the human world now, and like it or not, the customers are already there.

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

Don’t get me wrong… I do believe that when learning about digital marketing, it almost has to be separated from other types of marketing due to the sheer variety of programs and processes. For instance, I was recently attending a digital marketing conference in Wisconsin Dells where one of the main speakers was focusing on social listening. While it is not necessarily a new tactic in digital marketing, the articulation of “social listening” has brought definition and refinement to the concept. It also brought along with it a greater understanding and examples of how to connect, and listen to our customers online. One challenge the speaker gave attendees was to look outside the social media platforms in which we have accounts on. By searching through other social avenues that a company may not be directly connected with, they may be able to see more authentic conversations about their company or brand.

So, I got home and looked up what people were saying about our brand on social platforms in which we did not have a presence. Some examples were Tik Tok and Reddit.


The comments, perspectives and what people choose to talk about were vastly different than the social media platforms where we had created accounts. This was not a good or bad thing, but it certainly gave a more holistic view of my company’s brand. This is where I connected with Oli Gardner’s quote from our expert session.

“Silence is better than bullshit.”

Oli Gardner, 7 Principles of Conversion-centered Design Video

I do not have to be everywhere to listen. I do not need to make accounts on every platform to stay relevant or be digital. I should not create content for the sake of content. I don’t have to be in the forest to hear the tree fall. This insight helps when managing and organizing resources, and will also assist when having those higher-level conversations on where my department is heading next.

This is why I am quite excited to begin this course as I pursue a digital marketing certification. I do believe it will open up my eyes to a lot of deficiencies within our department, but it should show just as many opportunities.

My purpose and intent with this class is simply to grow. I love being a student of marketing. I love the pursuit of growth and realization of new processes. I am hoping to strengthen an area within my current skill sets and apply it to a job and position I love. My goal is to gain a greater understanding of digital marketing in order to bring more of our digital marketing aspects in-house. I think this certification will grant me a wider understanding of marketing and ultimately give me more room and roots to grow.

Avoiding Career Root Rot

The Bored 42 year old Financial Analyst

For almost 20 years, I have been analyzing trends, building forecast and budget models, creating reporting, and doing some occasional accounting. For the record, the accounting part has especially not been my favorite.  Guess what? It gets a little boring and unsettling, especially as I start to realize I still have 25 years plus to go in the working world before I retire. 

Why am I feeling so unfulfilled? The job starts to feel like there’s tunnel vision after awhile….the same cadence, the same cycles, the same data, and even the same problems. I affectionately call it “Groundhogs Day.” It has left me thinking there has to be other things to learn, and apply what I already know to new concepts and horizons.


Enter my interest in Digital Marketing. Why? Seemingly, almost everything we do is online. It’s how we all interact socially, shop, research, seek entertainment, and even resolve our customer service issues. If I can understand changing financial levers and their impacts, couldn’t I take that foundation and apply it in Digital Marketing? Further, as I think about my strengths and interests, I also am someone who values relationships and enjoys interacting with others. I find a lot of joy in motivating, developing, and empowering others. Finally, trends in Digital Marketing continue to change. So ongoing learning is required, which feels pretty exciting and energizing to me.

“I think I could reinvigorate my career by learning about Digital Marketing and the analytics that goes along with various marketing types, campaigns, and trends.”

As I think about what I want to be when I grow up, I know I want to feel happier and I’d like to say I’m making the days count, rather than counting the days. At the same time, there’s a piece of realism that I have to factor in as well, and that is, I have a family to provide for. Fortunately, Digital Marketing is not going to be disappearing anytime soon. In fact, it is evolving and exploding.

The Digital Marketing Explosion

2020 Marketing Trends

“Imagine if marketers used the same approaches they used decades ago. They wouldn’t be able to appeal to their target audiences, and their businesses surely wouldn’t thrive off of old procedures”


Similar to our textbook, the Forbes article also emphasizes security as being a key trend for 2020. Conversion will occur if visitors feel safe and that their data will not be compromised. The second trend discussed is around conversational marketing, where consumer feedback and information is used to drive engagement, content, and conversion. It is leveraging the relationship and therefore is more interactive because AI (artificial intelligence) is often being used. The final trend for 2020 is expected to be in the space of interactive content marketing. This trend encourages consumers to respond to quizzes, surveys, or even interact with maps and info-graphics.

Competitive Landscape

There is fierce competition in the marketplace to win more customers at a lower cost. At the same time, emphasis is also placed on shortening the length of time from initially creating awareness, to interest and desire, and ultimately action. The more traffic going to a website, the greater the awareness. In essence, the funnel needs to be larger (more traffic), and businesses need potential customers to move through the stages more quickly. Additionally, maximizing revenue per conversion is key. All along the way, there is measurement, learning, and statistics to help a company hone its approach. However, many companies would indicate this is where their challenge lies.

BronHiggs [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D

40% of marketers say proving the ROI of their marketing activities is their top marketing challenge. Despite allocating large portions of their budgets to digital ads, many digital marketers are unable to fully gauge their results (Source: HubSpot).”


With those staggering statistics, ever changing trends, and the competitive landscape as a backdrop, Digital Marketing resonates with me as a potential career path. It represents an opportunity to analyze a different types of data and information to help make sound decisions to maximize return. Analyzing data should also help indicate when and where to make changes along the way. Moreover, analytics provides valuable perspective on consumer behavior and their motivations. There’s also a need to stay on top of trends and be innovative. It seems there’s a definite need for people like me in this field, if I continue to educate myself on Digital Marketing basics.

The Bored 42 year old Financial Analyst

When I was growing up, my phone had a cord.

Photo by Pexels.com

I realize now that this post might date me, but yes, you read correctly, I grew up with a landline phone. I didn’t have an actual cell phone until I was 17, which I might add barely fit in my pocket, and I didn’t start using Facebook until I was in college. As a proud member of the Generation Y.2 club, which is also known as an “older” Millennial. I was born during a time where the growth of technology became rapidly fast and exploded, but fortunately for me, I was able to adapt quickly.

Photo by Pexels.com

As I got my degree in Graphic Design, I figured I was set for life. I got a job in the print industry for a retail company, and I assumed my job was secure. Boy, was I wrong. My job was eliminated, so now what?

After searching around for jobs, one thing became evident; it was time for me to join the digital world. It wasn’t like I haven’t been exposed to digital marketing because I live and breathe it every day as a consumer by buying those shoes I had to have from amazon, or searching for the best salon around town or stalking my ex-boyfriend on Facebook. Ok, maybe that last one was a stretch, but you get what I mean.

Now I’m on the other side of the counter; I have to give my company a fighting chance in this ever-growing digital world. So what does that mean for me? There are so many avenues in digital marketing. Each channel serves a different purpose, and there are tricks to the trade. In my mind, digital marketing included setting up a business website, posting about events your company attended on Facebook, maybe setting up a LinkedIn profile, or sending out email blasts. Obviously, I am learning that this is just scratching the surface.

For me, I take pride in what I do for a career, so taking this class gets me one step closer to achieving my goals, which is to help my company succeed. My company has just introduced marketing initiatives to help enhance their position in the market, and that’s where I come in. Digital Marketing has the potential for opening up so many doors and brand new opportunities. As a fifth-generation company, we have to continuously improve and be relevant to all of our constituents, e.g., customers, employees, suppliers, and strategic partners.  

Photo by Pexels.com

One thing is for sure, nothing stands still, and our customers are continually evolving. But at a deeper level, so are the people who make decisions on behalf of our customers. Their organizational makeup has decision-makers turning over quite regularly, so the time to grab their attention and build meaningful relationships is limited. That said, we need to leverage technologies such as digital marketing to influence their opinions about our value and deliverables positively. Current and future generations are ever-changing in terms of what they value and how we need to reach them. So the challenge is, what is the best way to advertise to them, what creative leverage do we use to get their attention, and what role does Digital Marketing play in that equation. 

I understand that there is a lot to learn in Digital Marketing, but one thing that forever stays the same; it’s the mindset in which you deliver your message. The customer always comes first, so you have to be willing to grow with them, learn from your mistakes, and be the solutions to their problems. What an exciting new adventure to be apart of!

I will leave you with this final thought.

The medium is the message. This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.

Marshall McLuhan
Photo by me

When I was growing up, my phone had a cord.

But I’m a millennial…..

Thinking hard about what digital marketing means to someone my age and education level is more of a challenge than I expected. (But maybe it’s just me). I don’t want to sit here and bag on myself about my age because realistically I’m not THAT old. According to the rest of the universe, people my age, “Millennial’s” are the tech savvy “New media generation.” However, I would not consider myself one of the millions of my time to be like this. So finally I thought…Well, the world isn’t slowing down and technology keeps advancing, I either need to pick up my feet and start running with it or be left in the dust.

I do the social media thing yes, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat but am not an avid content poster myself. I prefer to scroll and enjoy it more then I want to post. (Usually scrolling things about Harley-Davidson Motorcycles on Instagram). This makes me wonder though….”How does this work?”, “How do people do this?” Cameras out, phones up, constantly! Posting, sharing, “liking.” REPEAT!

Having all of these things at the tips of your fingers is something I’m sure a lot people double my age would have never thought they would see. Being in middle school when the first Razor phone came out, I remember that instant panic when accidentally clicking the “browser” button and then quickly pressed “end” a million times so it wouldn’t load a page and charge the phone bill for going online. The transformation from that time to now is absolutely incredible. It’s amazing to be able to literally do anything and everything on your phone, have this ability at the tips of your fingers, AND it all happen in an INSTANT!

Starting to feel a little “left in the dust” I decided it was time to start learning and understanding how all of these things worked together and how they are evolving. The small knowledge I already had, along with what I’ve already learned has only made me want to become a part of this media and marketing world even more. I truly think that this is a great thing for marketing and media technology and the companies that utilize this regularly. Just by working my phone in my every day life, I’ve started to notice different ad styles, banners and side bars. Where the search bar is and “menu” buttons are placed, strategically on top part of the page. Small things that I would normally look past when scrolling through a website I found on Google, Amazon or shopping for more Harley-Davidson parts. That being said, getting a sneak peak of whats’s behind the scenes of this madness is really going to be awesome.

Traditional marketing is telling the world your a rock star, content marketing is showing that you are one.

@Robert Rose

With all of this being said, I look forward to see where this digital marketing worm hole will take me. I am anxious to continue to be pushed, stay relevant, and constantly be up to date with the latest of all things technology and media. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

But I’m a millennial…..

Directing Traffic to Success

Let’s Say You’re An Apprentice Entrepreneur…

You have decided to go into business, you are anxious to open shop and get started on moving things along, but you are lacking a very essential key ingredient to your recipe for success. You lack traffic to your platform and your overall business. You need to draw in as many virtual visitors and continuous customers that you can get, but you don’t really know where to begin. The foundation to every business is to make sure you have a designated website for your business. For most people starting up a website or a blog can be a breeze for them, but the real underlying problem is how they use their platform(s) to drive them to their digital destination/business. Let’s dive into some helpful ways we can utilize the internet and the many resources that there are to offer.

“The Internet is the easiest way for a business to connect with customers and clients. The business organization is using high-speed internet to speed up the production. The Internet is important for business development. Internet technology provides powerful communication and marketing tools.”


Effective Traffic Sources & Tips

  • Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a business website will all be effective media platforms to gain traffic to your business while personally engaging with customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Earn yourself a free spot in online search results by making sure you have the most relevant keywords and content for every given search. This is an essential portion of your online marketing strategy.
  • Advertisement: Banner ads, text links, coupons and video ads are great examples of business advertisement. Whether it is grasping the customers attention with incentive or with imagery, these ads are effective for driving traffic to your site(s).
  • Sponsorship: Sponsoring an event could be very beneficial to your business. You are able to use your business and name to get directly in front of your target market, while gaining brand awareness and media exposure. You will be able to increase your reach to new potential clients, and you can reconnect with existing customers.
  • Word of Mouth: One of the original sources of traffic is word of mouth. Using the other forms of traffic, you can drive customers. Giving your customers a good impression of your business can leave a longterm effect on you. Customers are reliable, free and offer different recommendations/reviews based on their own unique and personal experience with your business. This could be one of the most reliable and effective ways to receive traffic, especially if you are local.
  • Coupons: Coupons encourage customers to make repeated purchases to your business. Coupons are considered an incentive to customers and draws them in more than you would believe. That sounds great for the customer, but what about for you? Coupons are a great way to increase sales volume. They help build loyal customers, sell product faster, help marketers grow market share and are great competition to your competitors advertisement.
  • Know Your Audience: Knowing your audience, and really knowing your audience will help you figure out what people really care about and what kind of products or content they are looking for. Once you are able to establish who they are, you will be able to know what tone to use and what approach to use to market to them. If you are able to successfully understand your audience’s wants, needs and desires, you will be able to establish a routine while catering to their interests. Doing this will also help you to gain more customers, referrals and leads.

The more traffic to your website, the more opportunities you have to generate qualified leads, to nurture and help solve their problem and ultimately sell your product or service, gain a new customer or client, and continue to grow your business.


There are so many options and resources to use to increase networking, drive customers and bring more general traffic and attention to your business. It all comes down to your own personal marketing strategy. Utilize as many resources as you can and don’t be afraid to reach out. Developing relationships with your audience/customers and gaining overall knowledge of them will be one of the biggest benefits to you and the success of your business. Knowing your demographic’s wants, needs and desires will keep your business and business ownership reputation at good standing. All of these things are crucial to develop a healthy network and a healthy business. Developing an efficient strategy will drive business ethic and bring more success to your business in the long run.

Directing Traffic to Success