Digital Marketing and the Root of its Being for Me

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

― Maya Angelou

You know,

Back then when I was working for a Digital Marketer as a Sales rep, I thought I knew what Digital Marketing was.

Just Social Media

Just SEO

Just Landing Pages

and Honestly I didn’t even know what a Landing Page was in depth back then.

Or all the details that went along with Digital Marketing.
Everything inbetween the lines.

I just thought I knew.

I can honestly say that, going through this course has changed my aspects and views on what we call,

Digital Marketing.

image from simpllearn

I thought it was more of a trend,

just the online world ,

Just you know, Social Media Awareness.

When Honestly,

it’s more like this,

image from thoughtco

The real idea behind Digital Marketing is the Ability to Effectively Communicate in the Internet World

Whatever platform that may be

Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc

Digital Marketing is the ability to promote , offer a value, and close the deal for yourself, business owners, business partners, and business clients.

As far as the value that is instilled in this process,

You can say that it is like human word of mouth but on a platform that literally the majority of society is on a day to day basis.

I learned that many business owners who may not believe in Digital Marketing, and who despise it , are actually leaving alot of money on the table.

This leads to Mobile Marketing as well.


It’s because the business runs not on just the values of the business owner, but how you solve your potential client base’s problems.

Every one hears that part of the perspective…


It is also what platform is hot, trendy, and being mostly used at the moment.

I hear that most people say that this or that is more trendy right now than that.

Which may or may not be true, depending on the audience that you are actually trying to target.

Mobile Marketing is a big part of Digital Marketing.

The phone is just another version of a better tv right?

I mean you stream Youtube, Social Media, and visit websites on it true?

So just imagine, if someone actually liked your business and what you do and tries to look at your website on the road or out running errands.

Majority of the people are not hauling a laptop with them right?

I mean the phone is most convenient.

If they can’t easily access your database on any device, they’ll most likely not get to it till later on a laptop

IF they don’t lose interest.

I will be implementing this portion when I launch my Digital Marketing Business

Because the easier the audience understands you,

the easier the audience can engage with you

and the more I can understand the audience

The value exchange is endless

“The good deal right now is the seven platforms that live on this [phone]”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

I believe that Everything has its piece in the Bigger Picture

and Honestly,

Just because I completed this course , Does not mean that I know it all.

I truly don’t think any of us are real experts at it, not for a long time anyways.

Algorithms always change

Trends change

Attention changes

and Attention is an asset I believe.

Some are simply better than others at this game.

However, I can appreciate the information that I was given during this time as it has helped me understand not just the techniques but also the regulation side of things.

Questions about Digital Marketing

Good Grief, I have plenty of questions, who doesn’t?

The Good Questions I would say would be,

Especially during these times with COVID-19,

Do you really think now, maybe perhaps, Business owners and consumers will come to appreciate Digital Marketing and Digital Presence?

I think they will and they won’t.

Some people will bend with the wind and some will stick to traditions.

Nothing wrong with it but it does shine light on what could’ve been done, I believe.

Here are two resources that could help enlighten:


Today’s current crisis just goes to show that Digital Marketing / Digital Communication actually saves alot of travel time.

People are having Zoom conferences more often now in the comfort of their own homes.

With Virtual Reality coming to light,

I believe we can only get more Digital in technology from this point on.

What will be the New Platforms for the future you think?

Virtual Platforms like Sims? Where We meet up in Virtual places?

Virtual Summits?

What do you think is the future for Digital Marketers?

I have spent this time to explain a bit about my story and how I see things.

Now , I’d like to hear from your world,

your eyes,

your ears,

and your story.

To something that is more than just a college major

more than a skillset

What is it to you?

Drop your comments below and tell me your story.

image from weheartit

Digital Marketing and the Root of its Being for Me

3 thoughts on “Digital Marketing and the Root of its Being for Me

  1. nnuske says:

    I am seriously wondering the same thing about whether or not companies have the epiphany that they need an online presence. In particular, with my husband’s employer as I think it will be a long time before they are allowed to have visitors in the building. Even if it is allowed, that doesn’t mean prospects will feel inclined to take a look at the facility. It just keeps suggesting to me that they are missing out an opportunity to be online, and pretty soon, it may be too late to rectify.


  2. mtchya says:

    Staying up to date on technology and making sure marketers are up to date with the new methods to reach consumers is very important. New methods come out every day to reach consumers, so it can be a challenge!


  3. mulugetabreecher says:

    i like the way your wrote this article. it simple to read and have good information. I was the same boat about thinking since i have FB and instagram i thought i know a lot about social media and i quickly realized i really know nothing. thanks to this class i rally have different kinda appreciation for digital technology


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