It’s Closing Time…

Do you hear the Semisonic song in your head? If so, I’ve done my job. Tip your waitress on your way out, I’ll be here all week. Joking, of course, but I couldn’t resist.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

One of the things that I enjoy most about learning, and see as a win, is picking up

information I didn’t already know. Whether it be through reading, life experience, or someone else’s knowledge, I have always enjoyed the adventure that is learning. In my previous experience with social media marketing, I had a great handle on the “big three” – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and figured out how to use them efficiently for a variety of clients. But… there is always an opportunity to learn more and do more, which is what I got out of my Digital Marketing II experience.

Now first, I think they really need to change the name of the course to something Mobile Marketing related – because let’s be real, that’s what we learned this semester! I joke, naturally, but learning more about mobile and everything that goes into it was HUGE! One a-ha moment after another. It’s like the idea of connecting the dots and getting a better idea of how things worked. It was JUST like that.

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All of the information from the Edify book was eye-opening. From figuring out your mobile audience to privacy concerns, mobile app creation and marketing and so much more – there was so much I never realized that I DIDN’T know about mobile – so I’m thankful for such all-encompassing material to be able to do it!

Looking into mobile trends in 2020, I have to say that my biggest takeaway (and wonder) is what the current state of the world will mean for marketing. I believe that it will become quite the opportunity for marketers to work with a variety of businesses who never saw the need to operate in the digital space. Because, whether or not you believe it, some businesses still do not have an online presence! I believe that digital, and mobile, will continue to grow and mature as time goes on, and more businesses will be willing to harness the power it provides depending on the world climate and how it progresses in the coming months.

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Retailers being able to harness the power of mobile is a HUGE idea right now. With services giving more and more ability to retailers for their customers to shop right from their Instagram page, for example, there is nothing but opportunity for digital marketing in more and bigger ways – to continue to permeate our every day. And, as the pandemic changes on what seems like an hourly basis, there may be more of a need for even more online shopping as time goes on.

With new short video apps such as Quibi and Tiktok, you have to wonder if services like Snapchat will change to gain those users back, or how Facebook and Instagram will change to mirror their services. Quibi is a bit of a lone wolf, as the first premium short-form video outlet, so it will be interesting to see how that goes, or if it doesn’t. The biggest trend I see in my own browsing is definitely the advent of video. Static and graphic advertisements just don’t measure up anymore, and that is made blatantly obvious by the ads we see whenever we log into a social network on our phones. Videos describing everything from tooth whitening strips to a hands-free button-pusher are what’s on my phone these days – how about yours?

Outside of my own theories, I just want to say that I have had a wonderful experience in this course, learning with everyone this semester. It has been great to learn about some new subjects but do it with so many great people with such a variety of stories and life experiences. I wish everyone luck in their programs of choice, and that everyone stays healthy!

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It’s Closing Time…

One thought on “It’s Closing Time…

  1. allycegadamus says:

    Such a great read! Well thought of and constructed. Relate to you completely! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


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