16 Things To Do on a Stressful Day


We all have our fair share of bad days. I mean, being in college is stressful by itself. For the past four years I have been able to collect a list full of things to do when I am feeling sad or stressed out that have totally helped me turn my day around. Also, I just wanted to add friendly reminders that you should do the things you love. Remember, it’s okay to treat yo’self! So, here is the list of 16 things I do to help me on a bad day:

  1. Happy Hour. It literally has the word happy in it. Grab some of your pals and hit the bars.
  2. Sing your heart out. Make sure to channel your inner Beyoncé. Dancing makes it better, too.
  3. Ice cream. My fiancé is really good at telling when I am stressed. He will go and buy me ice cream, every time. My go to: Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy.
  4. Go for a run. Because “endorphins make you happy. And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands… They just don’t.” – Elle Woods
  5. Eat food that makes you happy. This kind of goes with number three but sometimes tacos make you happy.
  6. Talk. Sometimes we just need to vent and get what is off our chest.
  7. Watch a movie by yourself. Indulge in popcorn, M&M’s and a movie of your choice!
  8. Make a list all of the things you need to get done. Then cross off the things that can wait the next day.
  9. Smile. It takes 43 muscles to frown but only takes 17 muscles to smile.
  10. Nap. Best way to hide from things for an hour or two.
  11. Bath time. Don’t forget the bath bomb and wine.
  12. Cuddle a dog (or cat). If you don’t have one, Green Bay has a couple animal shelters where the animals could use some love.
  13. Unplug. Believe it or not, it’s good to step away from social media and text messages. Your phone won’t help you de-stress.
  14. Book a trip. It could be small or big. Planning something gives you something to look forward to. I ran away from school for a week my freshmen year, and I’m glad I did it!
  15. Shopping. Retail therapy can definitely cure the blues.
  16. Cook a meal. Unless you can’t cook, go out to eat.
16 Things To Do on a Stressful Day