How Brenna Earned Money by Opening Emails

Receive up to $25 each month from opening Pacsun’s promotional emails!


Companies are constantly on the hunt to add new emails to their list. Us email recipients often think that being added to just one more email list won’t be noticeable in our inbox. However, it looks quite the opposite and makes our inbox feel bombarded. Just when you thought you cleared all the ‘junk’ out, 24 hours later, it’s back to where it started.

Beyond the necessary emails about our bank statements or our insurance; if an email received from a retailer is NOT about a confirmation order or including a number to track the shipment of a package, a great number of people will just ignore the email and delete it right away.

Knowing this was an opinion to many people besides myself, I was determined to interview someone who thought otherwise. This someone would be my cousin Brenna. To be completely honest; after interviewing Brenna, she may have changed my opinion about signing up for retailers email’s and convinced me to register for Pacsun’s.

After reading the interview, Brenna will have probably convinced you too.


  1. What makes emails from Marketers and Businesses interesting and worth your time to open and read?

Answer:  When the email titles announce about different sales and coupons, or say “Just In!” for new items or items back in stock, it makes me want to click on them. So that definitely grabs my attention!

2.  Do you ever take any action as a result of the emails? Why or why not?

Answer:  If there’s actually a really good sale or if I see something I really like from an email, I have definitely gone online and bought something!

The companies know me too well that they promote the things I want, and then I buy them. That’s basically why it works and it’s terrible. (laughs)

3.  What usually convinces you to sign up for regular emails from a retailer?

Answer:  Well actually, Pacsun does this thing where if you open their emails, they give you points that can then turn into money; so basically just opening their email gives you money. So yeah, that’s definitely a plus and it made me want to sign up for their emails.


PACSUN promotes multiple activities for their members to earn point converting cash. Every 1,250 points equals $5 for the store! That means, if a Reward Member is ONLY opening emails, it would take just over a month to earn $5! If you’re on-top of the game, PACSUN lets members earn up to $25 every month!


Aside from that, when I’m at a store and they ask me for my email to make an account, I will be like, “No, no thanks” but whenever they add to say something like, “Alrighty. You could save 20% off your purchase. Are you sure?” I’m always like, “Here’s my email!”

So to answer your question, pretty much anything that earns me a discount or will save me money.

4.  Off the top of your head, which businesses send you promotional emails most  regularly?

Answer:  Pura Vida does for sure! I don’t know about you, but I am always adding items to my cart and then never buying them. (laughs) Anytime that I am signed into my account on Pura Vida and add something to my cart, they track my visit and will always email me something saying “We will reserve these for you for the next 24 hours and here’s a coupon!”


If you need help and/or are wanting to be removed from a company’s email list, first contact the company for assistance. If a company refuses, refer to the Federal Trade Commission in reference to the CAN-SPAM Act.

The CAN-SPAM Act is a U.S. law governing a set of email laws and requirements. The CAN-SPAM Act pertains to e-commerces and businesses sending emails to promote commercial website content. The Act also discloses a set of clear and strict penalties if a company’s email does not conclude a recipient’s request. If e-commerces and businesses do not give email recipients the right to stop receiving emails or fail to abide any other requirements within the CAN-SPAM Act, the company is then liable for all CAN-SPAM violations.

For more information, click the links provided:

Federal Trade Commission

CAN-SPAM Rule | Business Guide

eCFR | Text of Rule

How Brenna Earned Money by Opening Emails

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Photography

There are many ways to improve your photography skills and techniques. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just starting out, these five tips can drastically improve your photos.


#1   Practice, Practice, Practice!

I know, it almost sounds too good to be true …  but to be honest, it really is true! No matter how long you have been into photography, it is one of of the most effective practices. You can never take too many photos, but there is always the possibility of never taking enough. Another benefit from this practice is that you are able to see your progress, what you like and dislike, and you continue to improve from there. An example almost everyone has seen effects from this practice would be selfies.

Go dig deep into your social media feed or camera role. You can see the improvements of then vs now (and this isn’t just because of puberty). You can notice how different angles and lighting work best for you.

#2  Get to their level.

A common mistake I often see photographer make, is not situating themselves to eye level of their subject. This mistake can often make the picture and/or subject look uncomfortable and awkward. Also, when a photographer takes a picture at the subject’s level, viewers’ eyes are more drawn to it; therefor, increasing the quality of the picture and making a a clearer statement with your picture’s purpose.

Exceptions where this rule would not apply may be such as, birds eye — an elevated view of an object from below — and worm’s eye — a view low or from the ground, making objects seem enlarged and given an unfamiliar perspective.

#3  Rule of Thirds.

Another practice I strongly stand by, is the Rule of Thirds. Some may think it looks like a tic-tac-toe board hovering over their screen, but in reality, it is meant to act as a guide when taking a photo.

Rule of Thirds

You want the main focus of your subject to pair up with at least one of the four corners from the center rectangle. It is proven that our eyes are most drawn to those four area points when glancing at an image; not directly in the middle. This practice will help viewers be drawn to your subject, rather than becoming distracted from it.

#4  Get closer.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any closer to your subject, you can! Yes, you can use a zoom lens as a shortcut, but physically move closer to your subject. For some, this may be a little out of your comfort zone, but moving closer to the subject will show much more detail and create a more unique photo and perspective.

#5  Use of correct White Balance.

Instead of spending the time to edit and correct the color temperature of your photos, you can correct it on your camera before even taking them! This is a very simple fix to make, but also a very easy step to forget when taking pictures.

White Balance Camera Menu
White Balance Camera Menu (Common)

You may recognize coming across a “WB” button on your camera before. (The placement of the “WB” button varies depending on your camera brand and model.) Auto WB (not recommended) — this is often the cause for incorrect temperature coloring —, Sunny, Cloudy, Shade, Flash, Incandescent, and Fluorescent are the most common presets found on cameras. There is also the option of creating a custom preset according to your color temperature (Kelvin). Using a correct white balance when taking pictures will also create a more natural feel.

Improper vs Correct WB
Improper vs Correct WB


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Now that you know these five easy tips, try to apply them to your daily routine. Whether it is with a camera or on your phone, I guarantee you will be pleased with the results!

Let me know what you think! I would love to hear feedback on how these five tips have helped you with your photography. Comment down below with any questions you may have. 🙂