How to be an Avid Coffee Drinker in the Workplace & Beyond.

Coffee has become an essential part of my day.  It’s a necessity to function and become the perky pleasant self that people expect me to be. With many years of experience in day-long coffee drinking, I decided to make a list to help others in their journey to becoming an experienced coffee drinker at the workplace.

1. Lack of Sleep


This is very important. Too much sleep may result in explosive energy after drinking a cup of coffee. The body needs less than 10 hours of sleep to drink coffee and reach a standard operating level of a conventional adult.  *Results may vary* Typically, more than 1 cup of coffee will be needed to reach a standard operating level.

2. Ironic Coffee Mug

Luckily there is a variety of mugs to choose from in order to show off your personality but also your current mood. The type of mug you chose to drink out of is very important. This will allow co-workers to know how to approach you based on what your mug shows.

3. Coffee Themed Shirt


To ensure that everyone you come in contact with throughout the day knows that you live for coffee; make sure to sport your favorite coffee shirt. You can pair it with a cute cardigan or a blazer for business attire. This shirt might be hard to choose out of your extensive collection, but don’t worry; there are 364 more days you can wear the other shirts.

4. A Backup…or Two

It’s simple, your coffee mug will soon be empty. As an experienced coffee drinker I have a found product that is not only spill proof but it keeps the coffee warm for up to 3-5 hours after the initial pour. This is the best product for an avid coffee drinker because you can now drink coffee ALL DAY! Your welcome.

Contigo: Snap and Seal Travel Mug

5. Four O’Clock snacko-awake-facebook.jpg

We all know life doesn’t end right after work. There’s a family, a social life, or a Netflix series that requires you to keep that standard operating level. If your backup coffee mugs are gone, you can look to these SWEET products: Chocolate Coffee Bean Treats. Yes, some genius decided to pair the delicious treat of chocolate + the coffee bean together, and make a variety of sweet treats to keep the caffeine buzz going all afternoon!

Following these 5 main coffee drinking rules may enable you to get through your work day at a standard operating level all day long! When the next day comes: Repeat steps 1-5 and enjoy the stimulating benefits that the coffee bean holds!

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How to be an Avid Coffee Drinker in the Workplace & Beyond.