4 Good Reasons Why Green Bay is The Best Place to Be–Even in Below Freezing Weather

Despite the cold weather, Wisconsin is still the best place to be!
Despite the cold weather, Wisconsin is still the best place to be!

Growing up in Wisconsin, I heard my fair share of complaints against the freezing temperatures that come around every winter. Every year, Mr. Awful-Freezing-Weather comes into Wisconsin and scares good ol’ Mr. Nice-Warm-Weather away, and it takes Mr. Nice-Warm-Weather about four to six months to summon up the courage to come back into Wisconsin. During those terrible months, I would have traded everything I owned to move to Florida, or some other notoriously warm place.

Now that I’m older and (hopefully) wiser, I’ve realized that Wisconsin is AWESOME. It has the quirk and charm of a small town AND the unique opportunities and business that usually are only found in New York or California. Oh, and we really do have the best ice cream on the entire planet…I’m pretty sure.

In case the below-freezing weather is getting you down, or you’re a non-Wisconsinite and want to know what is so cool here (besides the Green Bay Packers), read on to rediscover how Green Bay rocks:

1.  Something for Everyone

Is music your thing? Check out the Meyer Theatre. The building interior itself is gorgeous, and various groups (both local and famous) perform there. The Cup O’ Joy hosts Christian music talent, and The Riverside Ballroom was one of the last places Richie Valens and Buddy Holly performed before the infamous plane crash in 1959 that resulted in their deaths.

For football fans, visiting Lambeau Field and exploring the Packers Heritage Trail is a must.

Are you a foodie? Cool beans! (See what I did there?) If trying the Three Cheese Cream Soup from Cafe Madrid is not on your bucket list yet, it needs to be!

2.  Experience all Four Seasons

If you like the way the leaves on the trees change a smorgasbord of colors in autumn, come to Green Bay. If you like the way the snow sparkles like glitter on a sunny winter day, come to Green Bay. If you like to see a bazillion pretty flowers all about in spring, come to Green Bay. Despite Wisconsin’s reputation for being freeze-your-buns-off cold, Wisconsin has hot, humid summers too. Bottom line, come to Green Bay no matter what time of year. We are very versatile with our climates here.

3.  Home to the Friendliest People

While this one is not specific toward Wisconsin, and is more about the whole Minnesota-Wisconsin area in general, the people that live here (Well, 90% of them, anyway) are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. I have been told by incoming visitors that we (Wisconsinites) go out of our way to be courteous, help a stranger out, and open doors for people, more than any other place they had been to. Apparently it is not as common in other states for people to be randomly kind without expecting things in return. Again, this was a general observation from various travelers I have talked to. I am in no way assuming that it is a concrete fact or that people in other states are not friendly. I’m just saying, we are a pretty friendly group of people overall.

4. Ice Cream During Snow Storms

Wisconsinites are not afraid of the cold. We embrace it! Driving in crazy road conditions to get an ice cream cone from Zesty’s  or Coldstone Creamery is a much more common occurrence than one would think. Unless you are from Wisconsin, you might never understand this. However, you can come here anyway and admire our strangeness if it suits you.

Haley Ebinal is an independent business owner, musician, and fashion enthusiast from the endearing city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is a college student and currently working on organizing a women’s empowerment seminar in Wisconsin.


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4 Good Reasons Why Green Bay is The Best Place to Be–Even in Below Freezing Weather