Sharing is the Social Way

Social Media has become a major part in all lives, if you’re 80 or if you’re 3, you’ve been impacted by social media. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkIn are only a few of the social media that millions use on the daily basis. There are some companys that stand out to me about how they share things on either social media or just in advertising in general. I have aquire a wide range of advertising but the way Ski-Doo, Apple, and Buckle exspress their adversting or how their social media is just catches my eye.


I may be bias on this because I work at a BRP Dealership but I do look on their page for inspiration or at least ideas when it comes to posting on my work’s Facebook. The content that they share are about their products like Snowmobiles, clothing, accessories, and riding gear. They are on all Social Medias: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Ski-Doo is huge in Wisconsin and it originate from Canada. They share their content with either one of their riders or just in a creative way that grabs my eye and also many others. I share their content because one, I have to share it to the business’s Facebook page and second I do like their content so I usually at least like it. Out of 10 I give Ski-Doo a 8.5.


Who doesn’t know Apple? Over half of the population have either have an Iphone or at least had an Ipod. I have an Iphone, Macbook, Apple TV, and an Apple Watch. You could say I’m an Apple guru. Their website is one of the best websites I know, well in my opinion. I understand that they have the money and also have one of the best person in every department. They have content about their products and also what’s new and exciting about technology. Apple shares their content on almost everything, they also have many, many people who write blogs about them.  Apple probably doesn’t have to spend any money on advertising and they would still be on top. They have all the word of mouth they need. They share their content with just one of the best articles with them or they share a video that demonstrates their product down to a T. Out of 10 I give Apple 10 out of 10.


I live in a town that if you don’t wear Buckle Jeans then you’re just not cool. I have too many pairs of jeans in general but Buckle are the only kind I wear on the daily basis. Buckle has more than just jeans but that’s what they are known for. I see their ads on Facebook all the time. The ads I see on Facebook and I see their new styles and it just makes me want to get on their site and spend too much money. I give Buckle a 6 out of 10.  They can do more improvements on how they share their products.

When it comes to the things I see on Facebook and other social media things Apple does stand out the most but I will admitted I am more proactive with Buckle.

Sharing is the Social Way

Email Working or Just Deleted?

How do they get your attention with emails? Big bold letters that say “SALE”? Emails these days with the technology we have are huge, but with the millennial’s you don’t want to send out too many. I know personally I hate getting 2 emails from the same place unless its for something I ordered or what not. If I am getting multiple emails about the same deal or from the same place in one day that’s too much. I have unsubscribed from almost all of the sites I shop off of. I only keep up with Buckle, American Eagle, and Amazon, if you are any other sites you’re either getting deleted or unsubscribed. On average business/office person gets 121 emails daily according to Templafy. Holy Cow! I would go insane if I got that many!

Background on emails

Emails have come to be a huge part in this everyday life. More than 80% of people would rather have their conversation over email than over the phone. In my personal experience I would rather have email then phone call. You’ll get a person from India or something who you just can’t understand, it’s annoying in my books. Sending messages like emails can get to someone within seconds. We use to send and some still send cards through the mail and that would take up to weeks.

Action or delete, delete, and delete?

Do you take action when you get emails from businesses or do you just delete them? I usually don’t have my email address with businesses because I’m not a huge fan of it. I like to keep my email for only personal and a little bit of my job. My mom on the other hand goes crazy with the emails. She is one of those people who get over 100 emails a day just spam and coupons for Khols, Target, Shopko, etc. My mom is one of those people who if they have a coupon they will use it. She loves getting the biggest bang for her buck. When you get an email and it says something about their most recent sale, do you look at it and click the link or just say “eh it’s a sale, who cares”?

Can-Spam and how does is it work?

The CAN-SPAM Act establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

Can-Spam is an act that tells you what you can cannot have in a commercial message. If you use email for your business there are rules. Here are the gist of the rules. 1). Don’t lie in the email. 2). Make sure the subject line is to the point on what the email is about. 3). If the email is an ad you must mark it as an ad. 4). State your address. 5). If someone wants to opt out of the emails you have to let them and tell them how. 6). If someone wants wants to opt out you have to respond promptly to it. 7). If you hire some company for email monitoring you must still take full responsibility, can’t pong it off to someone else.


In your option is emailing going to be the only thing going on in the future? Are businesses only going to email their customers? Are they going to get ride of phone calls?

Email Working or Just Deleted?

Layers of a Comfortable Snowmobile Ride

Snowmobiles are huge in the state of Wisconsin, I would know, I work at a Ski-Doo Dealership. Being comfortable during the cold times on the trails is crucial, if you are not comfortable then you will have a terrible time. Layers are very important when you want to stay dry and warm. I personally have had frost bite while riding because I didn’t have the right layers or no protection where I needed. I’ve heard horror stories on how bad people get frost bite just from not having the right protection. This article will give you the proper information on what you need to have a safe and comfortable ride.


  • Base Layer

This layer can either be as simple as just a regular t-shirt or as complex as long underwear. This layer is made to keep you dry and have the basic warmth. It is a thin thermal layer, you don’t necessarily need it but it is a good base to start with.

  • 2nd Layer or Sweatshirt

The second layer is just about anything that goes over your base layer, which includes sweatshirts, jerseys, over-shirts, or even a thin jacket. This layer is where most of your warmth comes in, not always known to keep the moisture out but definitely one of those layers you can take off if you get too hot while riding.

  • Snow-pants/Bibs

Your legs make up over 50% of your body, would you want to make sure they are warm? I hope so because cold legs aren’t fun when you’re riding of more than hour or two. Also if you are a dare devil on a sled and you fall off your going to get filled with snow. Getting filled with snow without protection means your legs are going to get wet and if the temps are really down your pants are going to freeze and your going to be miserable. With snow-pants or bibs, you are protecting your legs from the snow and also extra cushion if you fall.

  • Jackets

Jackets are one of the most import layer because it protects you from the snow and the wind. It also keeps the moisture away from your body. Jackets come in many different styles and different warmth degrees.









  • Helmets

Helmets come in many different styles and many different colors. You have heated helmets, open-faced, modular, BVs2, Oxygen’s, and many more. Helmets protect your noggin from the wind and also if you get into an accident. I’ve seen people who weren’t wearing a helmet while snowmobiling and they got very sever frostbite on their noses and cheeks, I’ve also seen people get very hurt because they thought they didn’t need a helmet.

  • Boots

You can use many different kind of boots for snowmobiling because it all depends on what you like on your feet. I personally have a pair of snowmobiling boots and they work fantastic but I have friends who use everyday steel toes and they love it for snowmobiling. I will admit the best kind for snowmobiling would be one of the waterproof kind. What I do with my boots is I also wear wool socks for extra heat. I know people who just put in a foot warmer and call it good.


I hope you take this article and learn on how to have a safe and warm snowmobile ride. You need layers upon layers. My mom always said “It’s easy to take off layers when your out riding than putting layers on in the middle of nowhere.” You can always buy some of the best winter gear on Ski-Doo Clothing. 


Layers of a Comfortable Snowmobile Ride

Ten Netflix Must Watch


Netflix is only just only a part of my life. I know I’m obsess with the online movies and tv shows. This is just a few shows I know I hear too much about or some shows that I’ve personally love and watched over and over again. 


This family of 6 has to survive in downtown Chicago with a very verbal abusive, ahcoloic father and a mother who never is around. Finona, who had to drop out of high school to support her brothers and sisters, try to keep the family in tacked while Frank, the father, tries to wheel them apart. Watch the show to see what kind of funny, drama filled, and crazy adventures the family goes on to survive. 

Fuller House

Everyone knows Full House that use to air all the time on Nickelodeon. The kids that everyone loves and adores DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy now live in the big house. DJ has three kids of her own and Kimmy has one. All the kid trying to get along with everyone and also DJ trying to find someone to date after her husband past away from working on the job as a fire fighter. For those people who just can’t get enough of the Tanner house residents, well this is the show for you. 

One Tree Hill

Who doesn’t like drama? One Tree Hill has drama up the wazzoo. This show will keep you on your toes. Lucas and Nathan find out that they are half brothers and trust me they couldn’t stand each other when they didn’t know. Nathan loves basketball but because of Dan, the boys father. Lucas lives with his mom and didn’t really know who his father was until he was in high school. Lucas started to play basketball with Nathan but finds out if Lucas keeps playing something bad will happen. Watch the show to find out what happens. 

Orange is the New Black

Ahh. OITNB everyone thinks that this show is just about some lesbians, well guess what, that’s only a part of it. Piper has to go to jail for something she did 10 years ago with an old girlfriend. Piper was always a goody-two-shoes, when he got into prism she didn’t know what to do, who to trust, and who to speak to without being beat up. Piper has more things to worry when it comes to prism. Will her fiancé be faithful? Will old memories come up? Watch to find out. 


The new trend now-a-days is zombies. Have you heard of a fighting crime zombie? Well watch iZombie if you like criminal justice and zombies. Liv was your ordinary med school student until her friend made her go to this party. Her life just flipped upside down. She became a zombie. In this show, if you eat the brains from a human you get their memories. She used that skill to help solve crime with her partner, Clive. 

Walking Dead

I’m pretty sure everyone has either heard or at least seen an episode of Walking Dead. No shocker here, it’s about zombies. Rick and his family tries to survive in this apocalypse and there are many obstacles that get in the way. Do they survive? 

Pretty Little Liars

Got a secret can you keep it? That’s right, Pretty Little Liars. Who couldn’t forget the four friends trying to find out who this mysterious “A” is. Can the girls find out who is framing them for their friend dissaperance or do the girls just take the blame because there’s no evidence telling the authorities otherwise?

The 100s

100 young adults have been traveling through space for 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse. Clark is only 18 when the 100 young adults got sent back down to earth to see if it is habitable. The prisoners are the ones who are send down to earth. Do they survive or do they die one by one? 

Once Upon a Time

Fairy tales have pretty much been the foundation of our childhoods but in this show all the happy endings have been stolen away. There is a book that this 10 year old is reading and he takes real life people into the stories that is a mixture of all of the fairy tales we all know by heart. Do they get the happy endings back? 

Grey’s Anatomy 

Hospitals, love, passion, and edge breaking news is just the surface of what this show is about. Watch to see what all goes on, I know I will be. 

    Ten Netflix Must Watch