A/B testing is to different tests variants that is looking for a hypothesis. The ultimate goal is to test two different websites or products to see which one does better. Companies should be doing this type of testing to try to save money. As https://www.crazyegg.com/blog/ab-testing/ states on their website ” The only way to truly evaluate your conversion funnel and marketing campaign is to get data directly from your customers.” The customers are the ones who buy and who want to see what their is to offer. When marketing we need to make sure that we are using our time wisely to get customers to buy the product that we want them to buy. What is a better way to get consumers to buy something they want, other than to find out exactly what they want.

Wall Monkeys is an online website that sells decals for personal and company use.If you look at what Wall Monkeys did to help their business grow after they did A/B testing they tool what their customers wanted and used to make it easier for the to find what they want. One of the things they changed was adding a search bar instead of a slider for customers to find things faster, easier and also exactly what they want to. After they added the bar, their conversion rates went up 550%.

The picture above shows where the customers click when they are on the website.

How Wall Monkeys knew what to do was how they started their journey. They obtained their data from using 2 different sites using Heatmaps and Scrollmaps to figure out where their visitors were going and how to make it easier for them. Once they collected that data they used it on their site and did testing to figure out how it helped and where it helped. Their conversion rates raised. When you are stuck as a business head for the data and testing elements to figure out what you are missing and where you need to head. Not all of the testing will result in a positive manner but you will know what works and doesn’t.

The gap between what’s expected and what you deliver is where the magic happens, in business and in life.” -Jay Baer, 

If you take what we read in chapter 8 and look at the above information on how much the A/B testing helped the business to get more customers looking their way, why are not more businesses using this. The company I work for could really use this testing to see what works and doesn’t. Make their website more user friendly. Even my internship with the Green Bay Chambers, this would really help to see where parents are not finding what they need in the time that they need to find how to help their kids grow and reach their goals.


Pushing Customers

I choose to talk about outbound and inbound marketing. Outbound is a traditional strategy to push customers to buy things we want them to buy. Inbound focuses on catering to the customers needs. How did we go from pushing the customer to buy what we want them to, to what their needs are?

Focusing on what the customers needs are can be a money saving, time saving and get to the point sale. We spend so much time researching and analyzing what people want and catering to them, that it makes it easier as a buyer to shop. Take a look at Amazon, they send emails on products you have looked at that the price is gone down or other items that you may be interested in. In the generation that e have today outbound marketing isn’t really an option. No one can be forced t buy anything anymore. People take to apps, websites for searching before they buy. We then take that data and analyze it, we are able to see what consumers are looking for and wanting.

Going from people doing cold-calling to now we are using blogs, pod casts, webinars and other forms of social media. If you step back and wonder where would we be if we didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, snap-chat and Twitter? We have developed a whole new way of communicating and advertising that for the older generation it is hard for them to except. On the other hand since everything is based off of advertising and what people want from social media, everyone is always on their phones or on the internet with a different device.


My conclusion on the marketing of the difference between inbound and outbound is that inbound is based better for the economy and generations in today’s world. Everyone wants it and wants it now. Basing all or most of the marketing on inbound it saves time and money. No more calls at the dinner hour, trees get saved from not as many flyers and social media can get all the information out in one stream. What are your thoughts on the different ways that we market now?

Pushing Customers

To Smile or Not!

The discussion between using Amazon and Walmart is where we are headed in this blog. Which one is better to use? Which one is more user friendly? Which one do people like more? What are the differences?

Amazon I feel says it all, it smiles at you. Their marketing for their site stands up to what they do for people shopping. When you look at both of the sites, they both offer products from different stores, and different places. Walmart you can buy online and pickup a little while later if available in store. For me as a mom I like the easier the better to go. On Amazon you click it, pay and it ships out. Amazon offers repeat delivery. People go after convenience and price.

You can buy with a smile and ships with one too.

Their logo shows how much effort they put into their site.

After looking at both the apps Amazon has the items in the right places and easy to use. You can see the top deals each day and I didn’t have a problem with loading and using the Amazon app. Walmart was freezing and took me to different things other than I clicked on. Maybe it was a fluke thing with the Walmart app but when I need to order something, I want to hurry up and do it and move on.

Both Walmart and Amazon have ads on Facebook that I see from time to time. Walmart had put out an article on giving Amazon and Google a run for their money by using a different ad company to boost their mobile sales.

If you take a look at the big picture when it comes to advertising their apps and also the use of them, I feel Amazon will always win in this battle. They keep growing what they have to offer people with an easy way to receive it and pay for it. Walmart is a chain that has a lot of stores around but Amazon is an app or website based sales platform. If you take that into the mix, Amazon has to have a better app, better and more attractive website to obtain the business they want. That is the way that customers view what they have to offer. When I use a website or an app to buy things I want is simple and easy to be able to shop and move to my next task. As I said before that with the Walmart app or website there is always a problem I have had.

Amazon can change the price and do change the price of items that are looked at by you. I receive emails of product I have looked at that the price is dropped or there is a promotion on the item from Amazon. Walmart I feel their advertising and also their drive for customer base business with the digital world is old school. They can’t keep up on in store and online sales for what they have and offer. Stand behind your store and customers are the main thing each one needs to focus on.

How do you feel about the sites and apps? After knowing about each which one would be your go to? Easy and fast or convenient and boring slow site?

To Smile or Not!


Hello everyone! My name is Kim and I am in the marketing program and graduate in May. I have 2 teenage boys that keep me busy with a full-time job that I love. Finding a position that you can use all your skills and still be able to learn and grow is amazing. Showing others what the world has to offer and take advantage of it shows the good that is out there.

In chapter 1 for Mobile Marketing they had a case study about Dunkin Donuts and how they attacked more customers. Making things easier and at a click of an icon is how this world works. Instant gratification at the tips of our fingers. Dunkin Donuts uses the WAZE app to keep track of who uses and who buys items through the locations. All you have to do is download the app, enter a location and press order. It is a great way to keep track of what people buy, how often each person orders and what locations are used the most.

Dunkin Donut App

As talked about in chapter 1, we want to get and keep the customers through loyalty. Having mobile apps that have loyalty rewards are a bonus for customers. Customers like to know they are working towards things. If you take the Moe’s app, you scan your receipt each time after your visit and it takes the money you spent and puts is towards free $10 once you reach a certain amount. It is a win for both the owner of the company and the customer that likes to go there.

Another one you can look at is Kohl’s, they offer a ton of different way to save and get the return business of their customers. They offer the rewards card that builds money and gets an email at the beginning of each month. While you are receiving a gift card in your email, Kohl’s is taking the information from what you bought and luring you in to buy more. Who doesn’t like free money. They also get you with the Kohl’s cash and all the online coupons they offer.

Each store has their own way of using the mobile world to bringing business. Whether it is drinks to food to clothes, there is a deal to be had and a business owner who wants the return business from the customer. In the recent years they have added so many things to be able to keep track of what the consumer is buying and when. Grocery stores use their rewards cards to send coupons to you for the products that you have bought before. At one point I wondered why I received some of the coupons I did, it is all tracked. Mobile, paper, and digital, the seller will find away to keep you coming back.

I choked on a carrot this afternoon and all I could think was “I bet a donut wouldn’t have done this to me.”

When we look at where we have come from and where we are going the possibilities are endless.



Hello everyone my name is Kim and I am taking this class to graduate in May. I am enrolled in the Marketing Degree. I have two high school boys and 2 black labs that keep me on my toes. I have always been in the Wisconsin area but been in the Green Bay area for about 30 years. I am hoping to take all the knowledge that I have learned from school and either create my own business or advance in my marketing career. With all the options out there in the marketing field I could be in school for years trying to keep on top of everything but either way the possibilities are endless.

This is how the marketing field is going!

As marketing and social media keep changing we have to stay on our game and make sure we keep up with the changes and the analytics when we are address issues that need to be changed. In order to keep up with the changes on social media and the products that are out there you need to be in touch with marketing analytics. As they talked about in chapter 1, Tesla uses LinkedIn to discuss about different models they have. Tesla uses that info to help them in their next product. Social media is sometimes played off to be a bad thing but in reality it helps business produce the products to what we want. They listen.

Design my room!

Chapter 1 talked about the app, Design my Room, virtual living with only one click. By taking the tools and monitoring the sites that people go to help business grow their businesses and their customers. It is easier to know what customers like now. We can use the tools from social media to make their dreams come true, along with having everything they are looking for with one click of a mouse, touch of an app or search on the web. When we use all the information that is gathered from sales transactions, social media posts or even blogs about products, consumers can take that info and analyse it to determine where they want to be next with their products. How can they get more buyers and less complaints? How can they keep growing the trend they want to grow? How can they share their information or product with the world if they don’t know what we are looking for? Take Apple products for example, they wouldn’t keep changing their products to improve or put more technology to them if consumers weren’t asking for it.

So where are we headed next? What are the next tools that will be created to make analytics even more easy to know what consumers want?

Let’s see where the future takes us!


Where we were and where we are going!

If we take a look at a fast food restaurant that we all have been to, McDonald’s, and here they started and where they are now. A commercial from 1977. The graphics, the content and even it looks a little creepy compared to what we have now.

If you compare the 2 there is quiet the difference from where they started to where they are headed. The question is…where are we headed next with marketing? Marketing can take a few different turns. With the new generations coming they want everything fast and instant gratification, how is the question do we make that possible.

After reading multiple articles they talk about the whole marketing date is 2020. Everyone or almost everyone will have a smartphone, with the new technology reaching consumers will get a little more tricky to link to them. It will be easier to link to the items and sites you want to view only. Adapting to that will change marketing in general, especially when using search engines. Are they still going to be able to use google the way they do now, and how we monitor the difference in which sites are used more and be put at the top of each search for that item.

As the future of social media and marketing continues to grow, companies will have to stay on their A game to keep up. The new tools that will be out will help to make sure that customers want and see your product. The word of mouth will still always be big. Something I learned in my customer service class is that one person that bad mouths a company, can be a huge lose to the customer…just one customer. Twitter, Facebook, Snap-chat and Instagram are going to be the way to connect with the consumers. Smartphones in hand to reach the customers at an fast and easy pace.

Where I think the marketing world is headed personally, I am not sure. I know that from when I was a kid to now the growth of the ads, social media and even technology is kind of scary but exciting in the same way. Having the tracking measure that we have learned about in this class to track how consumers look at things will keep us on track as long as it is an easy way to follow them. 10 years ago most people would sit in front of their computers to do their searches on an item they want to buy. Now we use our phones while sitting at the doctor, while on break from work or just on downtime. The consumer has more flexibility when buying and searching now. Which means that the marketing game has to be stepped up. You want to make sure that you catch the attention right. People want to be inspired, more personal touches of consumers stories is a way they will head.

What are your beliefs on what is to come?

Where we were and where we are going!


Going viral means posting a picture, blog or a video on some type of social media for all to see. They use to say that if a YouTube video received a

151 million views

million views, it was viral but now they are saying that it has to have over 5 million views to be viral. I never knew that it had to have so many views for it to mean something. I always thought that if it was on social media that it was viral.

I think it depends on what you want to go viral. There are something that will draw peoples attention more than others. For example, a dog video is going to go viral faster than someone on a how to video for painting a ceiling the right way. The dog is cute and people like cute and funny, there is a place for the how to videos as well. When we need help doing something, people turn to YouTube on how to do the action. Even though the how to paint a ceiling video may not have a million likes, I still consider it viral since I can view it online.

Good video that went viral
This has so many views and this is a video that didn’t need to be posted.

Looking at both the videos above that both are viral, the Frozen 2 video is better than the second one. There are rules people should follow on what to post when things go viral. There are a lot of things that are out there that should not be posted. Having social media at your finger tips is a good and a bad thing. People need to know that not all things need to be posted. What did the baby boomers do when there was something that happened in their lives, talked to family or friends. I feel that even though social media is the new and important thing to use, we lose focus on the people that are living and sitting in the same room as us. The bad for viral, people post too much and there is nothing that is personal anymore. The good, advertising and being able to share good things with people can happen faster now.

One challenge that has to be faced when going viral with something, is making sure that it should go viral. Asking a few questions before posting is how I would go about posting. Why? What? Who? Just because we have social media at our finger tips doesn’t mean that we should be using it for everything. Will this help someone, is it funny, has someone else posted this, how will this bring in more business, are just a few question to ask. Going viral can be rewarding for businesses. Showing what happens behind the scenes of a company helps you get closer to the company and wanting to find out more.

Lets make this world a better place with good viral items. Lets grow businesses with viral ads, videos and anything else we can use social media for to grow a business. What are your thoughts on items going viral?