Changes in Digital Marketing Are Coming

After reading the article it is fascinating to see how many different predictions people can come up with based on the different things, they expertise in. I want to go over some of the predictions that I think are the most likely to be prevalent and important for businesses to consider for growing in 2021. … Continue reading Changes in Digital Marketing Are Coming

eSports Gaming Facility/What I Have Learned from This Course

eSports Emporium has a new facility, outfitted with the latest and greatest competitive gaming equipment. Customer Influence Efforts: eSports Emporium does not currently have a client base, but eSports is getting very popular, especially in the local community, and this is where they will be looking to draw customers from. eSports Emporium will invest most … Continue reading eSports Gaming Facility/What I Have Learned from This Course

MMYSA Digital Marketing Strategy

Currently, MMYSA - Marinette Menominee youth Soccer Association, has two websites and a Facebook page. The first website in the Search engine results is where you to go sign up: The landing page has outdated information from the 2018 season and their “highlights” section doesn’t fit properly on their website. My first impression of … Continue reading MMYSA Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Final Takeaways

Poppy Avenue Boutique is a women’s clothing boutique based in Appleton, WI that has a current customer base from their retail location, Facebook page, and Facebook group. Customer Influence Efforts They shouldn’t have to invest in or work on demand generation since they don’t need to convince people to buy women’s clothes, and with a … Continue reading Digital Marketing Final Takeaways

Is Email Marketing Beneficial?

I did not formerly know, but email messages are actually the preferred way for consumers to receive information from companies that they support and email marketing offers the highest ROI (return on investment) to those companies. Here is an study about Americans channel preferences: This means that email marketing is definitely beneficial and should … Continue reading Is Email Marketing Beneficial?