The best scents of fall.

Do you feel that? There was a sudden dip in the temperature. Mine, really, but definitely noticeable enough for me to opt out of shorts and opt in to some jeans. I may as well grab a jacket on my way out for good measure. I can’t say that I mind. I love jackets. Oh, no, maybe a sweater! I’m not prepared for this decision.

It’s as if summer just discovered the “Irish Goodbye” and snuck out the back door. Wait. That would mean…yeah. It’s FALL!

Sorry Summer, but this girl is about to put her fuzziest socks on, steal her boyfriends hoodie, and cozy up to a pumpkin flavored life. I can’t wait to get home and light all of the candles. Literally. All of them.

Here is a look into the soft spot in my heart held specifically for fall scented candles.


1.Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin


I really like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin because of the strong smell of apples and spices. I absolutely love apple cider and apple picking and going to a pumpkin patch with friends and family.


2.Sweater Weather


Sweater weather is one I enjoy because it smells like you’re walking through the woods in the morning. It brings back some of my favorite memories I have as a child from being at my cabin and waking up to my family all outside and taking walks on the trails with my family. If you enjoy the outdoors this is one I recommend.


3.Bourbon Maple


Maple wood is one of my favorite scents which is why I enjoy Bourbon Maple so much. It reminds me of the trees changing, which is THE best part of fall. Taking trips up to door county or my cabin in the fall was the best part and still is.


4.Crisp Morning Air



Crisp Morning Air is a very fresh scent and is a mixture between white oak, golden amber wood and soft sandalwood. This candle is like walking outside early in the morning and just feeling that cold crisp breeze on your face and breathing in that fresh autumn air.




Flannel is crisp autumn air, heirloom mahogany, and soft musk. Probably one of my favorites because Mahogany Teakwood is one of the best candles out there and it has a strong scent of that in it. It smells kind of literally like my boyfriends sweatshirts. THE best scent ever. Whenever I’m doing homework or binge watching a Netflix series I most likely have this candle lit.


6. Marshmallow Fireside


Marshmallow Fireside is a mix between fire roasted vanilla, toasted marshmallow and smoldering woods which sounds like heaven. This scent will make you wish you were sitting next to a campfire roasting marshmallows with your friends.


All of these scents can be found at Bath and Body Works, which is my favorite place to buy fall candles because they really go all out with every season. All of the 3 wick candles can be purchased for $22.50 each unless there is a sale going on of course. Having these scents around my house definitely makes it feel like home and brings peace into my life.


The best scents of fall.