Social Media Starlets

In the world that I have grown up in, social media has been a factor for the entire time that I can remember, and because of that we all create and form “relationships” so-to-speak with online bloggers and influencers. These creators build trust with people by putting out content that is honest and relatable. Below are four women who work hard on the Internet to create honest relationships with their followers or viewers. 

Cristina Was Here-


This blog is one that I found fairly quickly when I started the blogging journey with this course as well as I have began my own person journey with blogging. Cristina uses her blog, Cristina Was Here, to speak a lot about life and the journey that life truly is. When taking a look at her social media accounts, they are very clearly linked at the top of her blog page and they are FacebookTwitter,  Google+ Pinterest, and a Private Instagram. I had requested to follow her on that Private Instagram, but at this point did not receive a response either way. My request is just sitting out there in Internet-land.

I enjoy Cristina’s social media accounts because not only does she use them to spread her blog posts out into the internet, but she also uses them to build more of a connection on a deeper basis beyond the one sidedness that blogs tend to have in this day and age.

Her blogs and other social media content affects me in the matter of that I tend to relate on a more personal level to them than that of a Hollywood star. That normalness of her and her blog is a large part of what appealed to me.

Current Favorite Post- Weekend In Our Life

This post is so real about life, not only as a couple, but also as life in general. 

Creatively Lauren

Creatively Lauren Header.png

Creatively Lauren was actually a blog that I stumbled up before I really knew what the concept of blogging was. I found her via her Pinterest page, and the content from her blog that was being shared there. Lauren’s blog focuses on life of a college student and as a millenial. As Lauren shifts out of college life, her blogs have started to transition as well. As a twenty-something who is also transitioning out of the “college era” of my life her blog has been wonderful. Taking a look at the social media accounts she shares, she has the Pinterest that I mentioned above as well as a Twitter page where she combines the sharing of her blog posts with the thoughts that run through her head while creating blog content. She also has an Instagram page where she shares her blog posts, but also has a more personal flair where she shares mostly her travel experiences! While looking deepering into Creatively Lauren, I found out that she has begun a Youtube channel that seems to primarily focus on unboxing videos. This page is not as developed as her other social media accounts, but is still a nice tie to what she puts in her blog. The final account that Lauren links on her blog is her Etsy page where she focuses on templates to help other bloggers grow and develop their blogs.

I thought Creatively Lauren stood out to me because she was someone that after seeing her first college “how-to”, I returned to her page to see if there were any other helpful hints to help me grow through college. Lauren is highly relatable which helps me connect and share her content.

Current Favorite Post- Must Have Apps for College Students

Even though I am done with full-time student life, I still find these apps both inside and out of my life as a college student. 



I primarily knew LaurDIY from Youtube, where Lauren is known for her #sunDIY challenges as well as weekly vlogging. As I followed Lauren more I followed her on all of the Social media accounts that were listed under her videos. These were Snapchat (@laurdiy), InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Tumblr, all of which showed different extensions of the life Lauren shows on her Youtube Page. Lauren’s Youtube page also links about to her Google+ account which seems to have fallen to the wayside in the past few years (but in my opinion, Google+ as a whole has just kind of remained unused!).

In recent years, Lauren’s fame has grown and she now has her own website, which links up to her most used social media sites InstagramTwitter, and Youtube. Lauren’s content as LaurDIY has always pushed me to be more creative and life and therefore push the boundaries of my comfort zone. Since Lauren’s social media accounts are all so easily accessible, it makes it easier to stay up-to-date on her activities as well as her posting schedule on Youtube.

Current Favorite Post- We Broke Up

Holy cats this is not happy video. Lauren and her now ex-boyfriend, Alex, decided to be very honest with the world about them ending their three-year relationship. I personally thought Alex and Lauren (known as Laurex to their followers) were one of the strongest couples out in the Youtube world. Obviously this video was one that reminded me, and I’m sure other viewers, that Youtube is only a glimpse into the lives of people, and Youtubers truly are people and not just these happy figures on the Internet. 

Remi Ashten

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 9.53.37 PM.png

This last creator goes by two names on Youtube, which is where I originally came across her content. MissRemiAshten is her main Youtube channel where she posts, in her own words, “everything from DIY’s, to cooking tutorials, makeup and fashion videos, dance music videos, and more!”. Her second account, which is her vlog channel, is RemLife. I discovered Remi when researching weight loss and the effects of it. Over the past year, Remi has gone through a total lifestyle transformation which resulted in some amazing weight loss for her.

Remi also links and stays consistent on TwitterInstagram , and Google+. Remi is consistent and relatable with her posts, which as with the women above, means I am able to connect with her and want to share her content with the people who follow me. Remi also has a second Instagram, which honestly is the most relatable and honest thing I have seen from a Youtuber.

Current Favorite Post- What I Wish I Knew Before Losing Weight

Remi has always been an inspiration to me for healthy living, and it is so amazing to watch her be honest about how her weight loss and lifestyle change affected her and those around her. This video shows that weight loss no matter how big are small is something that impacts your life. In all of the videos I have seen by Remi she is very honest, especially as of lately about how weight loss is not an easy path no matter how easy the internet may make it seem to the followers out there in the world.

Social Media Starlets

Podcasts that Got Me Through College

Throughout my undergraduate college years, I worked multiple jobs where I was able to sit down at a desk and work on different projects. As a person who struggles to only do one thing at a time, I needed to find something to listen to that differed from my typical music rotation. That is right around the time that Podcasts became quite popular for both Youtubers and other creators to use. Below are just some of my favorite podcasts. I have them categorized by how I came to find them.

Bachelor-Related Podcasts-

Throughout my undergrad years, my roommates and I would watch the Bachelor series (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Winter Games). Throughout the series we found favorites and some of them have podcasts.


The first of these podcasts is the Your Favorite Things which is hosted by Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise Alum, Wells Adams, and Brandi Cyrus. This podcast does not always discuss Bachelor-related things, but instead discusses a random selection of, you guessed it, their favorite things!


The next of the podcasts is the, Almost Famous podcast with Ben and Ashley I., this podcast focuses primarily on the ins and outs of the Bachelor-world. This podcast is definitely for Bachelor-fanatics.


The final of the Bachelor Podcasts is the Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe. Kaitlyn’s podcast focuses on creating a real environment and working with hollywood stars.

Gamers (This is a new one!)- 


This podcast, Roaring Trainers is actually run by a few of my good friends from my time at UWGB. It is a real play  podcast set in the Pokémon world, Kanto in the Jazz age! It is a good listen for going on walks or just hanging out at home.

Other Podcast-Like Shows- 

My final category is one that falls under the category of a podcast in my mind, but does not fall under the category of the sense that it done only in the audio world. Both The Truth About and ETO Podcasts are Youtube shows that follow the feel of podcasts, but also include a visual concept to them.


The Truth About is filmed and created by Niki DeMar, and focuses on sitting down with Youtubers and creating and honest and raw feeling about life behind the camera as a Youtuber. She created this series after coming clean on her channel about her struggles with an eating disorder. She is driven to fight the stigma of mental health and being able to keep a conversation going about how life is not perfect.

unnamed (1).jpg

ETO Podcasts  is created by a Youtuber named Sebastian Gomez. I stumbled upon his podcast videos because he was interviewing some of my personal favorite Youtubers. His goal with these podcast videos is to talk to people and hear more about their journeys.

In the End

Honestly, these podcasts are just some of the forms of entertainment I used to get through my undergraduate years, as well as continuing my education and career. Seeing other people create these podcasts inspires me to continue to create in my own way!


Podcasts that Got Me Through College