Digital Marketing is a MUST NEED for anyone and everyone!

There are many forms of digital marketing. Digital marketing can be categorized into social media marketing to search engine optimization for a website to creating a website. Whatever your definition of digital marketing is, the importance of it for any business is a must.

Traditional marketing is still effective and efficient, but digital marketing trumps it as digital marketing can greatly impact your business in the digital world. It allows to your customers and new customers to see you from the comfort of their home or car if within range of your brick and mortar business.

The benefits of digital marketing is overwhelming.

According to NewsAnyways( , Its affordable. Its inexpensive than traditional marketing because it doesn’t include anything physical logistics and tools. It requires the customer to have a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Most consumers have one if not more of these items. The website for your business or resume can be do it yourself or professionally made. Either way, it’s a way to get your business recognized in the digital world allowing your customer to view you 24/7.

Not only is it affordable, but its accessible from any phone or laptop or tablet. The accessibility is from a website or a social media platform which costs pennies per day or nothing if on a social media platform allowing the customer to discover your business.

As more and more people join social media platforms, people are expecting small businesses to be more accessible other than calling you such as Facebook Messaging or Twitter Direct Messaging allowing for a real-time customer interaction. The interaction allows the customer to feel important while still able to continue to other tasks especially if they have children.

There are so many great benefits of digital marketing. Whether yourself the business owner do it yourself or hire a professional to manager the business digital marketing/social media marketing, it must be strategic plan or try to keep up with the best practices.

A computer on a table

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Marketing in the digital world changes that it can keep anyone on their toes especially small business owners who have to have two choice of DIY or hire a professional. Search engine optimization (SEO) hasn’t changed much, but strategies are consistently changing.  If you don’t keep up with the changing times, you will be left in the dust with nothing but sand falling through your fingertips.

Here are some tips from BestTechie ( to keep up with the changing times of the digital marketing world.  The first tip is personalizing the user experience allowing the marketing tactic to engage their audience and convince them to make more purchases.  This also allows the consumer to feel in control with a sense of involvement.

The second tip is the interactive content. This content allows the consumers to be interactive in the form of quizzes, polls, and contests since 91 percent of buyers want more interactive content online. Another form is shoppable posts allowing users to purchase items through social media posts. The post cuts through the noise of all other social media advertising.

The third time is marketing automation. Marketing automation is going be the best choice for someone who can nurture a lead, visitor tracking, or content management. The automation can allow the user to ask questions getting a real-time response for Facebook Messenger.  Automation is going to continue to grow and will continue to trend in the coming years. Its already taken off and you might not know if you are talking to a bot or a real person because the algorithms are getting more advanced.

A screenshot of a cell phone

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The fourth trend is customer privacy and security. Customers want to verify the website is going to protect their personal data and credit card information when purchasing a product or service online. Its important for businesses to keep up with the latest security updates.

For instance, if the business has a wordpress website, make sure the software auto-updates to latest updates. Or if you have a template or software to create the website such as DIVI, keep the software up to date. At the same time, make sure the software is compatible as well because you don’t want the potential customer to have a bad user experience because the webmaster or small business owner forgot to verify the compatibility.

Security updates are critical because there is so much news about identity theft and data breaches, brands need to invest in internet protection to verify the information is secure especially for regulations like GDPR and CCPA.  Laws like these keep the awareness for businesses and customers.

These are some tips on keeping up with the best practices for the year of 2020. If you follow these practices, it will help you come closer to your goals by staying ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, the importance of digital marketing for any business plays a huge part in their marketing goals. Its affordable and practical for any business to be involved in some kind of digital marketing whether it’s only a website or if they choose to include their business on social media platforms. The importance also integrates with the key practices of digital marketing to help any business become successful in the digital world.  

Digital Marketing is a MUST NEED for anyone and everyone!


Sales is complicated right? It’s no longer just well this is my only option so I’ll take it. There is a back up or other choice to EVERYTHING! In this day and age we want to think of ourselves as smart consumers. Educated consumers. That we get the best deals compared to our mom and pop who bought things without looking them up first to check reviews. Who went “I think this is good” and found out by trial and error that it was trash. So, let’s talk about my night first,

I am like 3 weeks behind in like all my classes to start this story out…, you see 5 weeks ago everything was absolutely fine, but for some reason the week classes started for me my computer has decided to have connectivity issues especially during my peak productivity times. So, the first thing I do is I hop on the phone to check if there is an internet outage, but my phones acting weird too…. So next I call the customer care number. No outages. They ask what’s wrong. I describe slow internet or no internet at all. They resend my signal. And tell me I need to reset my router… nah pass. Bad advice I doubt that could be true because I just reset it not that long ago because I turned off the internet and locked myself out of the router settings. So that was fixed, and everything worked great until my spring semester started, hmm so I see nwtc has a test you can run, I run it. Hmm… I’m supposed to have like 100 mbps, I have 6. I call and I ask what’s up again. They re send a signal or w/e. and dude was so nice but he tells me I have interference and I need a better router for streaming and computers. That I have a 2Ghz and I need the 5. So now I’m an hour deep into researching 2 vs 5 and which 5 is the best with basically none of it helping me because I am not a tech savvy girl. Also, I am now locked out of the router again… I think I am buying a net gear modem router combo for my WIFI in 3 weeks that’s supportive of the 5Ghz because from what I can tell the guy saying 2 is best for cells because you would walk about with them seems true enough. Vs the 5 would be better for the Computer that sits only one room over and doesn’t change location or need the range the 2Ghz offers.

Also this week, since I got what was left over from my assistance and another issue I have is long periods on my 25$ Walmart computer chair leave me unable to walk or sit for more than 30 mins without needing a break to ice my incredibly disfigured back/spine.  I looked up where you could buy a chair in town. I had always gone to the office store that closed by sears. I called a few furniture places with my family because they thought that might help. Finally google search told me that OfficeMax and Office Depot are like sister stores and so I saw the one by olive garden was a thing here in town I went there. And off word of mouth I picked a brand you and the world know for comfort, Serta.

Enjoy this picture of my chair courtesy of

 After looking up the reviews on the webpage there were like 200 of them so that’s a good deal of people rating highly, it had over 4 out of five stars. Twice my budget I had planned to spend that day on a chair but so far it is so, So, SO, SOOOO, worth it! I learned that in fact chairs are made for certain times in them. And, for certain weights. My new chair is made for my long times (8+ hours) at my desk and for my large self. I have never been so happy with a chair purchase in my life.  By the way it’s on sale currently for 63$ off. If you are looking for a good chair, I give it 4.5 stars also just on my own review ha-ha. And no they didn’t pay me to say it I’m just hyped about this awesome chair because let me tell you it makes all the difference to me as someone who sits in a chair for lectures and then goes home to design and do assignments also sitting in a chair all with a spine issue that basically makes me want to never be awake because the only relief is while I’m asleep.

Those annotations are basically what ZMOT is about.

me the author of this wonderful blog post

Those annotations are basically what ZMOT is about. Old school, you see you bring home and use you tell and spread the word about products. I did that with my chair. But now there is more to it that just three things. There is all the info online that we pull up to inform us about products we are considering buying. We google search who what when where and why about all aspects in our life most days. You got a tinder date you check the web about the guy before you go. You creep on Facebook. You check CCAP. You investigate to see what they are like other than the face they gave you on a dating app. You want to check out a new place to eat you google you ask around town, it probably will be a choice someone recommends with a great review, I still get likes from a review I made on google about Karaoke restaurant forever ago.

I had a good birthday lunch with my best friend. They made good food. Had nice staff who weren’t too overly entwined in our dining experience yet just enough to make sure every need we had was met in a timely fashion. They nailed my picky request for food. I wanted a taco salad but not a salad, I wanted the shell bowl. I wanted the meat, and I wanted cheese and sour cream and that was legit it. And usually I get beans and lettuce still anyways when I order it at mexican places, but Karaoke got it right the first time and almost every other time I had went there. It was a fave spot for a while. I can’t remember why we stopped eating out there. I think it was getting too busy. I hate crowded places. I love being one of like 2 or 3 groups eating at a time. Seclusion is nice. Also, if that doesn’t make you want to check out this small business on military, their margaritas are nice. Big size, good for taste buds, and the alcohol is plentiful yet not overbearingly so. Take your next tinder (don’t forget to CCAP them first) date there, enjoy it. You are welcome.



I will be the first to admit that I shop way to much. Amazon has been a bank account killer for me as they now offer “one click checkout” or “swipe to checkout”. Often times recommendations will come up to other things which I like as well and the damage that I have spent adds up. It is hard when I pass Starbucks everyday on my way to work and I can’t seem to make my own frappuccino come anywhere near what they can.

This picture accurately describes my bank account after my daily coffee run and frequent amazon orders

A good example of great marketing of ZMOT is how Starbucks lets you earn stars for each purchase and has constant challenges going on where you can earn anywhere between 25-150 stars based on what you buy. This is a great way to get you through their doors more often and buying stuff more regularly. It certainly is what made me become a “regular”.

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one. ” -Emma Bombeck

I find this quote to be true and how I used to shop way too often. Target was the death of me until I started to put lists together and find coupons for what I truly needed. Since starting to do this is has changed the game and saved me tons of money. After looking into some ways on how they get you to spend more its always good to be self-aware of these things for future purchases so you don’t fall for their tricks.

Recently with traveling so much and my suitcase breaking on my way back from my last trip it has been time for a new one. I travel enough that it was time to invest in a better brand that would last longer or have some sort of warranty. I looked around at TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, Amazon, and a few other stores before I realized Kohl’s is the best option. My mom had $50 off $200 spent on luggage along with 30% off store wide. I looked online for a while but already kind of knew what I wanted. Hard shell, grey or charcoal and wanted a carry on along with a midsized to bigger one for longer trips. I had used my mom’s Samsonite a few times and really liked it as it was made much better quality than my suitcase and seemed a lot more durable. Plus I read tons of reviews and a lot of people seemed to like them and had good things to say about the amount of time they had them. There was another extra 15% off just because Kohl’s always is trying to give you a better deal and then we had two e-gift cards for online or in store credit. We ended up getting a whole Samsonite luggage set for next to nothing. Plus they have a great return or exchange policy if something happens.

“That exception is now the rule. There are no barriers to access. Today’s shoppers carry access in their pockets. They create their own consumer guides a million times a minute with reviews, tweets, blogs, social network posts and videos for products of all kinds.” -ZMOT Team

I truly learn more and more about not only shopping but decision making everyday. Becoming more aware on how to make decisions easier and that will help my bank account was a no brainer. I think in the next year or so even more research will bring another step to this process.


ZMOT Till You Drop

Being experienced shopper is something I strive on. I spend my hard, earned money on purchases that are going to get me my bang for my buck but also quality products. I have shopped for the best deal no matter what the case is. I usually do some research on bigger purchases just to make sure to get the best deal possible, and find when they have sales on the item I’m searching for. Whats the fun in buying something at regular price? I think there is a thrill that comes with shopping and that is what keeps the market going. 

With that being said ZMOT is a huge practice when it comes to the marketing world. ZMOT, which stands for Zero Moments of Truth. This is defined as an experience they have with a product that may be good or bad and then they share their experience. Everyday shoppers tend to look at feedback on products. This can be a defining moment for that product because in a split second the consumer can change their mind. If they read a bad review, they may just avoid that product at all costs or maybe to read a few more to make sure that just this one person had a bad experience. Having quality reviews on a product, allows the consumer to get a good understanding of the product they are purchasing. The better the reviews, the more chances it has of selling.  With places like Amazon, you are buying products all over the world with the click of a finger. This shows, that clothing sizes are different everywhere in the world. Me being a woman, and other women know this, no women clothing size is the same. No matter the company, state, country or continent THEY ARE ALL DIFFERENT. It can be hard to purchase clothes off the Internet, so reading reviews has always helped me with figuring out if the item will work or not. 

If you care about helping shoppers explore, dream and find what they’re looking for – in short, if you’re passionate about the future of marketing.

Google, ZMOT

Like they said in ZMOT, P&G made a position called Director of FMOT. This shows how important those 2 moments are for a company. They can make or break the product with how the consumer reacts.  Everyone knows that a personal experience can cause a strong word of mouth presence. This being said, companies spend thousands and thousands on brand development to have that “moment”. I mean, it happens online constantly being able to search anything and everything on Google. They can pull all the information they are looking for and have the needs to make an emotional decision. Emotional you say? We make purchases based on emotions and needs we need to satisfy.

All in all, we have a lot of expectations when it comes to a product. Companies will spend a legit TON of money to make sure that they are FMOT. We as consumers try to be informed to make sure we are getting the best deal and quality. It just goes to show how important ZMOT is to consumers. We are making the marketing world a better place.

ZMOT Till You Drop


If I am going to be completely and utterly honest, I am the epitome of a “broke teenager”. I don’t make a lot of money in the first place—working a minimum wage job—and whatever money I do earn, I can ashamedly admit that I spend it on questionable things. For example, daily five dollar coffees have become a self-proclaimed necessity within my life, all which end up costing me a great deal of money. I’m not the only one this affects, however. This easy-access opportunity had become an unfortunate problem that many younger people in today’s society face on a daily basis.

This being said, when it comes to purchasing something that I really need (or really want), I often perform extensive research before I make a purchase. Through online mediums, what I’m looking for is the best deal for the best price, similar to a vast majority of consumers. (I can’t even remember the last time I picked up a newspaper or a magazine—again, the epitome of a broke teenager.) However, by reviewing ads, reviews, testimonials, and even descriptions of the products on various websites and platforms, I can verify that I am getting a well-rounded point of view on products before I decide to purchase them and the best deal as well.

On multiple occasions, I have even “coupon-clipped” for certain stores or signed up for email subscriptions just to receive a discount on a product. For those individuals that have the same money-saving drive as me, this has become a common societal practice.

According to Google, this practice is now defined as ZMOT or the Zero Moment of Truth, a defining step in the process of consumer purchases. With the progressively technological age, the ZMOT step which involves the research of a product is now a major determining factor of whether or not a purchase is eventually made. Although this specific step is relatively new in the marketing community, it has been added to a much older list of steps that have been defined and researched by marketers and companies for decades in order to illustrate the complete consumer journey.

Admittedly, as a teenage girl who loves to shop online, this process occurs within my life all the time. Although I didn’t recognize it at the time, two of my most recent purchases, a prom dress and antioxidant tea, were both purchased through this consumer journey.

The Prom Dress:

Stimulus: One day, as I was casually scrolling through Instagram, I noticed a picture of a Sherri Hill prom dress, instantly falling in love with it.

ZMOT: Because I know that Sherri dresses are relatively expensive, I first went through all of Sherri Hill’s Instagram tagged posts to find other girls who also had the dress. Then, I went onto Google to search other dress stores to see if I could find it for a cheaper price. Motivated by the influence of other teenage girls as well as a tight budget, I finally found a local store that had the dress and a promise for a discount.

FMOT: When I arrived at the store, the woman working the counter was extremely friendly, and offered me all the help I could have asked for. The dresses were organized by color, and cataloged so it was convenient for me to find. Because I was a first-time customer, I also received a twenty percent discount on the final sale of the dress, saving me more money than I could have imagined.

SMOT: After this positive experience, I made sure that I went onto the business’ Facebook and Yelp profiles and left a positive review about my experience.

The Tea:

Stimulus: During class about a month ago, I noticed that my friend was drinking some tea that smelled like Heaven. She told me that it was a Yogi antioxidant tea that she had bought at our local grocery store, and it made her feel more awake in the mornings.

ZMOT: Although I wanted to try the tea, I was a little skeptical about my friend’s claims. I then went online to research the validity of the product because personally, I didn’t know anybody else who tried the tea. I found Yogi’s webpage for the product, read all the reviews, and realized that everybody else in the comments section claimed the same thing. This answered questions that I had about the product an resolved my skepticism.

FMOT: Following my research, I went to my local grocery store and found the product in the tea section, centrally located, and in bright packaging that matched the image on the webpage. I knew it was the right one because the box listed all the benefits I had read about online.

SMOT:  When I returned home, the first thing that I did was make a cup of tea. I was thrilled to try it. Although I did not automatically feel any of the results, after about a week of drinking it in the mornings, I noticed that I never felt tired at school anymore. It made me feel so much better. Because I loved it so much, I posted it on my Instagram and Snapchat stories, encouraging my friend to buy it as well. I also followed the company on their social media platforms as well.

I am thrilled with both of these purchases that I made, but without the use of technology to learn about them, I am sure that I never would have made the purchases in the first place. At the time, I didn’t realize that I was performing the ZMOT process, but now I can see that it was ultimately the deciding factor in my decision to make my purchases of these two items. I found credible websites that gave me reliable reviews of these products, which then influenced me to purchase the items. After studying this unique and intriguing process, I now completely understand how online platforms and web pages influence the way that people make purchases (especially broke teenage girls like myself).

Next time I make an purchase, I will scroll through the internet and become engrossed in the ZMOT stage before my purchases—most likely with a cup of five dollar coffee in hand.

Behind every successful purchase, is a substantial amount of coffee.


Additionally, I now know that behind every successful purchase…is ZMOT.


What the ZMOT?

That old phrase “you learn something new every day” has a lot of truth. I have never heard of this ZWOT thing, and it sounds maybe like a fancy towel brand or something. Little did I know, ZMOT actually means Zero Moment of Truth. Now what does that mean? Well, it refers to the research that is conducted online about a product/service before taking any action. Some examples are : reviewing customer testimonies for a new clothing item, or looking at reviews for a new cell phone.

Image created by Kristin Hetto at KHetto Designs

“The process of meeting those shopper needs begins at the Zero Moment of Truth.”

– Jim Lecinski

I bet each and every one of you uses ZWOT more frequently than you realize. I know I do! I use it most often when I am purchasing business supplies. One of the things I buy most frequently is glitter. I know, it sounds silly – you probably think all glitter is created equal. It’s definitely not! There are different blends, sizes, cuts and materials that it’s made out of. You probably think I’m crazy by now. For the ultimate glitter coverage, you want ultra fine glitter. For some pizzazz, you want chunky glitter. For the ultimate glitter party – use both! I only buy high quality glitter from reputable sellers. None of this cheap Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s brand stuff. The quality just isn’t there. There is no perfect shine or durability when I’m crafting.

Photo of some dazzling ultra-fine glitter in use. Photo and work by Kristin Hetto at KHetto Designs.

Sometimes I spend HOURS researching different US based glitter distributors/suppliers. I have narrowed my purchases down to just a few companies. One is even a small business like myself. Why do I waste my time on researching glitter of all things? Because my customers love it, and I only produce high quality items.

The ultimate combination of ultra-fine and chunky glitter – my favorite! Photo and work by Kristin Hetto at KHetto Designs.

The link above showcases my absolute favorite supplier. The owner provides almost everything I need to make most of my products. I joined her Facebook group and read hundreds of posts about the products and quality before I ordered. I am officially in the 70% of Americans that utilize ZMOT before making a purchase.

Check out my website (above) for some of the work I do using the products that Zindee offers.

The bottom line is – everyone uses ZMOT whether you realize it or not. Did you grab your phone and go online to see which car has a better safety rating after seeing a commercial? That’s ZMOT. Have you ever hopped on your laptop to compare reviews on the AirBnb you just saw? That’s ZWOT. Have you ever searched the web to look at customer testimonies when researching different weight loss programs? You guessed it…. that’s ZWOT too!

What the ZMOT?

Z-WHAT? ZMOT! – The Zero Moment of Truth

I would bet you one hundred dollars (hypothetically, of course… I’m a broke college student) that most of the products you are interested in purchasing, whether that be a five dollar toothbrush or a 50 thousand dollar car, you do some research on before comitting to it. With constant access to the internet, it’s so simple to look at reviews online to help a consumer make an informed decision. Doing so can save you from a regretful purchase, or on the other hand, influence you to buy it.  This is what the Zero Moment of Truth is about, or ZMOT, which “refers to the point in the buying cycle when the consumer researches a product before the seller even knows that they exist.” –Google

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 3.14.18 PM

Most people don’t even realize they are ‘ZMOTING’ and have never heard of the phrase. I asked four different people (men and women) some questions regarding the topic. Here is what they had to say:

1) Are you familiar with the phrase “Zero Moment of Truth”? (without looking it up) 

2) Before you go through with a purchase, do you do research on it before buying? What type of research do you do? Does it affect your purchase decisons and do you have any specific examples?

Hannah, 23: 

1) “Nope. Never heard of it.”

2) “Sometimes. If it’s a big purchase I’ve usually done some type of research. For example, I’ve been buying LOTS of backpacking gear. I watch YouTube reviews or get feedback from people in Facebook groups. It 100% affects my decisions. When investing in a $360 sleeping bag, I want to be sure I’m making the right choice.

“Now when it comes to smaller purchases (less than $100) I do less research…if any at all. I usually just browse amazon for the cheapest option. I MIGHT look at the reviews if it looks like a Chinese brand. If I’m in store, it tends to be more of an impulse buy and I do zero research at all.”

Kylie, 27:

1) “I had no idea what it was until I googled it!”

2) “I will sometimes do my research before buying, especially if it’s something I’ve never bought before. I prefer to do online shopping so reading others’ reviews on the product are so helpful for me. Matt and I have a bunch of weddings coming up we are attending so I prefer to look up reviews of hotels and Air B&B before I commit. Also, if I hear good things about a product by word of mouth like from Kenzie (sister) or my mom, I trust their judgment and buy without much research!” 

Bryce, 24:

1) “I am not aware of the phrase Zero Moment of Truth.”

2) “Yes, I usually do some research before buying something, especially if it has an expensive price tag. I research camera gear and equipment before buying it to make sure it’s exactly what I need and am looking for. Also, to make sure it does the things that I want and need it to do.”

Matt, 28:

1) “I have never heard of it.”

2) “It depends on if I can afford to make a mistake. For example, if I choose a new food item I’m not going to research it besides just looking at packaging before I try. If it’s a new couch or a new car I’m going to do my research because I can’t afford to make that mistake of picking something wrong. All of my research is online. If I can and have the time I will test the product out or ask for samples and read other consumer reviews.”

Even though 4/4 people said they were not aware of what ZMOT meant, it shaped most of their buying decisions, especially with significant purchases. The Zero Moment of Truth is what helps consumers make a more informed decision, leading to happier customers.

What are some of your ‘ZMOT’ moments? Comment down below!



Click on the link for a short video on ZMOT

“All of my research is online. If I can and have the time I will test the product out or ask for samples and read other consumer reviews.” -Matt Carbol

Z-WHAT? ZMOT! – The Zero Moment of Truth