Getting to Lambeau Field on Gameday


Whether you are coming to town for a Packer game or already living here you may be looking for a different way to get to the game. Since the Stadium is surrounded by residential neighborhoods and some of the roads get blocked off, some get turned into one way streets and others are just impossible to get through because of people and cars. Why not leave the car at the hotel or house and take a different form of transportation to and from the stadium.

There are many different times of transportation to get you down to the game and back. There are free shuttles from the bar’s, the city run free shuttle that pick up near the hotels around town plus there are taxi’s, uber and lyft to take you around. Who knew there were so many options to get there!

While the free shuttles from the bar’s and the city may be one of the most likely options for people they are also the ones that are going to take the longest because there will be so many people and they only run at certain times. For instance the free city shuttle picks up every half hour but it also has to make a lot of different stops along the way to the game. Taxi’s may seem like a great option but they are going to have a long wait time and they are going to charge a lot of money. Uber and Lyft are probably the best option if you don’t want to wait since there are so many of them most of the drivers can get to you within 10 minutes or less, however they may be one of the more expensive options. There are free codes out there for uber if it is your first time or there could be a code in the app for game day, an example would be the home opener last weekend where the packers teamed up with Miller Lite and they provided a code for $10 free dollars if you were going to Lambeau Field that day.

You may know about the shuttles and the taxi’s but you may also be wondering what uber and lyft are. They are a ride share app that allows you to pay with your credit card and request a ride from an app. It’s people like you and me using their personal cars to give you rides. Bonus with using uber and lyft is that you don’t have to ever exchange cash with the drivers as it’s all done through the app on your credit card. If you still aren’t sure about them ask around usually someone you know is a driver for one of the companies or has used them before.

Overall because there are so many options it should make getting to and from the games just a little bit easier and safer than taking your own car. Also it means that you aren’t drinking and driving after the games. So next time you go to a Green Bay Packers game be sure to check out a different form of transportation before you take your car to the stadium.

Getting to Lambeau Field on Gameday