Virtual Reality And Marketing Go Together Like Milk And Cookies

When viewing Mobile Marketers news article on the 6 new marketing trends we can expect to see in 2019, I felt that they forgot to mention one trend. Virtual Reality. If you don’t know what Virtual Reality is — or otherwise known as VR — it is an artificial environment created by computer software and presented to the user that seems real.

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Virtual Reality


: an artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer and in which one’s actions partially determine what happens in the environment

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

An example were one can see how VR helps marketing exceed is when IKEA marketed their new Place virtual reality catalog app. 

The IKEA Place app allows you to virtually try out IKEA furniture and products before committing to them and making a purchase. The purpose of the app is to help home owners gain a better idea and reality.

To avoid the possibility of customers running into complications and frustrations after purchasing from IKEA only to realize that the furniture did not fit or match the style of their room, people would be able to rely on the new IKEA Place app. The app uses the camera on mobile devices to virtually display on the screen of one’s mobile device. Not only does the app virtually display furniture items to give individuals an idea as to weather it matches the style of their room, it is also true to scale to give individuals an accurate representation in size — to the millimeter! IKEA Place app users gain accurate insight as to whether their room size permits to fitting specific furniture items and how much space it would take up in a room without the hassle of having to measuring everything themselves.

“In the weeks following the release of Place, searches for IKEA spiked according to Google Trends, and the company has enjoyed strong news media coverage such as being featured by Fast Company as one of the 50 most innovative companies. From a brand and marketing standpoint, Place has earned an A+”


Virtual reality is still relatively new, very interactive, and engaging. Better yet, it has proven to positively impact the IKEA business immensely. Therefore, this is why I believe VR will take a role in one of 2019’s new marketing trends.

Virtual Reality And Marketing Go Together Like Milk And Cookies


If you are not familiar with Maybelline, Maybelline is a makeup company that at one time used to be just a small in-home family owned business but today is the number one cosmetic company in America. Maybelline sells products everywhere from eyes — mascara, brow, eyeliner and eyeshadow — to face — foundation, BB cream, concealer, powder, primer, contour and highlight, blush and bronzer — to Lips — lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm and lip liner — to accessories —brushes, makeup tools and removers — to makeup kits.

The Maybelline in Singapore was very aware that the women there had been absolutely obsessed with taking selfies and videos on snapchat. These snapchat filters mainly pertained to the flower crown and other like filters because of how they would softened the look of one’s skin and make their face glow. Maybelline then got creative and came up with a brilliant idea to perform across their social media platform. They created a campaign for their brand by selecting influencers to use their makeup and fake flower crowns to re-create the filter. They would then post side by side pictures — one with the snapchat filter and the other using only makeup — to trick their followers to guess which picture had the snapchat filter on it. Brilliant!



The campaign resulted in one of Maybelline’s best years in product sales! What smart creative thing is Maybelline going to take on next? They sure were clever with their previous campaign and used Snapchat to their full advantage. Loyal consumers can’t wait to see what is next!

Watch a summary video here:

Shop Maybelline New York here:


Amazon vs Walmart Mobile Shopping App

“Walmart is the McDonalds of retail and grocery stores.”

Hannah Hassler

When it comes to shopping, we all hope and tend to expect that we will have a good shopping experience. However, that is not always the case. A place I personally do not enjoy to shop at is Walmart. Whenever I walk into a Walmart, the employees do not look happy like they appear on the commercials. It really makes me question whether smiley stickers is really the appropriate  sticker choice to be handed out near the store front entrances. Also, when I ask for help in locating an item, the employees seem rather annoyed by my question and as if assisting a customer should not be their responsibility. Walmart is the McDonalds of retail and grocery stores. The employees have become so careless that I try to avoid purchase items from Walmart at all costs and instead spend my time there messing around with friends. Don’t worry though! It is nothing too extreme and usually just involves pushing each other around in grocery carts, skateboarding down the aisles, or riding the toddler bikes in weird accessories found around the store.

On the other hand; just because I have had some negative in-store shopping experiences at Walmart, it does not mean that this is the case about all other Walmarts or Walmart employees. My opinion is biased and it is very likely that other people have nothing but very positive shopping experiences at Walmart. In addition, I am only judging Walmart from in-store shopping experiences. So what about online shopping through the Walmart mobile app? Amazon does not have any physical store locations, so it would only be fair for me to compare the two stores — Amazon and Walmart — based on a mobile shopping experience.

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Amazon vs Walmart Mobile Shopping App

Oral-B Genius 9600 Toothbrush, The High-Tech Performance Brushing Tool

Oral-B Genius 9600 makes taking care of your dental hygiene more fun than ever!

The Oral-B Genius 9600 is a high-performance rechargeable electric toothbrush with sophisticated pressure-sensor technology, gum protection technology, position detection technology, and six different brushing modes: Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Whitening, Massage, Sensitive and Tongue Cleaning. The pressure-sensor will not only alert you once you have brushed your teeth meeting the 2-minute dentistry minimum, but the toothbrush will also alert you if you are brushing too hard and automatically decelerate the pulsations and oscillation speeds on the brush head. In addition, the premium Smart Travel Case allows you to charge your brush and smartphone at the same time while only using one wall plug!

And not to mention; when you use the Oral-B app, you can pair the Oral-B Genius 9600 toothbrush with your phone to receive visual feedback on brushing time, brushing pressure, whitening, flossing, and overall dental hygiene! When using the app, consumers are also able to earn achievements for their dental hygiene and streaks.

Purchase your own Oral-B Genius 9600 here:

“It has more features than my car!”

“I am 1 week into the whitening mode and the app guides me through a certain brushing regiment and sends me reminders. The picture self-assessments have been really helpful and fun to watch.”

“A bit expensive on the initial cost, but the features seem to be endless. Yes, I recommend this product.”

Oral-B User Slc05 Rating and Review

What is next for Dentists, Oral-B technology, and the Oral-B product line?

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Oral-B Genius 9600 Toothbrush, The High-Tech Performance Brushing Tool

Hi. I’m Hannah.

I am a born and raised Wisconsinite who happens to also be a music and travel enthusiast with a passion for photography. 

As a photographer, my greatest photography accomplishments consist of — capturing the Solar Eclipse, being titled SkillsUSA 2018 Photography State Champion, and SkillsUSA 2018 Photography National Qualifier.

Most recently, I graduated Bay Port high school and I have been working part time as a Kohler associate at Lodge Kohler since August of 2017. As of this past February, I have been promoted to work as a server inside Lodge Kohler at the restaurant up on the 5th floor; Taverne In The Sky. When I not working, I am studying at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College full time so that I can earn a degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. 

While many thought I would apply myself to college for photography, my objective is to gain experience needed in the Digital Arts and Marketing. I aspire to work in the field of Digital Marketing for a company pursuing my interests — outdoor recreation, music, and/or photography — and help develop interactive and engaging content for web campaigns, among their social media platforms, website, etc.

With that said, it is a no-brainer for why I am enrolled in NWTC’s Engagement Strategies course; because without it, how will I be able to help develop marketing content that is interactive and engaging?!

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Hi. I’m Hannah.

Malls are Dead, Mobile Commerce is the Trend

It has come to the point where mall stores in large cities across the US are struggling to keep things lively and running and online sales are overruling. Over the past 10 years, the web has evolved immensely and social media platforms have never been more significant in people’s life. We are truly in the evolution of online/digital marketing, making it more convenient then ever to be influenced by online ads, social media ads, pop-up ads, email campaigns, and now mobile campaigns. It is the convenience provided by the web that continues to trump physical store locations day in and day out.

What is Mobile Commerce?

Mobile Commerce is a transaction performed on a tablet or mobile phone. These transactions are commonly performed through web browsers and/or downloaded apps like for retail and grocery stores.


By 2021, mobile ecommerce are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales.

The amount of things people use mobil commerce for on the daily is crazy when you think about it. Shopping on Amazon continues to be very heavily present, but yet seems like old news. We have come to the point in life where almost every grocery store has an app to perform all shopping online and even offer at home deliveries rather then an in-store pick-up. People in large cities rely on Lyft, Uber, and other similar apps available for their daily commute and transportation services. And now, there is Uber Eats and Grubhub taxi services for specifically transporting take-out food to people!

Mobile commerce has opened up so many windows and opportunities for retail and business to promote, advertise, develop incentives and rewards, create convenience, offer online-only limited items, and over generate more sales. With that said and coming to realization of how essential mobile commerce has became for some; I think it is fair to say that within the next year or so — if not already — we will have reached the point where if a retail store does not have a mobile app, it will just seem outright silly.

Reference #1: Mobile Commerce 101

Reference #2: How Mobile Apps Are Reshaping the E-commerce Industry

Malls are Dead, Mobile Commerce is the Trend

3 Trendy Brands Who ROCK Social Sharing

Wanting to drive more traffic to your business? Then social sharing is the answer. If you put in the effort towards creating quality engaging and interactive content on your social media platforms, you’re guaranteed to increase traffic to your website. In addition; if it is performed well, web visitors become more likely to share out your content, create more brand awareness, gain you more visitors, and send out more links leading to your site.

Inspiration for your brand’s social sharing.

REI, Peter McKinnon, and Keep Nature Wild are terrific, trendy, leading examples to be inspired by for you brand’s social sharing concept.

1.  REI


REI is a rockstar when it comes to providing content! Their website alone offers pages from shopping apparel and accessories, new and used gear, to REI adventures, classes, and events. In addition, REI offers pages for web viewers to access a great list of trail locations nearby and expert advice for an upcoming trip or adventure. REI also continues to engage with their customers through their regular Co-op Journals.

Going beyond, REI is active among Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and Youtube! The reason why REI rocks with their social sharing is because they generate a vast variety of content; it doesn’t feel like they are posting the same content over and over again. This is because, (1) REI makes itself approachable to so many specific interests — camping, hiking, cycling, climbing, snow sports, paddling, fitness, travel, clothing, etc. —  while being able to keep it within one large common interest — outdoor activities done for leisure. (2) REI goes the extra mile by providing engaging content — product reviews and comparisons, ‘how to’s, checklist (what to bring…), hacks, recipes, community stories, journals, adventure recap videos, etc. —for viewers to interact with.

REI Social Media Pages:     Facebook      Instagram      Pinterest      Twitter      YouTube


2.  Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is a Photographer and Filmmaker, but is most well known for his self-titled channel on YouTube. The majority of his videos consist of vlogs, “Two Minute Tuesdays”, and tutorials touching topics upon ways to improve your technique in photography/cinematography, editing, reviews about equipment he uses, etc. Through additional social media platforms, Peter is very creative with how he shares announcements and events happening in his life. Peter’s most captivating content is usually performed through the story feature on the social media platforms. Also, Peter is extremely creative with how he presents his content and stories. In return, the response is quicker than the average and drives large amounts of traffic to his called action.

Peter Mckinnon Instagram Story Example356A8869-2.jpg

Peter McKinnon’s Social Media Pages: Facebook      Instagram      Twitter      YouTube


3.  Keep Nature Wild

Keep Nature Wild’s mission is all in the name. They truly want to keep nature wild and do so through the efforts of litter cleanups. To promote their brand and efforts, Keep Nature Wild sells a variety of apparel, accessories, and really cool stickers. In addition, a portion of every purchase from their website is used to host local cleanups to restore, maintain, and preserve nature’s wild places.Keep Nature Wild

On KNW’s website, it states “We use the power of social media to promote volunteerism and responsible outdoor recreation.” To make sure their message is not just a ‘phase’ for followers, KNW uses high quality pictures, creates blog-like journals, shares recap videos, keeps the followers up to-date on their wilderness cleanups — 121,670 lbs. and counting. Lastly, KNW is very consistent with their Instagram stories and is always looking for viewers to interact with them. Some of their most engaging story content consist of poles (e.i. voting for the correct answer of a fun fact) and short answer (e.i. guessing which US state they created a new sticker design for).

KNW Social Media Pages:     Facebook      Instagram      Pinterest      YouTube


To Wrap Things Up.

To increase the amount of traffic to your site or your leaded call to action, try to expand among multiple social media platforms, bring creative and captivating content to the table, keep consistent captivation and post with variety, try to interact with your viewers, and take advantage of stories and other features provided within the social media platforms.

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3 Trendy Brands Who ROCK Social Sharing