Sweden Marketing: Out Of This World Marketing

This blog is about 1 other countries marketing other than the USA. I will go in depth what they do and how they do it. Hope you enjoy this great read.


In this article it talks about how Sweden does their marketing. For one, it says that many Sweden civilians live a higher standard of living, meaning that they love to spend money. In consumer behavior how most US consumers shop is by quality first and price second. Well in Sweden, Price is above quality. So it seems to be that they are very loyal to brands in Sweden. It also stated that in a survey done in 2017, 67% of Sweden’s population shopped online. I did find it odd that they said only 35% of the population used mobile devices to make their online purchases.

Interesting Findings…..

One thing I found very interesting about Sweden is that they don’t target minors in their advertising. After watching a few commercials, I know why targeting minors is prohibited in Sweden. Below is a 4-minute clip showing some commercials. I do find them funny but, I also find them to be offensive and here in the USA, these commercials would not go over with consumers especially since now it is 2018 and everyone seems to get offended by anything. For example, one of these commercials is for a newspaper company, they show 2 guys in a sauna and one guy keeps looking down, the other guys notices and tells him to keep looking and then the guy who was looking pulls up the newspaper. Another, since USA is starting to accept gay relationships, they show this guy in this vehicle hiding another guy in his vehicle from his wife, it is revealed that the guy hiding the guy in his car is gay. In the US, these commercials would not even by made, if they were to release them, these companies would have people knocking at their doors protesting.

Another type of marketing I found interesting is Press is strong in Sweden. 70% of consumers read either the newspaper or a magazine. There is over 164 newspaper companies in good ole Sweden. I also found this to be interesting…. “In order to place advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and trade journals, an agency must be authorized to do so by the Swedish Newspaper Publishers’ Association”. Here in the US, whichever company owns the reading material, it is up to them to allow advertisements in their reading material but luckily, money talks. They also have the option to accept advertisement through the mail, if they want to discontinue getting advertisements. All they simply have to put on their mail box is no advertisements.


If Sweden marketing were to take over the whole world, the world would go crazy. USA would never allow offensive commercials to air. Newspaper is pretty much done for in the USA, since everyone seems to rely on Social Media for the news and they even rely on mobile devices to tell the weather report. Also, Sweden does not really seem to care about recycling since they rely on magazines/ newspapers for advertising. Hopefully one day, they will learn to care about the Earth.

curtain wall buildinsg near water at golden hour
Photo by Adi kavazovic on Pexels.com



Sweden Marketing: Out Of This World Marketing

All Mobile Ad Sizes Matter

In this blog, I will be talking about the different ratios ads present and the impact each had on me as a consumer. 

My 3 Ad Sizes

Marcus Theatres app. When you first click in the app, this 1 by 2 ad pops up showing that tickets are available for the movie Aquaman. The tickets on sale now also blinks while you look at the picture. To continue, either but tickets or simply hit the X.
I think the placement is cool, because it covers your entire screen. It is a very colorful picture and it does help that I want to see the movie. It drove me to buy tickets for Thursday the 20th. I think the content is good. It is a movie app so I would assume their goal is for customers to buy movie tickets. Honestly, in the app, I would expect trailers to play automatically like Facebook videos do.

Finish Line app, when the app loads, the newest, most trending shoes pop up and show that they are available. This 1 by 1 add tells you when the newest Jordan’ are coming out.
I don’t really think the placement is good because not everyone is Jordan fans, when it comes to his shoes anyway. Finishline to me always has the best styles when it comes to Nikes. You want Nike shoes, you go to Finishline. Also, they have deals all the time anyway, that are in store. I don’t see too many online deals. I do think the content is good though, they want to sell as many shoes as possible. Although I don’t care for Jordan’s myself, many customers do and they will revolve their day around getting these shoes.

This was off of Forbes Magazine website on my mobile device. This 1 by 2 ad was very cool because it started playing a video of girls having on the jewelry in a public setting and every time they showed different jewelry, on the bottom of the video, that specific item would pop up. The placement to me was perfect, I was on the website and within a couple of seconds, this ad popped up. I watched the 15 second video. It did catch my eye even though I had no intention on buying jewelry. The content was good. Forbes magazine is a woman’s magazine and I’m not surprised that a jewelry ad popped up on the website. Great marketing if you ask me. Make sure and go on the website with your phone to see what I am talking about.


In my conclusion I didn’t think before I read about this that ratio sizes could have an impact on when they actually did. My favorite size is 1 by 2. It takes up the whole screen with link saying, tickets on sale now.

For more ad sizes and the impact they have, check out this article.

IAB Releases New Ad Portfolio with Flexible Ad Sizes in Alignment with LEAN Principles

aquamnjordansmake up




All Mobile Ad Sizes Matter

App Purchases vs Laptop Purchases

During this blog I will be talking about my experience with 2 of my favorite stores that I like shopping with off their mobile apps. I will talk about what I like about each store and if I will decide to switch to just app shopping or go on my laptop to do my shopping.

Dicks Sporting Goods vs Best Buy

I would have to say, some companies that I buy from online using my phone would be, Best Buy and Dicks. I personally like using the apps on my phone rather than using my computer to make purchases. It’s more of a convenience thing. I don’t always have my laptop on me and when I am somewhere with my phone. It is very convenient to use my phone on the go to make those online purchases. Best Buy app is very great because it is very easy to use on such a small screen. It has 4 tabs on the bottom. Home, products, stores and account and every single product is a picture instead of just what it is. Like I said, it is very easy to use. I honestly don’t think I ever used my computer for shopping online at Best Buy. When you do look online though, everything is more spread out instead of having to scroll on your phone. It also has the tab with products that are trending. Honestly, when I black Friday shop this Fall. I think I may have to purchase with my computer instead of my phone. I can cover more product. Dicks is another one that I use my phone more than my computer. I use my phone just because I always have my phone on me. That is the truth.

Social Media Presence…..

One thing that I love about these companies is their social media presence. I really like how they show off the products and even upload videos on the products. For Dicks Sporting Goods, I really like how they have brand ambassadors. If Lebron wears Nike, I myself am going to buy that very same product that he is buying. When it comes to Best Buy, I like that they show off the products as well. I like that they show products in houses, on the beach, basically anywhere you want to take it. Another thing with me is if the retailer is engaged on their platforms. If they are engaged with their customers, it shows me that they care about every single customer and they want them to have the best experience ever. One cool thing that Dicks does is that it lists the gear name in the posts. To me, that is awesome because if I want it, it is just a click away.

20190506_230804 (1).jpg
On Instagram, it shows the name of the clothing and how much. You can click the links to purchase the items.


One thing that stands out to me on Dicks is that when I just went onto the website on my computer, the very first thing that popped up with a pop-up ad for $20 off a $100 order. When I went onto my phone, that pop up ad did not appear. Same thing for Dicks website on computer, they have many more options. Cold weather products, top selling products. I am 100% for sure going to buy online using my computer when Black Friday hits. To me, the websites on computers are much better.

A cool video on Instagram you can see showing off Sony Headphones can be seen here. I bought these soon as I seen what they could do. Enjoy!




App Purchases vs Laptop Purchases

Powerhouse Retailers Establishing Mobile App Dominance Across The Universe


I will be analyzing what I find on Amazon and Wal-Mart mobile apps. This is just my opinion and not everyone has to agree but, what I found may change the way you think about these powerhouse retailers. mobiel

What I notice just by looking at both the apps itself before you click on them to engage, Wal-Marts looks better to me and I recognize the logo right away. Amazon, I think should change the name of the app to Amazon instead of Amazon Shopping. Amazons apps logo looks boring to me. All that is there is just Amazon name and a shopping cart. Just by clicking on the apps once you’re in there, Amazon blows Wal-Mart’s out of the water when it comes to looks of the app. It looks like Amazon has put a lot of time in designing their app while Wal-Marts looks plain and boring, looks like they just made the app, not much is presented.

When they remember your shipping address!

One thing I do like about Amazon is that it has my address all ready to ship to me whatever products I order. Wal-Mart app didn’t have that info ready for me and I have ordered from them before. One thing that stood out about Wal Mart was the prices, the prices were much cheaper on Wal-Mart app than the Amazon app. Nothing was sold from a third party like Amazon does. On the other hand, I do like how Amazon found me a cheaper video game from a third party which was $20 cheaper, it was used than brand new from Wal-Mart. Entering your address into both apps was easy, but the shipment dates were different. One thing I like about Amazon is that it shows you other products people have bought with the item that you bought, which is awesome. One thing I did like about what I ordered from Wal-Mart was shipped with security, meaning there was little air pockets in the box to protect the product. Amazon package did not have no security.

Content and New Products!

I am big on reviews and I do like how Amazon has the ability to write a review about the product that you received. One thing they both did was send me a confirmation email that my order was being fulfilled and that it would be shipping soon. So to me, I think Amazon is better than Wal-Mart. Sure the prices were a little more but every time I order something, it is in my home within a couple days guaranteed. I also like the layout of the Amazon App better. You can see clear as day, Amazon puts out new content on the daily while Wal-Mart doesn’t. This Black Friday in 2019, I won’t be going to the stores to shop. Instead, I think I will be utilizing these apps and have everything shipped to me. I have never ordered anything from Amazon on black Friday, so I am excited to see what they have to offer. So yeah, just because Wal-Mart is cheaper, doesn’t mean that the experience is good. Amazon prices are a little more, but the experience is so much better.


person having tea while working
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I had no idea that Wal Mart dealt with 3rd party sellers. Yeah, since Amazon blew up. Wal-Mart is trying too hard to keep up with them when they could’ve been doing these things years ago. I honestly don’t think I ever bought anything off the Wal-Mart. I use Amazon all the time. Yeah, spending less money on products isn’t necessarily a good thing. I for one love the experience on Amazon. Wal-Mart, not so much. I’d happily pay a few more dollars for the same product. I’m loyal to Amazon. One thing I like about store finder is that, I can purchase the products and I can pick it up within days of purchase. One thing that I do like that Walmart offers is that if I wanted to, I could buy that sold out item online. They even have the purchase desk to deal with online purchases. Like I said, this may be the first year where I just stick to online for Black Friday.

For more additional great news on Amazon, here is an article you can look at.


For even more great Amazon news, check this out too. You will be impressed. Can you say 1 day shipping???

Amazon plans to evolve Prime into a one-day free shipping program








Powerhouse Retailers Establishing Mobile App Dominance Across The Universe

New Technology At The Turn Of The Century


Smartwatches our taking over our daily lives and people are loving the smartwatches like crazy. This got me thinking about what marketing opportunities can be flowed with the devices that we wear on our wrists. I interviewed 6 people and asked them each the same questions and here are their answers.

I interviewed 6 people; Mariah Zeise, Blaine Burnham, Kokomoss White, Leon White, Brady Paschke and Matt Freeman. 2 are family related and rest are my friends. Out of the 6 I interviewed, 4 out the 6 had Apple Watches, while the 2 had Samsung Watches. We were all in town together and we went to THE BAR to eat wings. It was there that we held our little focus group/ interview. We discussed some things and I found out that many of them just wear it because they think that the watch looks cool. Many of them also said that it is convenient to get notifications on the watch when the phone is in your pocket. I think that is cool because what if I am walking past a certain store and than a message pops up on my smartwatch that a sale is going on with a specific item that I always wanted. I brought up the fact that it would be cool to get rewarded for working our with your watch. Apple sets goals for you to meet and if you meet them, you get rewarded with gifts. I think that would motivate people more to stay fit.

My brother did bring up the fact that he think it would be cool if was walking past something and it knew that he had a watch and it automatically sent him a few wallpapers to put as his theme on his watch. Without even telling him, my brother basically said it would be cool if geo- fencing would work with smart watches. Many of my friends and family are fitness nuts, so they use the watch to track how many steps they take, how many beats per minute their heart beats, timer for working out routines. I don’t wear a smart watch and I don’t think that I ever will.

20190420_215147 (1)
Some buddies who I interviewed



Technology 20 Years Later……….

I think in 20 years, everything will be on virtual reality like the movie Ready Player One. We will be able to see live games with our VR headsets. Basically, everything would be run through VR headsets. Cool thing I would like to see is being able to see live sports games like your sitting courtside. That right now is available with the Oculus VR and NBA League Pass. In the future, because we will all be wearing VR, it will know exactly what we look at, how long we look at, so it will show us things like certain products we could buy because we had such high interest in it. On another note, I also think that technology will know our buying habits like we know the back of our hands. Soon, we will get notifications that Alexa has ordered us this specific device because we left a digital footprint and were doing research on the product and kept coming back to it. future

Incase you don’t know what READY PLAYER ONE is, here is the trailer for it. Enjoy folks! I really think this is how Virtual Reality will be in the future. Everyone will be connected.

New Technology At The Turn Of The Century



Hello my fellow students. My name is Michael Ninham. I was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I am curreME ME ME ME ME MEntly going for Associates in Marketing with Digital Marketing. This is my last class and I will be graduating in May. Can’t wait for graduation. This semester I am only taking one 3 credit course which is this course. Besides school, I also do work full time for Oneida Nation through Oneida One Stop. This year I became a part of AMA Club (Marketing Club) and also DECA. For the first year students, I highly recommend you join a school club. You will learn so much and they are fun to be a part of.

More About Me……

One thing I am very passionate about is golfing. Sure it’s not cheap to golf but it sure is fun. Golf to me is my stress reliever. It sucks when you’re playing bad but it’s so much fun when you’re playing well. I come from a very big family. I have a lot of siblings and a lot of cousin’s and we all support one another. I went to Green Bay Southwest, graduated class of 2011. Work is work, going to school to get a better job.

Marketing Platforms

The platform that I am on is Instagram. You can follow me Mike_jham and I will follow you back too. I like looking at photos and with the stories, it gives everyone a chance to see how you are a person. The story feature offers a chance for others to see you how you really are. Your likes, dislikes, food, favorite movies. Stories give you a better connection to the followers. Never know, some of you might have the same interests as I do. I would love for Social Media to part of my job. I would love to work with it because it is so engaging and by attending NWTC, the teachers have taught me how to utilize Social Media so I think I could do great things with it. Being engaged with your consumers shows that you care about them. To me, that’s very important to any business. I am taking this course because I want to learn about Engagement Strategies. How to  post and when to post. I want to learn how to get people even more engaged and how to keep that t engagement up. Taking this class provides you with knowledge. Having knowledge will expand your skillset for the workforce.

My Future…….

Within 5 years, the plan is to graduated with my Bachelors in Marketing and to work the Packers or work in the movie  industry under their marketing department. In 5 years, I hope I have a house or at least be moved into a home. Wherever my degree takes me, I am prepared to move elsewhere to pursue a job that I like. I would love to travel for work. Traveling for work would be amazing.


I like that many companies are switching over to ordering ahead. Dunkin Donuts is doing a good job with the app and also, they have your rewards card on the app too. By ordering ahead and even putting it for a scheduled time, it gives the consumers the concept that you care about their time and time is money to some. I for one don’t wanna wait if there’s a big line, I would rather order ahead and pick me food up right away. us-tech-china-leads-us-in-5g-trump-answers-the-challenge



The one problem we all will encounter in our lifetime at least once, the flat tire when we are driving alone. You don’t want to be stranded so I will give you tips on what to do so you aren’t stranded on the side of that road. This will take you about 15- 30 minutes, you will be back on the road in no time. You will need 3 things, spar tire, 4 way, jack.

Driving along the road to your music and then all of a sudden, you hear that pop noise and your car starts to swerve. Don’t freak out. You just encountered a flat tire. What you wanna do is find a safe location to park, for example if you’re on the highway, turn on your hazard lights so people can see that something is wrong and pullover as far as you can over the line away from traffic, but do not turn your wheel. After you come to a stop, apply the parking brake.

After you come to your senses, look out for traffic and when it is safe, get out of your car and open your trunk and get your spare tire, the jack to lift the vehicle, the 4 way bar to loosen the bolts off of the tire. Remember to always look out for traffic. It is always a good idea to keep a small rock, wedge, piece of wood in your trunk so that whenever you get a flat and your changing your tire, apply the object behind the tires so the car does not move.

What you want to do first is take your 4 way and turn the bolts on the tire counter clockwise to loosen the bolts. Don’t take the bolts off, just loosen them and after that, put the jack under the vehicle and find a sturdy spot underneath the vehicle, try to find something metal you can put the jack on. After you find the spot, raise the vehicle with the jack and then take off the bolts. After you take the tire off, grab the spar tire and finger tighten the bolts on, lower the vehicle with the jack but not all the way. Lower enough to where the tire doesn’t move. Now when you tighten the bolts, tighten every other bolt in order. This gives it that 5 star pressure. Turn the 4 way to the right. Lefty loose, righty tighty. Remember that for next time. After you tightened them enough, lower the vehicle and tighten the bolts completely.

That is how you change a tire and remember, stay in the slow lane when you have a spar on your car. Spars are meant to be on cars for a short amount of time until you get your tire fixed on your regular tire. Stay in the slow lane and don’t go fast, you don’t want your spar to pop. Hope this was helpful to you and good luck.

Steps to remember:

  1. Park in safe zone
  2. Turn on hazard lights
  3. Pull the emergency brake
  4. Apply wheel wedges 
  5. Slightly loosen lug nuts (lefty loose)
  6. Put jack under vehicle
  7. Jack vehicle up
  8. Loosen lug nuts
  9. Put on spar
  10. Righty Tighty (5 star pressure)

If you want to go over the steps yourself, follow this link


Now if you want serious tools for when you get a flat tire, I recommend a 1 ton jack or bigger. The bigger the jack, the quicker you will be back on the road.