How to Set up for a Camera when Filming for Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League

Be Seen in the Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League!

Are you a high school basketball player or do you know a high school basketball player who wants to play college basketball?  If so, join the Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League!  You might be wondering…What is the Fish Bowl?  The Fish Bowl is a month long event where college or technical school bound students/basketball players from Northeast Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and surrounding areas play in a basketball league during one of the college viewing periods.  Recruiters from sixteen colleges have committed to viewing players in this league in its first season.  The Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League is open to all boys or girls basketball players for 4 weeks on Sunday evenings (September 24 through October 15) to improve their overall basketball skills, and to have a great opportunity to be scouted by college coaches.  Some of the college coaches that have attend this league so far have included Marian University, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Silver Lake College, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, Bay Community College, Fox Valley Technical College, and the University of Wisconsin – Manitowoc.

My stepdad, Chris Harris, formed this Wisconsin Fish Bowl Basketball League to take place at Green Bay West High School located on Shawano Avenue in Green Bay, WI.  He  asked me to help with the videography and upload video on a YouTube Channel so that coaches and players can view the video whenever they wish.  He offered me a paid internship.  Once selected for this internship opportunity I have been committed, dedicated, and coachable as an intern.  I have worked both of the events so far which have taken place on Sunday, September 24th and again on Sunday, October 1st.

In order to do this work, I must know how to set up a camera when being a Videographer for the Wisconsin Fish Bowl League. Other people could work as an intern in the future if they follow the steps below to first record the video.  

URL LINKS: The Fish Bowl League Website


How to Set Up a Samsung HD Camera for the Wisconsin Fish Bowl League:

  • First, DO NOT FORGET to take the camera, charger and extra storage to the location for filming (e.g. Green Bay West High School).
  • Arrive 25 minutes early to set up camera in the gymnasium.
  • Set up tripod in the upper level of the gym for the best view.
  • Remove camera from the camera bag.
  • Pull the legs of the tripod out to set it up then screw the camera into the camera tripod.
  • When camera is screwed in all the way turn on the camera.
  • Test record during warm ups before the FIRST fish bowl league game around the basketball court to ensure everything is working correctly.  
  • If test record is successful, make sure the camera is plugged in before the starting lineup of the league games to ensure the battery does not die during the league games.  
  • Make sure your camera and tripod are FULLY FUNCTIONING before first Sunday league game begins.
  • Record the game, with the exception of time-outs and half-time.
  • Lastly contact Matthew LaBerge at 715-853-9522 or for any additional questions.
  • Thank You for assisting with the Wisconsin Fish Bowl League!

The next Blog will include directions about how to download the video from the camera and then upload the video onto YouTube.

Camera pic 1