5 PlayStation 4 Exclusives Coming in 2017

Through the years technology has advanced in a way that allows people to create so much more than we used to ever possible. One of the ways people have used technology to get creative is through forms of entertainment. Video games have grown to be a part of the entertainment industry that can create massive worlds complete with their own population, physics, and story. One of the platforms that to me has always tried to push things forward is Playstation. Every year they push out a plethora of games, and there is always enough variety that everyone can find something to enjoy. So here are 5 games coming out in 2017 that I feel are worth checking out.


Developer: Guerilla Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date: February 28th
Genre: Action Role-Playing
Overview: You play as Aloy, a hunter living in a world after the fall of civilization. The world has become overrun by mechanized creatures, but no one knows where they originated from. Aloy has been sheltered from these creatures her whole life and sets out to find out where they came from. At your disposal is a variety of tactics to help you survive such as melee/ ranged attacks, and stealth. As you progress through the game there is a skill tree to develop Aloy’s abilities.


Developer: Atlas
Publisher: Atlas USA
Release date: April 4th
Genre: Japanese Role-Playing
Overview: In Person 5 you play as a silent protagonist who was transferred to a new High School after being placed on probation. Part of the game acts as a social simulation that will have you live the life of the character through the school year developing relations with the people of Tokyo. The protagonist and some of his other class mates awaken and become masked vigilantes that fight supernatural enemies in a supernatural Palace realm.


Developer: Vicarious Visions
Publisher: Activision
Release date: June 30th
Genre: Platformer
Overview: The N-Sane trilogy is the original 3 Crash Bandicoot games that came out in the 90’s but completely remade from the ground up. The game has you jumping, and spinning to take down enemies, destroy crates, and navigate through the levels. Along the way you will also collect Wumpa fruit that will allow you to gain extra lives. Each level has a crystal you need to collect. The primary objective for all of the games is to stop the evil Dr. Neo Cortex.


Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date: 2017
Genre: Action-Adventure
Overview: The Lost Legacy is a single player expansion for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Although you played as Nathan Drake in all the other Uncharted games, in this expansion you play as Chloe Frazer who appeared in Uncharted 2: Among Theives. The expansion will take place in India, and will feature story elements based on Hinduism.



Developer: Polyphony Digital
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date: 2017
Genre: Racing
Overview: This is the first Gran Turismo game to make an appearance on PlayStation 4. It will be the 7th primary release in the series, and the 13th overall release in the series. The Gran Turismo games try to deliver a  life-like racing experience.


5 PlayStation 4 Exclusives Coming in 2017