Lets add anxiety and stress on top of taking digital marketing

Introduction during this endemic

Before I took Digital Marketing II, I took Digital Marketing I a week or two before this class started. Most of the information was fresh. The fresh information helped me remember what I learned in the first digital marketing class applying it to Digital Marketing II. The introduction of this class was very overwhelming because it started later than anticipated. It now became a six-week course versus a eight week course. I over applied myself taking two six-week courses at the same time while working two part-time jobs.

My personal life with this virus

In between it, I managed to take care of an eight-week-old kitten who was taken away from her mother too early.  I took care of her for a month or so socializing her and getting her up to date with her shots. My one part-time job became more important than ever posting and interacting with customers during this epidemic. My second job required me to watch or read articles that improved my interactions with the customers when its finally time for vendors to go back into stores.

 Let’s add more stress and anxiety to my life with the growing fear of catching the virus as the numbers continue to increase. Let’s add more fear and anxiety by all the mixed messages we are hearing on the news by different sources. Let’s try to escape the news by trying to keep our insanity to find more virus news on social media platforms.  

medication overload

To top off the cake, lets add some new medication with bad side effects because the doctor overdosed you along with a clingy boyfriend who wants you to find a apartment for him because he is moving away but will not listen to nothing you have say. Are you stressed out just thinking about this? I got stressed out just typing that thinking about the emotions that filled me during those days that I struggled to keep my head above water.

As I was keeping my head above water struggling to keep afloat, I managed to participate and turn in assignments on time.  The first week required us to read chapters one to three creating an introduction and a blog post. There was a large amount of data to input my brain while reading the chapters. It always seem to take me extra longer because as I would read, I would take notes on the chapter. It would be easier for me to read the chapter than take notes on it, but that’s not how I work. I seem to remember most of the information when I write it down versus just reading the chapter then taking the quiz. I would review the notes that I took because I had to reinforce the information that I just read and wrote down.

Expert Sessions

The expert session about the email marketing in the digital age was very informative about the statistics. It was informing that 2.6 billion worldwide email users and 205 billion messages sent and received per day in 2015. I am sure in the year 2020, there are more emails being sent per day and more users have email as the technology continues to evolve almost requiring every person to have a smart phone or computer being connected to the internet. My neighbor who is anti-smart phone and anti-computer requires me to assist him when ordering his medical supplies from Wal-Mart because he doesn’t want to be on the internet world.

The expert session I really connected with was the Facebook Messenger Marketing 101 because I have personally experience with trying to create a bot for a local business using ManyChat. I have interacted with bots that seemed so lifelike that it was hard to tell that I was interacting with an automated message versus a real human being. It was obvious sometimes when it wouldn’t let me input text, I would have two different choices possibly three options to choose from. But, being on the receiving end of the messages, these people that are interacting with bot template would keep going on a vicious cycle pushing the same options over and again. You could see the person either not seeing what they were looking for or they were confused at the interaction with the bot.  The statistics about communication that 56% of people would rather mess than call the person.  The expert session talks about have the conversation where people are having it. People enjoy interacting with businesses on their time not during normal business hours.  67% expect to message businesses than ever in the next 2 years. In the year 2020, its now more than ever.


Overall, there was a large volume of data to input in my brain and not a lot of processing power to compute the tasks required to store the information. The memory in my brain was streamlined as it had very limited storage available for the content that I was reading. I enjoyed reading the chapter, but some of it seemed a little long and tedious. Some of it seemed repetitive as I just got done with class Digital Marketing I.  Again, I was thankful to interact with Ronnie as a teacher as he was able to answer all of my questions in a timely manner. I am hoping to put this knowledge of what I have left to use in the real world creating a career in digital marketing.


I would recommend this certification and these classes to anyone who wants to create a career or career makeover in digital marketing. I wish I would have never wasted any of my money on marketing influencer courses that stated I would learn everything I needed to start my own company. It was a waste of money. Call it lesson learned.

Lets add anxiety and stress on top of taking digital marketing

2 thoughts on “Lets add anxiety and stress on top of taking digital marketing

  1. blaqkheart says:

    You did it! I am proud! 🙂 I think it’s safe to say that we have all been in some uncharted waters the past few months. All we can do is be happy for our accomplishments, no matter how slight, and do what’s right for ourselves before anyone else. You are doing great!


  2. allycegadamus says:

    Such a great read! Well thought of and constructed. Relate to you completely! But I agree with Liz, you did it! You should be so proud of yourself. There is so much going on its hard to take time and think of what you’ve gone through up until now and what you’ve accomplished. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors! Congratulations!


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