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Mitchell’s Work Experience at Lambeau Field!


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I am excited to announce in this personal story blog post that the first job of my life is as an employee at Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers!  My work experience at Lambeau Field has been spectacular!  It has always been a dream for me to work for the Packers since my childhood.  There is a special feeling about being in this stadium, but working there is such an honor that not many people experience.  I have always been an avid Packer fan, and started watching the Packer games when Brett Favre was the quarterback.  Since I am working at Lambeau Field, I feel very fortunate and blessed for doing what I love.  I interviewed at the stadium in mid-April in the club seat area and felt satisfied about what my job would involve.  My role at Lambeau Field is in the guest services department, which is assisting fans/spectators to get to their seats, and guiding them on questions about the stadium.  The job helps me interact and meet new people, which I enjoy the most about working there.  It is such a joy to be working with other co-workers, who are very kind to me.  Overall, the environment is wonderful and I am working with an amazing group of staff on the Lambeau Field team.


My Experience with Golfing


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Golfing is a life-long sport that everyone says that you will never regret.  For me, it ended up being that way since I was young and played on the Bonduel High School golf team.  Currently, I play Monday night league at my home course, Golden Sands in Cecil, Wisconsin.  It took a lot of practice to succeed, but thanks to help from my family, coaches, personal trainer, and a PGA Professional, my senior year average was a career-best a 52 for nine holes.  The game of golf started for me when I was in 7th grade.  My dad, brother and I went out to the driving range and golfed a few holes per week to get used to the game.   My dad was the most powerful resource to help me learn the ins and outs of the game of golf.

However, my freshman year was my first year being on the golf team since Bonduel did not have a team in middle school.  The first year was the toughest challenge of my career.  I was nervous about competing against golfers from other schools, as well as struggling going to practice after school.  When I was taking 4 core classes my freshman and sophomore year, it was hard to keep up with homework and golf since I took Math, Science, History, and English courses at one time.  Between my brother and I, we had multiple assignments for at least 3-4 hours per night after we got home from practice.  Once we consistently worked on our assignments, we felt that school came first before golf no matter what.  By my junior and senior year, Bonduel High School switched to block scheduling which meant flexibility to get my homework done during the day.  My math and science credits were completed after sophomore year.  Therefore, a reduction in core classes led to me really enjoying high school my junior and senior year.  I never felt so good about school in my life after all the struggles I have been through academically.

In order to get better at golf, I started practicing by doing winter lessons at Royal St. Partrick’s at Wrightstown, WI with a PGA Professional.  This helped my swing improve for the last 2 seasons of golf.  As I felt ready to go on my junior year after multiple lessons, my lowest score was a 105 for 18 holes at Golden Sands for a home meet, and a 111 for my conference meet.  I felt very satisfied.  My hard work and determination led me to becoming the most improved player.  The same thing happened my senior year as I busted my game to have a career-high for 18 holes at a 102.  I had many things in my life that helped me become the person I am today, but golf is definitely at the top of the list with overcoming adversity, which led to success for my game.


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