You Might Be In a Secret Relationship With Your Dealer.

When I say dealer, I mean businesses that send you emails daily. You probably read them, you may get inspired by some and could potentially look forward to the next one. Coupons. Amazing, aren’t they? Unless, you talk to my fiancé, he may say something along the lines of me being a shopaholic but I consider it being smart and saving money.

This is where businesses strive. This is called Email Marketing. Email marketing is when a business promotes products and/or services. It helps develops relationships with it’s consumers and potential consumers. Think about it this way, remember when you got a coupon and an advertisement from your favorite store promoting a sale? Well instead of doing that through a stamp, they do it through a computer.

To see how well email marketing is, I asked three friends two questions.

Q. What makes emails interesting and worth your time to open and read? Do you ever take any action as a result of the emails?

A. Anne: I look forward to my Kohl’s rewards that come every month. And the savings I get when I watch for special sales on stuff. Sometimes I will get coupons from Pick n’ Save that give me a deal on my favorite yogurt. Kinda scary but kinda awesome. I definitely take my time going through emails and even categorize them.

Jesse: I think they are a waste of time and just delete them.

LZ: I don’t really open my emails. I have over 2,000 in my inbox. When I go shopping, I will search for coupons in my inbox but other that that, I don’t pay attention to them.

Email Marketing is Relevant

And probably will be for a while. It may even be more prominent then social media. While social media is great, email marketing is more direct while a post on social media could be missed by some. According to Hostpapa, 94% of Internet users use email, while only 61% use social media. That is a huge difference.

CAN-SPAM And No It’s Not That Meat In A Can

Basically, it is a law where businesses have to figure out if their email that they are sending is considered a legal communication or an illegal piece of unsolicited spam. If businesses are like, eh, YOLO, and send unsolicited spam and get caught, they have to pay some hefty fines and get penalized. Obviously, we can all think of emails that we feel are unsolicited.

Businesses have to make sure that they really are who they are saying they are. They can’t lie in the subject line, they have to inform you that it is an advertisement, you have to let people unsubscribe from the emails and make sure to take them off when they want off. There is a lot of rules but it’s honestly a good thing because who knows how many actual unsolicited emails we would get. For more information, visit the FTC.

You Might Be In a Secret Relationship With Your Dealer.