Amazon vs Walmart

Amazon vs Walmart, coming soon to India

I chose to compare apps between Amazon and Walmart and discuss what company I think has a better app overall from my experience. I shop at both of these locations quite frequently and I’m very familiar with this companies before I started my evaluation of their apps. Going into this I knew what to expect from amazon because they are a huge online retailer and I’ve ordered numerous things from Amazon in the past and still shop through amazon especially in this time of online shopping due to the recent lock down. My experiences with Walmart have only been in person and physically being in the store to purchase items, so I was curious to see what their app/online shopping experience is like and what I found was interesting.

I first went to Walmart online/app due to me never shopping on Walmart’s app or website. What I found was that Walmart does have a pretty decent online shopping experience overall but it does seemed cluttered, as soon as you enter the page you see advertisements for certain products such as Easter products because of Easter coming up. As you go more into detail on the page there is a nice layout for categorizes of things available such as electronics, clothing, and home supplies among other things that are popular. Once you do click into a certain criteria such as medicine it will go into a page of different types of medicine and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for if you want to look at different brands of certain medicines or compare prices. Overall Walmart’s online experience is pretty good despite it being cluttered and over crowded in my opinion.

Walmart's Website Is Getting a Major Makeover | Fortune

I k

Walmart's Website Is Getting a Major Makeover | Fortune

I k

Walmart's Website Is Getting a Major Makeover | Fortune

I knew what to expect from Amazon because I shop on their website quite frequently and I know how to navigate the website but I tried to make the experience feel like my first time. The thing you notice about Amazon is that the site isn’t throwing a lot of advertisements at you or pushing you purchase certain things. Amazon encourages you to search for whatever you need on the site as soon as you log in. They do have a customer service tab on the home screen for any questions any customer would have. Amazon does encourage prime for any orders you would fulfill but don’t make it necessary to purchase items from them. Overall their site has very nice flow and is easy to navigate and find whatever you need and they have everything it seems like on their site.

in conclusion if I had to say which company has the more appealing website and which one is easier to navigate I would say Amazon but not by much as most people would assume. Walmart does have a good site as a whole but it was to cluttered for me to say it is better then Amazon who is known for having a good website. This has taught me to not look down on a company just because of what I think of their physical stores.

Amazon vs Walmart


As I think back on digital marketing I’d have to say that the need for mobile marketing stood out to me the most. I think that because I use my phone so much I just assumed that all companies are focusing on it and it seems as though some companies haven’t concentrated much effort into it.

I also think that an important factor that isn’t as fun or glamorous is the need to test, manage and analyze your efforts. Because it’s a waste of money if we’re not seeing results or understanding how or why we got to them or why we did see any.

I was a bit skeptical about social listening at first but after putting a little more thought into the purpose behind it I thought it made sense to use influencers especially because I enjoy watching youtube videos and Pinterest and realized what a crucial role they can play in a product or brand.

Throughout the course we’ve been watching all these expert sessions. I understand that each video was to go further in depth in the marketing aspect we were studying but I’ve begun to feel a bit of analysis paralysis in that there are so many avenues, I’m not sure which one to focus on. As a marketer I want to be effective in all areas but feeling overwhelmed with how? I spoke with a former colleague recently that sells radio and she explained that they also sell other media, such as digital, but their company has a third party to help with it. After hearing this I realized that as long as I understand the foundation in time experience will help hone the other areas.

So for a final encouraging word to all in class from the great Dr. Suess.

“You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


Bu-Tiffle Things Boutique: Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 5.31.59 PM

Every successful business has a business plan in place, including a lucrative marketing strategy. Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to advertise a business and provides a better Return on Investments, or ROI, than traditional media and marketing channels.


Bu-Tiffle Things Boutique  is a women’s clothing store located in De Pere, Wisconsin. The only reason why I know about it is because I live right across the street from it. Apart from that, I had never heard of it before. About a month ago I walked in to check it out and it happens to have a lot of cute items and I ended up purchasing a few things. They recently just moved into a new location down the road, but I still don’t think it’s advertised well enough to help them attract customers and increase revenue. To help them out, I’ve created a digital marketing plan:


  • Increase Awareness
  • Target Ideal Buyers
  • Increase Revenue

Customer Influence Efforts:

We will then focus on resource allocation across the various digital marketing channels in service of the three customer influence efforts including demand generation, demand harvesting, and loyalty building. We will be focusing mostly on demand harvesting and loyalty building. Because not many people are aware of Bu-Tiffle Things’ Boutique, I want to increase awareness to attract and engage more consumers. After we get their name out there more, we will then focus on building efforts to produce repeat customers.

Channels and Tactics:

Because we are focusing mainly on demand harvesting leading into loyalty building, we will want to invest in paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising. We will want to optimize Off-Site SEO, so we’ll need to determine the weaknesses in Bu-Tiffle Things’ website link profile that is preventing it from ranking well on relative searches. From there we will create and implement a plan to earn high quality links from external sources to improve Bu-Tiffle Things’ search engine rankings on relevant searches. We won’t have to invest anything besides time and effort into their social media pages. Content will be consistent, and we will take the time to update their pages mainly to target women around the Bay Area. We will also target customers through email by offering discounts and special perks for repeat customers.

Ongoing Implementation: 

As the customer base grows, we will continue to monitor its advertising returns on paid search and update them as needed. We will make sure our social media channels are contantly being updated and our content is intriguing, eye catching and consistent. As our revenue grows, we will invest in software to that enables better customization of email content, always making sure to keep it personalized.

“Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.” –Chris Brogan, Chief Executive Officer of Owner Media Group

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 5.38.40 PM

Learn more about Digital Strategy by cicking on this link

Wrapping Up the Semester!

As the semester comes to a close, I’ve reflected on the many useful things I’ve learned from this class. I’m currently looking for internships this fall, and every piece of knowledge I’ve gained from this class I will use going forward, which will hopefully help me secure a job. I enjoyed learning more about SEO and paid-search marketing. I also love to expand my knowledge on social media marketing as well as online reputation management. I’ve enjoyed this class and look forward to putting all of the valuable things I’ve learned to use.

Good luck to everyone going forward!






Bu-Tiffle Things Boutique: Digital Marketing Strategy

And that is a wrap!

Staying in the loop with Digital Marketing

Within starting my program almost two years ago to now so much has changed in the marketing world and still is today. With the rise of online shopping, there are so many ways in which digital marketing should be apart of your company. With so many different marketing strategies like, email marketing, social media ads, postings, and paid searches to name a few, without realizing it you probably view a companies digital marketing strategy more often than you think just between day to day searches.

My Company

The Pink Lily boutique is an online based company that offers everything from clothing, to dresses, accessories, shoes, swimwear, and tops and bottoms. With this being an online clothing store there is a lot of competition especially with women’s clothing like; shein, romwe, zaful to name a few. It is important that we develop a good digital marketing strategy to put our company above the best and really make it stand out.

“A star does not compete with other stars around it; it just shines.” 

― Matshona Dhliwayo

The Plan

Strategy: The goal this month for the Pink Lily Boutique is to increase our sales. With last month being a little slow and warmer weather on the way we are hoping suits and summer dresses will start to clear out. We have decided to change a few things going into this months sales. All orders over $25 will have free shipping and returns. If we don’t have such a high max for shipping we are hoping numerous small number shipments will be added to the outgoing shipments.

Customer influence: With adding on the free shipping for anything over $25 the company has also put an ad banner across the site that will display ” Free shipping on all orders over $25!” We are hoping that if they see at least a shirt they like or something close to what they want the will buy for the free shipping which would “save” them money in the long run due to not having to pay return shipping if it didn’t fit.

Offers and Discounts: Besides the offer of free shipping and returns of anything over $25 we will also be doing a few other promotions to try and increase sales. To get the free shipping over $25 you will have to enter promo code “shipsfree” at the checkout. We also started offering after-pay which is a system that offers for equal payments every two weeks. This will attract customers that like to buy on credit and pay it back after. For new customers we will be offering 20% off your first order if you sign up for our email offers. This will help out our email marketing part of the strategy because numbers will most likey go up on that side of things as well.

Emails: Since we are also investing in email marketing the 20% off your first order if you sign up for emails is a great way for things to get started. They will make their first order and get 20% off but then you can keep them as a loyal customer and send them deals and offers which will help you keep them coming back as a customer and loyal.

Paid Searches: Paid searches is a big thing that we are hoping will help us raise our numbers to where they should be. This will bring us to the top of the search and get our name out there and hopefully they will order from us right away before moving on and seeing what else is out there. They say it can take more than a few impressions before someone will order something from a company. That being said if we at least come up to the top of the search in goggle and we can make thousands of impressions hopefully the order numbers increase and we can meet our goals.

Continuing Growth: As we continue to see raise in sales we will further adjust our marketing strategy plans to make the most effective decision to further growth within the company. Our plan is to start here and go from month to month where we need to see the most improvements to what is working and decide from there where we can invest in.

With taking this course it has help me open my eyes up to things other than just basic “ads” or ideas that don’t receive much feedback or get enough attention to change anything. I am glade I pushed off this course last year as I feel since so much changes each month even week with what we are able to do online that it is a much better fit at this time. Going into this class I was scared to do blog posts as writing is not one of my stronger suits. Now writing my last blog post it seems as if I have learned so much and completed so many things in just a few short weeks. From the discussion boards to the stukent readings and quizzes I feel like I have a much better grasp on my digital marketing skills and it is just the beginning.

 “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin
And that is a wrap!

How can Digital Marketing do for you.

Digital Marketing has been drastically evolving and changing over the years and has been a crucial part of business processes and strategies. Digital marketing can help you and your business in so many ways, such as improve your brand presence, increase your sales, and help achieve your long term marketing goals. A Digital Marketing Strategy refers to using proper marketing actions by utilizing multiple digital channels, such as SEO, Paid Searches, Email Marketing, Retargeting, Social Media Ads and Postings, and Display Ads. This is why creating a strategic digital marketing plan for your business if done correctly, can help you best utilize your marketing budget to boost sales, increase your brand awareness, and achieve your marketing goals. 

According to Derek Robinson, founder, and CEO of Top Notch Dezigns, digital marketing is the next step for your business due to its global reach and effectiveness.

Gulsen Erkilic

Our company

The Orchid Boutique is an online retailer that supplies swim suits, beachwear, and beach accessories for women. Since this is an online ordering company, there is a lot of competition, so let’s develop a digital marketing strategy that can help then stand out among the rest. 


To start, let’s focus on our objectives. We are looking to increase our brand awareness, increase our sales, and establish a reputable client base. I feel that the Orchid Boutique should first invest most of its resources in demand harvesting. Once they start seeing positive results, they can begin to engage in building a loyal customer base. They are relatively new in the ecommerce fashion industry, so they are in the process of accumulating a more substantial customer presence. Still, they do realize that being a specialty boutique, there is an existing demand for their products. This means most likely they will not invest heavily in demand generalization since their customers are already looking for swimsuits, and they don’t need to be convinced to buy one. 

Customer Influence Efforts: 

So now, concentrating on our demand harvesting strategy, their company will invest heavily in paid searches, social media advertising, and display advertising. Once these ads begin to drive customers to their site, we would then start investing in retargeting methods. Once you start to bring people to your website and or social pages, you will start building an email base. 

Channels and Tactics

So what channels and or tactics should we use to bring this action plan to life? Here are a few. 

Social media Advertising and Campaigns: Social media is one of the best ways to grow your brand awareness. You can bring a voice to your brand and start driving potential customers to your site. 

Retargeting: Once you have visitors on your site, retarget marketing is a great tactic to lure them back in. It’s enviable that customers that come and visit your site, may not buy something right away. So, by strategically placing advertisements about the business may help lure your customers back to your website and maintaining a reoccurring presence. 

Offers Coupons and Discounts: Let’s be real, we all love a good deal, discount or coupon, so of course, this would be a great tactic to lure them to shop on your site. Having a discount pop up once a customer visits your website has multiple advantages. One, you can increase customer interest and invite them to shop on your site, two, you will have them subscribe to your site with their email now becoming potential customers, and three, you could use this as a way for them to refer your business to friends. 


Display advertising: These ads typically have low exposure effectiveness, but these ads are also low in cost. These displays offer several targeting options that could eventually turn into a high customer concentration. 

Emails: Once you have established email addresses from a following of customers, you can invest in email marketing and send them event or deal announcements, which will help them remain that loyal customer. 

Ongoing Implantation: 

As the Orchid Boutique grows, so will their strategy. If they utilize these channels and tactics properly, they will start seeing results in their efforts. They will continue monitoring each of their three advertising methods (paid search, social media advertising, and display ads) and they should be able to direct or implement new channels such as SEO, which will help them gain momentum on their Google ranking.  

Digital marketing is a huge and growing platform. Using it in the best and the right ways can prove highly beneficial to you as well as your business. It not only expands your sales, but it also brings out a better reputation for your brand as compared to your competitors’ brands. 

Sonal Sai is a Digital Marketing Professional.

Digital Marketing 1: Summary 

I have to start by saying that this course couldn’t have started at a better time. I started this new marketing specialist role without much prior knowledge of digital marketing. I took a couple of free online courses from Google Digital Garage, but that was it, I was scratching the surface. Since this position is relatively new, I had the opportunity to establish what type of marketing efforts we should begin to focus on. I was also in charge of developing concepts on how we can improve what we currently have and what new initiatives I can introduce to our company. This course has helped me jump start my career at this company and has provided me with so much useful information and tools that I can utilize going forward. Before I started, our company had to contract five different agencies to help them with their marketing efforts, from branding consultants to hiring an SEO/SEM Analyst, and social media consultant. After this course, I feel like I am one step closer to bringing all of these things in-house and will be able to add additional value to our company, and our brand. 

How can Digital Marketing do for you.

Marketing For My Fashion Activewear Brand

photo by fashion journal

It’s always like a dream for me to own my fashion brand. Since I’ve seen so many fashion brands starting from the internet, it seems not as unapproachable than in the past. As long as you utilize the right marketing strategies, the dream of owning a fashion brand is possible.

Therefore, since I’ve taken all of these marketing classes, I started planning for establishing my fashion activewear brand, which I’ve been really into. However, I am just a normal person like everybody, I don’t have a background in this industry, I don’t have tons of followers like an influencer on social media, the only things that I have are passions and ideas. Thus, how to plan a successful marketing strategy in order to avoid risk of failure is so important. At our first business phase, I would like to start by testing the market and allocate efforts to each marketing tool such as SEO, paid search, social media advertising, display advertising and even pay for famous influencers to expose our brand to see the conversation rates which is worth for me to invest more in the second phase of this business. 

Comparing each marketing strategy for distributing the money we are going to invest, there are still proportions different that we will prefer to. As a new brand to the market, we think the important thing is that people should feel impressed by our products first. Thus, social media such as Instagram, Facebook will be our first priority to display our product. For sure, we will have our website there for the traffic back from IG and FB in order to generate the revenue. We’ll pay a little bit more money on social media advertising so people get images of our brand. Also, we will cooperate with a few famous influencers to increase brand awareness. According to, “Chart of the Week: 70% of marketers say that their main goal for using social media is to increase brand awareness, showing that social is about more than sales.” Also, social media has great tools to detect the data. “They help you measure the impact of your marketing efforts across different channels to see if there’s something you need to do differently”, Amanda Zantal-Wiener says. By continuously monitoring the sight of social media data and the growth of followers, we will know where we are at. Once we get into a little well known place, then it is the time for us to invest more on SEO, paid search,display advertising and email marketing as well. 

In this class, I have the complete picture of digital marketing, which I think it will be really useful for me to apply to my business. For starting up a small business without too much budget like I just mentioned in the last paragraphs, I would use social media to be my entrance. Because it is much easier to expose my products by my hard work I’ll put on, such as great contents, impressive pictures, and rich-information videos. Then I will have IG insight tool and FB insight tool to help me monitor the results which are free. Once it starts converting to renvenu, it will be the time for me to invest more money on SEO, paid search,display advertising. I don’t know if my approach will be too  consevative or not, but I guess due to the budget wise, it is a way to start up.

As a marketer, we should smartly choose the right marketing strategy !
Marketing For My Fashion Activewear Brand

Susie’s Snarky Shirts & More

The History

It was the summer of 2012. Susie and Nicole were pretty good friends going on a terribly long run in Nicole’s opinion anyway. While running, Nicole would dish out various one-liners at Susie. They were generally smart, witty, and of course, snarky. Truly, they were the best kind of one-liners. Nicole would make Susie laugh so hard while they were running, that it would slow Susie down enough so Nicole could keep up. It was a genius approach. Susie would often say, “That should be on a T-shirt!”

The brain trust (Left to Right: Nicole and Susie…and some random guy, please ignore him if you wish)

As time went on, the T-shirt idea would come and go. Could some kind of T-shirt side hustle really be successful? Maybe. Could it have a better chance with other clothes and accessories to go with the T-shirts? Maybe. Susie has always been a good shopper and “accessorizer.” Nicole generally can just make goofy comments that might look good on a T-shirt, but her sense of style is questionable at best. Nicole also has been fascinated by Digital Marketing, but has never put that interest to use. So, eight years later, here they are. The birth of Susie’s Snarky Shirts & More! It’s a small boutique for women; a little hole in the wall store on Military Avenue in Green Bay.

The location of Susie’s Snarky Shirts & More

The Strategy

The store is expected to open in September 2020, because that is Nicole’s birthday month, so why not? In preparation for the opening, Nicole and Susie agree that it is important to get the website built, and get some social media posts going to generate excitement within the Green Bay area for the grand opening.

The Website

This is a new store so generating new leads are a must! The website page must have an attention grabbing banner with the grand opening information, with a call to action to sign up for their newsletter. All people will need to do is provide their email address in the form that pops up when clicking on the banner. A welcome email will send to the individual’s mailbox and he/she can simply confirm the desire to join the mailing list. The welcome email will have a 20% off coupon and an offer for free welcome gift bags for the 1st 100 guests in the store on the day of the grand opening. Those that purchase and have their email on file with the store will also build loyalty credits for future discounts and special sales.

The rest of the page should have some pictures of the T-shirts paired with pants and accessories, as chosen by Susie. The photos should be high quality and capable of being clicked on with pricing information, descriptions, sizing, and color options. Susie and Nicole want to wait to do online sales and simply just start with in store sales until they can get a better gauge on inventory and running the day to day business.

Other elements on the webpage should be store hours, the address and phone number, along with references to the social media accounts.

As time goes on, Nicole and Susie may enlist some help to improve search engine optimization, once things start to take off from a lead generation perspective. Likely, their blogging about mischief, adventures, snark, and the fantastic clothes should help SEO to a certain extent initially.

The Social Media

Facebook and Instagram will be the social media platforms of choice to help build awareness around the store, share content, and interact with consumers. Both platforms have a significant amount of users based on the latest statistics.

Instagram is known for appealing to a younger demographic, and the emphasis on rich pictures and video content will be a good fit for Susie’s Snarky Shirts & More. They will ask consumers to post pictures wearing the store’s merchandise and tag it with #susiessnarkyshirts. Facebook will particularly come in handy, as it is widely used and advertising can be effectively targeted at certain demographics. The two platforms also work well together.

Promotions can be posted on both social media accounts and will point to a dedicated landing page on the website.

The Monitoring

There will be monitoring tools to understand trends and opportunities. Hootsuite will be used to look at social media data and help understand where to adjust efforts. From an SEO perspective, Google Search Console will be used.

But I Still Have Questions

While the story about Nicole and Susie sounds pretty fantastic, the truth is they have day jobs….and they are pretty risk averse. Further, Nicole’s day job has nothing to do with Digital Marketing. Gulp. So this T-shirt idea is just a figment of their imaginations. If they were really to do this, how in the heck do people keep up with the Digital Marketing trends? As we’ve discussed in other blogs and discussion threads, we have all acknowledged things are changing constantly in the Digital Marketing world.

What are the first “right” couple of baby steps to start with? Maybe that is the best question. And then, honestly, what is the easiest way to keep up, especially when a person is trying to handle this on her own essentially?

The best answer gets a free T-shirt. Just kidding, you’ll get a thank you, as there is no inventory. Remember, this story was a pipe dream…for now!

Susie’s Snarky Shirts & More

Digital Marketing 1: Final Post

For our final blog post, we need to analyse a potential business, what their Customer Influence Efforts, Channels and Tactics, and Ongoing Implementation would be. Additionally, we need to discuss our thoughts on the Digital Marketing 1 class, and what we will take from it. 

For the business selection, we had the option to choose between a soccer club, a clothing boutique and an eSports facility. 

The demand for an eSports Gaming Facility in the Green Bay area is not heavily present but there is a consumer base for it, as seen with the popularity of the eSports are on the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) campus, and the popularity of the local VR arcade

The specific customer base for this potential business does not already exist, but using these local potential consumers we have a potential customer base. 

NWTC currently has limitations on available games.

“NWTC leadership is currently evaluating the merit of military style shooter games in the esports zone. Until such time, only the following games are eligible to be played: League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Hearthstone, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Pubg, Fifa (current), Dota 2, Starcraft”

NWTC eSports Zone

Due to the lack of selection in the games available on the NWTC campus, there is an opportunity for our potential business. If we provide a greater variety of games, we may be able to take these consumers to our business, rather than having them remain where they currently play. 

We can work to engage in loyalty building efforts and demand generation. We can create a loyalty program to encourage return visits, and potential discounts should they leave a positive review online. 

Nearly half of all customers don’t find communications from loyalty programs they participate in relevant

“How to create loyal customers” Salmat North Sydney – Head Office

By crafting our loyalty programs to our customer interests, we can offer discounts based on what the customers actually want, and thus drive customers to our stores. Additionally, by creating personalized discounts based on what they created the review on, we can maintain their loyalty. 

We will use search tactics, social media, social media influencers, and display advertising. 

As we grow we will see where we are seeing returns, and invest more into those sections. From there we will do our best to make those as profitable as possible. After that, we will focus more on the areas we are lacking, and fine-tune them to ensure a greater chance at a profit from them by looking at our competitors to see where we are lacking. 

We can have influencers related to gaming come to play, and have them create content to promote the business. From there we can use their work to promote our own social media presence and create a larger audience geared towards our business that is more likely to actually come in. 

Overall, the potential for the business is high, as it could be a great place to promote entertainment in the Green Bay area. Additionally, if we collaborated with events such as Kitsune-Kon for the video game room, we could increase our customer base. 

In the future, and when I develop a professional site for a portfolio I can use the strategies of creating pages with specific goals in mind. Additionally, I will be able to use information about search marketing and landing pages in the future for businesses. Alongside never starting a marketing campaign without a designated landing page. 

I recently started a retail job at a local small business. I may eventually be able to assist them in marketing by creating blog posts for them. In the creation of these blog posts there are guidelines I would need to follow that match similarly with the ones used for this class. It is an excellent way to practice and improve my skills. By practicing my skills here, I can show them examples of my work. 

I want to finish writing a book that I have planned in the future, and if I ever would like to promote it, I want to have a designated landing page and all the important information about it available right away, rather than having a difficult to navigate or distracting site. 

TLDR: For the potential eSports business, utilizing online influencers and social media to promote it alongside creating loyalty programs and discounts based on online reviews can lead to future business interactions. Additionally, in both my personal and professional life I will be able to utilize the skills I have learned in this course to create content and websites that will work depending on the business or personal goals I have to work towards.

Digital Marketing 1: Final Post

Warming Up…. Digitally!

Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to advertise any business. Having a strategy put in place can help any company achieve their goals of success through many different online marketing channels. Allowing them to easily see the results certain tactics can have on the company is beneficial for investment and company reputation.

Strategy: TrailBlazerz is an online winter clothing store that offers an array of outdoor winter clothing products for everyone. Opening a few years ago, their online-only ordering strategy needs to be fine-tuned in order to maintain their company and profits.

Customer Influence Efforts: Because TrailBlazerz is an outdoor online clothing store, and the fact that there is a high demand for outdoor winter clothing, TrailBlazerz should initially invest a majority of its resources into demand harvesting. Once this tactic has worked, they can start building that loyalty from customers who have made purchases in the past, in hopes they will become repeat buyers. Because there is always a demand for outdoor winter clothing, TrailBlazerz will not need to utilize demand generation efforts because customers do not need to be persuaded into buying outdoor winter clothing.

Channels and Tactics: Because TrailBlazerz only offers online ordering, they should invest mainly in paid search, social media advertising, and display advertising due to the ads on these three things generating the most traffic. Because of this, they should also use the retargeting method (being an online-only store) that will allow them to enlist in conversion rate optimization. TrailBlazerz should not invest to much into SEO right away, due to the market for outdoor clothing being so large. Having competitors like Dicks Sporting Goods and BackCountry, TrailBlazerz should not expect to acquire any first-page rankings on high-volume keywords for a while. Instead, they should consider working with a digital marketing agency to have at least a few specific keywords on a simple SEO that could potentially put them at a first page ranking. TrailBlazerz should create a basic Facebook and Instagram page to build a following, along with sending out emails to current and potential customers who have signed up on the TrailBlazerz website or who follow them on social media.

“No product or service, no matter how exceptional, can sell all that well without an effective marketing campaign behind it.”


Ongoing Implantation: With TrailBlazerz online store quickly growing, they will continue to oversee its progress on the three advertisement techniques that were implemented: paid search, social media, and display advertising. Because the paid search tactic might show a low return on most selective keywords, investing more in social media initiatives would most likely result in more returns. Due to this, retargeting should be a big focus as this could be a highly profitable approach compared to display advertising. Social media pages, Facebook and Instagram should have a steady following by this point as well (due to retargeting and display ads,) with followers posting about clothing items they have bought from the website and with TrailBlazerz implementing a “hashtag” for Instagram. This, combined with high impression effectiveness, will be beneficial because it directs the users attention to the product. Email marketing should also show very high returns due to the amount of people visiting the website and signing up with an email on the pop-up that appears when opening the main webpage. Because of this, TrailBlazerz should invest much more into a complex software that allows for greater customization to emails being sent.

With all of these strategies put into action, TrailBlazerz should gain a large following on social media as well as numerous email sign-ups and high traffic to its home page to further purchases from not only loyal, but new customers.


The last seven weeks of this course have been nothing but information overload and I have loved every minute of it. Going into this course I knew absolutely nothing about digital marketing, other then it having to do with with technology and even then I wasn’t too sure. Knowing that technology has been rapidly growing, I chose digital marketing as I felt I was being a little “left behind.” I have since grown to respect digital marketing agencies and the work they have to put into monitoring and maintaining websites and social media platforms. It’s incredible what goes on behind the scenes of media that no one thinks twice about. However, the tactics that it implements work extremely well! Learning how cookies work, finding relief in knowing that the government isn’t stalking me and learning that I’m not the only person that participates in that ZMOT act (come on, you know we all do it.) I was also surprised to learn that email is used very frequently by people of my generation and how often companies utilize it to gain loyalty and awareness to potential and returning customers. All in all, I have taken a lot more from this class and thoroughly enjoyed it much more than expected. Needless to say, I am excited to pursue the rest of my degree in Digital Marketing and to see where it will take me for a career in the future.

Lastly, one question I’d like to pose to my classmates is- as consumers, is anything that you learned in this course going to change the way you use technology or make purchases whether online or in-store? Have you noticed different things about your social media and emails with advertising and relate them to things we have learned?

Warming Up…. Digitally!

Calling The Gamers Home

If I was going to pick a business to do in our area, I’d pick the eSport facility below is my strategy overview for a small business, eSports Gaming Facility.

This is what an eSport facility looks like in action

            First before we get into what the overview is I’d like to take a moment to educate those who may not know what an eSports Gaming Facility is. “Esports are video games which are played in professional competitions, usually fall into a few major genres. The majority of esports titles are fighting gamesfirst-person shooters (FPS), real-time strategy (RTS), or multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA), with the MOBA genre being the most popular in terms of participation and viewership.” –

The wiki page talks about 45 games that are part of the eSport scene.

“Esports are video games which are played in professional competitions, usually fall into a few major genres. The majority of esports titles are fighting games, first-person shooters (FPS), real-time strategy (RTS), or multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA), with the MOBA genre being the most popular in terms of participation and viewership.”
  1. Rent out the old toys are us building and redesign the inside for gaming parties, a bunch at any given time and a lounge area for fans friends and family to watch with big screens and comfy chairs. A kitchen or food supply of some kind should be met or at least to start vending machines with gamers fave snacks.
    1. The demand already exists so I believe the company should start with demand harvesting.
    2. After setting up a Facebook for the gaming facility they should start posting ads on Facebook, Twitter, and making active posts about what’s going on with the facility update a calendar of events they host per month or few months. Create custom content of related events from the past to promote the event again in the future. Share gaming memes. Share things in gaming groups for the games you plan to offer events for. Example Overwatch most likely has a group on Facebook talk to admins and see if you can post about the tournament in the Green Bay area. You may even get more people from other areas who travel for competitive gaming.
    3. Monitor pages like mountain dew who target gamers specifically Game Fuel page, I’m sure it has one of some kind. As social listening follow #’s like #GameFuel #Gamers or the name of the games they offer competitively. #Doritos might not be a bad one either.
    4. Gamers are going to want to game competitively if they think they are good. They will have friends who will join also so word of mouth will get you lots of people checking it out. Being as it is a local area thing that doesn’t have much in the area it might want to invest in SEO as to direct people to their business. As stated, the people might be willing to travel for it.
    5. Going forward they would want to continue to pay for advertising especially when or if they roll out a new game because the games are always coming out. Make sure to stay current with what people want to play. And have variety.

Ok, so now the class is coming to a close and it’s time for reflections on what I have learned and what I am taking away from this course. I learned Digital marketing is responsible for why I feel like my phone is creeping on me at all times. But now I know that its from cookies and info I have given to parties connected and through things I have bought. Which is why sometimes the Facebook ads from china really get me going for an impulse buy. I learned it can be a whole job to creep on others for a company to find a weakness to exploit to their gain of customers. And that the way we buy has changed ZMOT. I learned that even thought most old things die out email will never die. Email marketing is a sure fire hit for you so long as you have catchy email headings and are only sending to those who want to receive them.  Also google uses your old email to catch companies emailing improperly. I learned I am not as good at picking out answers from reading than I thought I was. Also, I learned that digital marketing might not be something I really want to pursue. It seems very boring. Was anyone else bored by the lessons about digital marketing? I got marketing and maybe advertising confused, I guess. But I have never taken an advertising class yet so maybe it’s not even that.

Calling The Gamers Home