Email Marketing


What Makes an Effective Marketing Campaign Online

First of all, what is email marketing? To put it simply, it is the highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. If the email marketing is effective, it will turn the prospects into customers.

Effective email marketing campaigns directly seek out the already identified target market. By identifying the target market, one is able to customize the emails in order to make them more appealing to the prospects and customers. Two popular ways that this could be done are as follows:

  1. Offering attention grabbing content that gets the point across and draws in the prospects
  2. Offering deals and promotions for visiting, purchasing, or signing up for content

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We all come across email ads that highlight a discount/ savings for new members. This is not only enticing for the prospect, but also allows the emails to target a new audience as well. Personally, what draws me in is having the savings stated directly in the subject line – otherwise i might not even open the email. If the subject line is not interesting or enticing, the person may immediately write it off as spam and delete the email altogether – not very productive!

Something else that draws me in is new content and originality. If I receive the same emails from the same company over and over; or similar emails from multiple companies it seems less enticing, and more annoying. This would cause me, and probably many others, to unsubscribe from these marketing emails.


What is CAN-SPAM?

CAN-SPAM stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-solicited Pornography and Marketing Act which came to fruition in 2003. This act was set up to protect consumers from unsolicited emails. The CAN-SPAM act lists out several requirements that the marketers must adhere to, however, the Federal Trade Commission specifically lists seven. These seven requirements can be viewed here.

The most important thing to take away from this act is that it keeps the marketing honest, identifiable as an advertisement, and makes opting out for the consumer an easy task.


Survey of consumers from different generations and their take on email marketing:

What makes these emails interesting and worth your time?
A) I only open emails that are relevant to me – in other words, if I already shop at this place or have been looking for an item that is listed in this email.
B) Most of the emails are not worth my time and I have them directly sorted into my spam folder.
C) I prefer email ads to be short and to the point. I don’t like having to read a bunch of fine print or get to the site only yo find out that the email was misleading.

Do you ever take any action on these emails? Why or why not?
A) Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Like I said, if it is relevant to my current situation I will check it out.
B) The majority of the time I do not. If I am looking for something specific, I search for it myself.
C) If the email catches my attention then I normally open it and check out what the company is offering. If it is something I am interested in, of course I will follow the links!

Marketing or Spam?

All in all, a common theme here is that is seems people tend to get annoyed with frequent and repetitive email ads. If the marketing emails are attention grabbing, direct, and honest it seems as though they will be more successful in customer acquisition and retention.


Email Marketing