Social Sharing: The Power of Social Media

Having a website for a company is a big accomplishment, however, that does not mean that your target audience can automatically find the website in search engine results. One of the most popular tools to drive traffic to a website is through the use of social media. For the purpose of this article, we will take a look at Instagram as the main tool for customer acquisition.

The following websites are well-known, trusted brands that do a wonderful job at utilizing social media to promote their products and drive traffic to their website.

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1. Go Pro

Go Pro uses social media to educate the consumer about the qualities and abilities of its’ products. For example, they share photos and videos of action shots that are superior quality and very difficult to capture without the product. In doing so, they gain the customers attention while adding in links and direction to the company website. This is a great way to share content because it educates the consumer in an indirect, relatable way while also promoting the product.

This affects how the content is shared and the frequency of engagement because it draws in the consumer, first, and only thereafter promotes the website and product. Instagram is a wonderful tool for companies like this as it is all revolving around photos and videos.

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2. GQ Magazine

QG magazine uses Instagram to share the latest trends in men’s fashion via photos and videos. Instagram is a great tool for fashion companies as this industry is all about visual representation – therefore they are able to get the point across easily and directly.

Another great reason for fashion companies to utilize Instagram versus other types of visual marketing is because Instagram allows the marketer to tag and link the actual products that you are viewing in the photo. This makes it easy for consumers to identify what they like and, in turn, how to find it.

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3. Cannon USA

Cannon USA also uses Instagram to educate the consumer on product abilities and functions, as well as showcase a gallery of product accomplishments. Very similar to Go Pro, this company uses the photos to gain the attention of prospects and direct them to their website through the use of links, tags, and profile information.

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In a Nutshell…

For Go Pro and Cannon, Instagram social media is much better than print ads for the sole reason that they are able to use product imagery to educate and entice the consumer with examples, all while providing links to products and the company website. For GQ magazine, social media is a better tool than print ads for the sole reason that they can promote their products via imagery and direct the consumer directly to the product being viewed.


Social Sharing: The Power of Social Media