Top 5 Places to Travel This Year – For less

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2018 destinations that you wouldn’t think to travel to


There are many places that come to mind instantly when thinking of vacations – beaches, resorts, big cities, and so on. Many of the popular destinations have become so famous, and therefore, out of reach price-wise. The following list is a cheaper alternative to the ever so popular vacations you see daily on social media and the television. Now, everyone can travel to exotic destinations even on a modest budget!

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1. Seattle, Washington

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Photo of downtown Seattle, featuring the famous Space Needle

Recently, many airlines offer budget travel options if you are willing to forego your carry on luggage. This is a great and cheap alternative to arrive in cities like Seattle on a modest budget! The flight patterns are extremely convenient – offering direct routes from most major cities in the United States.

2. Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is surprisingly similar to the Maldives or French Polynesian Islands – for much less

Sri Lanka is just as dreamy as the popular Maldives and French Polynesian Islands – for less than half of the cost. Tourism to the Maldives has increased so much due to the spread of its popularity on social media making is less and less affordable. Take a trip to Sri Lanka before the secret beauty spreads and prices increase!

3. Turks and Caicos

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An affordable, alternative island destination

Due to the devastation of hurricane Harvey, tourism in many of these Caribbean islands has suffered tremendously. Find all-inclusive vacations to islands like Turks and Caicos for next to nothing. The plus side – these packages include airfare, meals and drinks!

4. Hawaii, United States

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Honolulu is one of the top, and priciest, tourist destinations in the United States

Hawaii is one of those unique travel destinations that makes it onto most people’s bucket list. With the recent eruptions of Hawaii’s volcano, tourism has dropped which caused hotel pricing to drop as well. You can easily find a 3+ star hotel here for under $200 per night – a huge discount compared to a few years ago!

5. San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

two person walking on sea shore
San Jose Del Cabo is a short taxi ride away and features beautiful beachfront resorts for much less than Cabo San Lucas

If Mexico is on your list of travel destinations, skip Cabo San Lucas and head straight to the other Cabo. Just a short cab ride from all of the nightlife and popular marina, San Jose Del Cabo offers luxurious, all-inclusive resorts for an affordable price.


If you find any of these travel destinations on your bucket list, don’t wait to book your trip! These destinations offer unlimited fun and beauty for half the cost. Subscribe for more articles and make sure to check out the article coming soon: Ten ways to make traveling on a budget more exciting!

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Top 5 Places to Travel This Year – For less

Your 10 MUST HAVE Travel Essentials

If you stumbled across this post, you are probably getting ready for a trip (and in that case, do you have an extra ticket?) or maybe you are just dreaming of your perfect vacation. Either way, here are my must-have tips and travel essentials for someone who likes to be prepared and pampered, whether you’re first-class or next to the bathrooms.


1) Neck pillow

I know they can look goofy, but this little guy is a life saver. Whether it’s a quick 45 minute flight or an 8 hour red-eye, this will ensure you will be able to get a solid snooze in, even if you’re stuck in the middle seat. It also relieves tension on the neck and back from uncomfortable airplane seats, so when you arrive at your destination, you will be rested and ready to go.

2) Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are a must for me. You can listen to music without worrying that the guy next to you can hear your guilty favorites, and it will cancel out any crying babies or loud engines.

3) Portable Charger

At this day in age, this one should be a no-brainer. Nothing is worse than getting on a flight with your phone at 5%. A portable charger is great for giving you the peace of mind that your phone will always have battery life, so you can take those insta-worthy airplane window pictures and listen to your favorite album while doing it.

4) Makeup remover wipes

After a day of traveling it feels so nice to be able to take off your makeup and have a fresh face. My favorite are the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes, which are gentle on my skin and come in a mini size, so they are super easy to travel with.

5) Face mask

Whenever I travel, my skin always seems to get dry and irritated. In order to combat this, I’ve started to throw a face-mask or two in my carry-on bag. I love the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, which was made specifically for travel in mind. Not only is it undetectable on the face, but it’s also a no-rinse mask. If you’re feeling a little ambitious, I love the SK-II Facial Treatment Sheet Mask. It may frighten your fellow passengers, but it will be worth it once you feel the cooling, hydrating elements work their magic on your skin.

6) Sanitizer wipes

If you think about the thousands upon thousands of people that have sat in the same seat or touched the same tray table, it can be pretty unsettling. That’s why I always carry sanitizer wipes. They’re super convenient to quickly wipe down handles or simply clean up a mess, and will kill any germs or bacteria so you can enjoy your vacation sick-free.

7) Travel toothbrush

For long travel days when I’ve been stuck in an airport or for when I have an over-night flight, it’s absolutely mandatory that I’m able to brush my teeth in order to feel clean and refreshed. You can simply buy a toothbrush cover to place over your existing toothbrush, or bring along disposable ones that have toothpaste built in. I prefer the latter.

8) Hand cream

Being up in the air always dries out my skin, so having some hand-cream on hand (see what I did there) is a must.

9) Sleepmask

If you’re like me, meaning you are quite literally the ugliest sleeper ever, it’s nice to throw on an sleepmask to block out other people’s wary stares, or your seat partners annoying reading light. I prefer a silk eye mask, which is cooling and soothing on my eyes, giving me a chance to get some peaceful sleep after a stressful day of travel. I love my SLIP Sleepmask which is natural, hypoallergenic, and allows skin to breathe.

10) Lip balm

No one likes chapped lips, and flying seems to make them even worse. Throw some of your favorite lip balm in your bag (mine is the travel size of Aquaphor) and you’re ready to go!


There you have it, my 10 travel essentials that will guarantee you a five star flight. Of course, there are always a few more items that get thrown into my carry on, but these are the things I cannot travel without.

Safe travels and Bon Voyage!


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Your 10 MUST HAVE Travel Essentials