Top 5 Places to Travel This Year – For less

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2018 destinations that you wouldn’t think to travel to


There are many places that come to mind instantly when thinking of vacations – beaches, resorts, big cities, and so on. Many of the popular destinations have become so famous, and therefore, out of reach price-wise. The following list is a cheaper alternative to the ever so popular vacations you see daily on social media and the television. Now, everyone can travel to exotic destinations even on a modest budget!

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1. Seattle, Washington

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Photo of downtown Seattle, featuring the famous Space Needle

Recently, many airlines offer budget travel options if you are willing to forego your carry on luggage. This is a great and cheap alternative to arrive in cities like Seattle on a modest budget! The flight patterns are extremely convenient – offering direct routes from most major cities in the United States.

2. Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is surprisingly similar to the Maldives or French Polynesian Islands – for much less

Sri Lanka is just as dreamy as the popular Maldives and French Polynesian Islands – for less than half of the cost. Tourism to the Maldives has increased so much due to the spread of its popularity on social media making is less and less affordable. Take a trip to Sri Lanka before the secret beauty spreads and prices increase!

3. Turks and Caicos

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An affordable, alternative island destination

Due to the devastation of hurricane Harvey, tourism in many of these Caribbean islands has suffered tremendously. Find all-inclusive vacations to islands like Turks and Caicos for next to nothing. The plus side – these packages include airfare, meals and drinks!

4. Hawaii, United States

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Honolulu is one of the top, and priciest, tourist destinations in the United States

Hawaii is one of those unique travel destinations that makes it onto most people’s bucket list. With the recent eruptions of Hawaii’s volcano, tourism has dropped which caused hotel pricing to drop as well. You can easily find a 3+ star hotel here for under $200 per night – a huge discount compared to a few years ago!

5. San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

two person walking on sea shore
San Jose Del Cabo is a short taxi ride away and features beautiful beachfront resorts for much less than Cabo San Lucas

If Mexico is on your list of travel destinations, skip Cabo San Lucas and head straight to the other Cabo. Just a short cab ride from all of the nightlife and popular marina, San Jose Del Cabo offers luxurious, all-inclusive resorts for an affordable price.


If you find any of these travel destinations on your bucket list, don’t wait to book your trip! These destinations offer unlimited fun and beauty for half the cost. Subscribe for more articles and make sure to check out the article coming soon: Ten ways to make traveling on a budget more exciting!

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Top 5 Places to Travel This Year – For less