Defining success varies based off of who you talk to and even the time of which you asked. If you would have asked me in high school how I defined success, it would have been landing an amazing career and making lots of money. This could be how some define success. Success though, comes in many forms. In my high school example, I was only focused on financial stability and career. The truth of the matter is, your definition of success changes based off where you are in life and past experiences. So, how do you keep track of success? Let’s focus on 3 tips to achieve Self Success.

How do you keep track of your daily tasks? To-Do Lists! This might seem very non-effective but if you use it to your advantage, it could be a great help. Each day, I write down what I have to accomplish for the day. There is something about visually seeing what you have to do and also thinking about it, increases your chances of actually achieving self success. After you list all the things you have to do, prioritize them. More information about To-Do Lists can be found here http://www.ismckenzie.com/5-advantages-of-a-to-do-list/ .

A couple of elements that dictate priority are deadlines, available resources, and time constraints. One effective tool for me is to order To-Do Lists mixing fun and boring tasks to have balance. Of course this will determine what you find fun and boring.

Have you ever found yourself talking to….yourself? If you are anything like me, you have. I used to think this was not good to share with anyone. Sometimes before I give a speech or cant figure something out, I talk to myself. What I am actually doing is verbally organizing my thoughts, which jogs my memory better. Ever lose something you just had? Do you ask yourself where it is? What you are doing is creating a visual in your head to remember your last moves to recall where the item might be. Talking out loud through your To-Do list will also make sure it makes sense to you to go in a particular order.

So we just covered talking to yourself but how do you speak to yourself? Is it positive? Negative? Maybe you never thought of how you talk to yourself. This is very important. You have to speak to the life you want to live. I came across an article on Today.com called Talk to yourself out loud? Here’s why experts say its a good thing.  The article highlighted a couple of great points of why talking to yourself is a great thing. One of my favorite takeaways was from Ann Kearney-Cooke of the Cincinnati Psychotherapy Institute.“The way you talk to yourself affects how you feel and how you behave.” This was very powerful for me because the more I thought about it, the more it became true. Its not that I was speaking negative, I just under estimated the power I have over my life. For more information on this article, click here http://www.today.com/health/talk-yourself-out-loud-here-s-why-experts-say-s-t76531 .