Well That’s a Wrap Folks


We have come to the end of this awesome class and I am now closing the book on my NWTC career. I can’t believe it’s been two years already and I am set to graduate. It feels like it has gone by so fast, but I must say it has been amazing having the experiences I have  had at NWTC. I have meet and made so many great relationships with new people and I hope to carry some of those relationships throughout the rest of my life. Anyway, back to reflecting on the end of the Mobile Marketing class. I am so happy I have taken this class and I have learned so much from it as well as gaining a better understanding of some concepts. I can’t wait to use the skills I have learned in this course as I continue my career at MCL Industries as I am taking a position in our marketing team. I will oversee managing email campaigns, analytics tracking, and Google Ad campaigns for Maverick Blinds which is a company under the MCL umbrella. Now what are some things I have learned from this course?

Finding Your Audience

One thing I have furthered my learning on is how to properly figure out my target market. It has been great going over establishing a target market in most of the courses I have been in over the past two years as it has helped me keep the ideas fresh in my head. I have actually used this already at my job at MCL when I have set up a Google Ads campaign. I have had to figure out who we as a company wanted to target during this campaign and the regions of the country, they live in. I also used the demographics from Google Analytics to develop a target market for that campaign. I have found that if you can create a good target market your engagement levels will be so much higher on both your social media posts and Google Ads campaigns. For our ads campaign I also had to think about what the customer would be searching so I had to think about customer psychographics when developing the ad campaign.

Social Media during the Pandemic

Another thing I have learned and found very interesting is how much we turn to social media when we are in a situation, we don’t know what to do. The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has opened my eyes to how much we turn to social media when we are cut off from the physical world. Since we cannot currently interact with anyone in person, we interact with them in a virtual state. Whenever I go on any social media site, I see more and more posts from people because they are all stuck at home. According to axios.com, social media used to account for 20% of total internet use and starting in mid-March that number climbed to 25% of total internet use. It makes a lot of sense since we are all stuck at home. Even though I am still working, because my company is viewed as an essential business, I feel like my social media use has also risen.

Rapping it Up

In conclusion, I am so happy I have taken this class as I have been able to learn new things as well as furthering my understanding of others. I can’t wait to see where the future takes me and I can’t wait to use my skills that I have learned over the past 2 years. I wish you all luck as well in your future plans and I hope you find great success. Until next time, ya’ll have a good one.

Well That’s a Wrap Folks

2 thoughts on “Well That’s a Wrap Folks

  1. Congrats on your job. It must be so exciting on the new adventure. I have been able to work in social media learning as I go while I enlist in the digital marketing classes earning the digital marketing certification. Again, I am wanting more focused to be social media than digital marketing which seems to focus more on Google and SEO versus social media platforms. I might earn the social media marketing cert as well. Time goes so fast. Congrats again!


  2. mulugetabreecher says:

    I completely agree how much we turn in to social media for some kind of comfort. I used to think tiktok was really stupid and I turn in to tiktok for entertainment during quarantine.


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