My Reflection

As I look back on my experiences in our courses, Digital marketing I and Digital Marketing II, I find myself continually looking through two different lenses, one as a marketer and one as a consumer.  I have learned so much in digital marketing where I’ve learned the trends and importance of reaching consumers digitally, keeping up with how quickly the trends change marketing today. Today we can identify how much of an impact our mobile device has had on not only us individually but as an economy and as consumers. One of the most critical factors in marketing is understanding and keeping up with your audience, knowing how we can reach them effectively, learning their trends, and their technical habits.

So what is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps.

So knowing this, what does that mean for me as a marketer in the current position that I’m in? As I’ve taken on this marketing role, I’ve been led down a digital marketing journey where I’ve learned to incorporate more than just traditional channels into our marketing plan. After this course, I am getting that not only is digital marketing evolving, but it’s developing in the way we access these channels. Yes, people are looking at our website, checking us out on Facebook and enabling email campaigns, but how are they looking at these channels? I guarantee you it’s not specifically through desktop, it’s on their mobile phone. So herein lies the opportunity, how can we market in a mobile setting, and what would that mean for our more traditional marketing plan that we have initiated. And with that being said, what would that plan look like if we included in mobile strategy?

With mobile marketing, if done right, we can provide customers with personalized time and location sensitive information that they can get whatever they might need when they need it and on the go. With our recent addition of digital ads, new web pages, and landing pages, we needed to ensure that they were customizable and formatted for mobile. We know social media platforms and applications are already mobile accessible, and marketing on those platforms is a given. We’ve increased our advertising on social media platforms because of this reason. While our company is not equipped to necessarily require a mobile app but we also cannot discard that possibility. With new services, products, and information that we are continually adding, I feel that there may be a need for our customers to have access to this information on the go. Whether to make a schedule for a pick-up or access to a technical data sheet of one of our products, a lot of our customers are already on the go since they are majority farmers, nutritionists, agronomists, and/or consultants. I feel that having this ability to access a lot of our information on-the-go would be significant. Due to the essence of our business, location-based marketing would be something that we should consider because of the areas that we primarily sell to are geographically significant. Having location-based marketing or having ads that appear in specific areas would be extremely beneficial. We are already doing mobile search ads promoting our new agronomy landing page, which also includes new mobile digital ads.

The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years.

One of the things that we learned in creating our landing page is making sure they were mobile-friendly. We needed to make sure that the content correctly got to the customer, meaning that the customer journey was relevant an well thought through. Making sure that our message was clear and concise, understanding that we optimize for local experience and make sure we understood our audience. For example, we know that a majority of our forms on our new agronomy landing page were going to be filled out by farmers primarily while they’re in the fields or their farms, not having a desktop available. So we needed to make sure that our forms were clear and concise and easy to use on a mobile platform. I feel like we have a long way to go when it comes to becoming mobile conscious, but I like where we’ve gone so far and how we’ve started our marketing process in our mobile world has been a great advantage to the company. As I mentioned, I’ve looked at these courses Digital Marketing I and Digital Marketing II from two different lenses, understanding that I, as a consumer and my habits have helped me tremendously in my current role as a marketer. This has made me very proactive and also reactive when I create our mobile marketing campaign going forward.

My Reflection

It’s Closing Time…

Do you hear the Semisonic song in your head? If so, I’ve done my job. Tip your waitress on your way out, I’ll be here all week. Joking, of course, but I couldn’t resist.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

One of the things that I enjoy most about learning, and see as a win, is picking up

information I didn’t already know. Whether it be through reading, life experience, or someone else’s knowledge, I have always enjoyed the adventure that is learning. In my previous experience with social media marketing, I had a great handle on the “big three” – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and figured out how to use them efficiently for a variety of clients. But… there is always an opportunity to learn more and do more, which is what I got out of my Digital Marketing II experience.

Now first, I think they really need to change the name of the course to something Mobile Marketing related – because let’s be real, that’s what we learned this semester! I joke, naturally, but learning more about mobile and everything that goes into it was HUGE! One a-ha moment after another. It’s like the idea of connecting the dots and getting a better idea of how things worked. It was JUST like that.

Photo by Oleg Magni on

All of the information from the Edify book was eye-opening. From figuring out your mobile audience to privacy concerns, mobile app creation and marketing and so much more – there was so much I never realized that I DIDN’T know about mobile – so I’m thankful for such all-encompassing material to be able to do it!

Looking into mobile trends in 2020, I have to say that my biggest takeaway (and wonder) is what the current state of the world will mean for marketing. I believe that it will become quite the opportunity for marketers to work with a variety of businesses who never saw the need to operate in the digital space. Because, whether or not you believe it, some businesses still do not have an online presence! I believe that digital, and mobile, will continue to grow and mature as time goes on, and more businesses will be willing to harness the power it provides depending on the world climate and how it progresses in the coming months.

white and blue come on in we ere open signage
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Retailers being able to harness the power of mobile is a HUGE idea right now. With services giving more and more ability to retailers for their customers to shop right from their Instagram page, for example, there is nothing but opportunity for digital marketing in more and bigger ways – to continue to permeate our every day. And, as the pandemic changes on what seems like an hourly basis, there may be more of a need for even more online shopping as time goes on.

With new short video apps such as Quibi and Tiktok, you have to wonder if services like Snapchat will change to gain those users back, or how Facebook and Instagram will change to mirror their services. Quibi is a bit of a lone wolf, as the first premium short-form video outlet, so it will be interesting to see how that goes, or if it doesn’t. The biggest trend I see in my own browsing is definitely the advent of video. Static and graphic advertisements just don’t measure up anymore, and that is made blatantly obvious by the ads we see whenever we log into a social network on our phones. Videos describing everything from tooth whitening strips to a hands-free button-pusher are what’s on my phone these days – how about yours?

Outside of my own theories, I just want to say that I have had a wonderful experience in this course, learning with everyone this semester. It has been great to learn about some new subjects but do it with so many great people with such a variety of stories and life experiences. I wish everyone luck in their programs of choice, and that everyone stays healthy!

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It’s Closing Time…

This is it!

People say time flies when you are having fun. I wouldn’t really say I was having the time of my life but I can say this  class taught me a lot. It felt  like just yesterday all the talk of the country was the COVID-19. We really didn’t know what the future holds. To be honest I wasn’t sure if this class was going to happen. When i heard about all these schools closing i just thought maybe this is not the right time to take any classes. Even though this class has always been online, the fact that I can’t go talk to my instructor about questions I have about the class  or just needed a little more explanation about some assignment was really hard to imagine.  If I am brutally honest there are days where I thought about dropping the class. Here we are now. I am writing the last blog for the years and i couldn’t be more proud.

“Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.”

– Oprah Winfrey

One of the things that was really interesting I learned  from  taking this class was how much mobile was taking over the world.  A study shows that about 95% of Americans own a mobile one way or another. This includes tablets, iPod or wearable devices. We don’t even give mobile enough credit how much information it has on us. The book explains how mobile knows who we are, what we are, who we are talking to, where we shop, what kind of activity we enjoy and more. As Marketers we have all this information to make sure we provide our consumer exactly what they are looking for.  

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

– Dr. Seuss

This brings us to the privacy issue. It was interesting to find there is no clear definition of privacy. Do we even quite understand what kind of data companies collect about us using our mobile devices?. Even if we know the information can we fully trust them to keep our information safe?. Companies need to do everything in their power to make sure that information is kept safe. We need to understand if customers’ personal  information gets to the wrong hand it will have a devastating effect on the company and even more effect on the consumer. FIrst of all the company may lose all the trust they earn from customers and they will have to spend so much money to get that trust back.  The book gives us some handful of harms it will have if their privacy is violated. Here are some examples 

  • Individual public and private information can be sold to other parties without their knowledge.
  • They can face descrmnation 
  • Their identity can be stolen and will cost them thousands of dollars to recover.  
  • Lose out on economic gain 

If this happens it is not going to be an  easy fix.  It can take months or even years to fix. Marketing is about making  a promise to customers and when we take something personal they are putting their trust on us and we can’t take that lightly.

In conclusion this is something I never really thought about before taking this class. Mobile really opens this world up to new and better ways to communicate. If we use this tool to communicate the sky’s the limit. I honestly can’t wait just to relax and recover from everything. I just want to say thank you to the instructors who made themselves available for their students throughout  this pandemic. They really make this easier for everybody. You are really Appreciated.

This is it!

Lets add anxiety and stress on top of taking digital marketing

Introduction during this endemic

Before I took Digital Marketing II, I took Digital Marketing I a week or two before this class started. Most of the information was fresh. The fresh information helped me remember what I learned in the first digital marketing class applying it to Digital Marketing II. The introduction of this class was very overwhelming because it started later than anticipated. It now became a six-week course versus a eight week course. I over applied myself taking two six-week courses at the same time while working two part-time jobs.

My personal life with this virus

In between it, I managed to take care of an eight-week-old kitten who was taken away from her mother too early.  I took care of her for a month or so socializing her and getting her up to date with her shots. My one part-time job became more important than ever posting and interacting with customers during this epidemic. My second job required me to watch or read articles that improved my interactions with the customers when its finally time for vendors to go back into stores.

 Let’s add more stress and anxiety to my life with the growing fear of catching the virus as the numbers continue to increase. Let’s add more fear and anxiety by all the mixed messages we are hearing on the news by different sources. Let’s try to escape the news by trying to keep our insanity to find more virus news on social media platforms.  

medication overload

To top off the cake, lets add some new medication with bad side effects because the doctor overdosed you along with a clingy boyfriend who wants you to find a apartment for him because he is moving away but will not listen to nothing you have say. Are you stressed out just thinking about this? I got stressed out just typing that thinking about the emotions that filled me during those days that I struggled to keep my head above water.

As I was keeping my head above water struggling to keep afloat, I managed to participate and turn in assignments on time.  The first week required us to read chapters one to three creating an introduction and a blog post. There was a large amount of data to input my brain while reading the chapters. It always seem to take me extra longer because as I would read, I would take notes on the chapter. It would be easier for me to read the chapter than take notes on it, but that’s not how I work. I seem to remember most of the information when I write it down versus just reading the chapter then taking the quiz. I would review the notes that I took because I had to reinforce the information that I just read and wrote down.

Expert Sessions

The expert session about the email marketing in the digital age was very informative about the statistics. It was informing that 2.6 billion worldwide email users and 205 billion messages sent and received per day in 2015. I am sure in the year 2020, there are more emails being sent per day and more users have email as the technology continues to evolve almost requiring every person to have a smart phone or computer being connected to the internet. My neighbor who is anti-smart phone and anti-computer requires me to assist him when ordering his medical supplies from Wal-Mart because he doesn’t want to be on the internet world.

The expert session I really connected with was the Facebook Messenger Marketing 101 because I have personally experience with trying to create a bot for a local business using ManyChat. I have interacted with bots that seemed so lifelike that it was hard to tell that I was interacting with an automated message versus a real human being. It was obvious sometimes when it wouldn’t let me input text, I would have two different choices possibly three options to choose from. But, being on the receiving end of the messages, these people that are interacting with bot template would keep going on a vicious cycle pushing the same options over and again. You could see the person either not seeing what they were looking for or they were confused at the interaction with the bot.  The statistics about communication that 56% of people would rather mess than call the person.  The expert session talks about have the conversation where people are having it. People enjoy interacting with businesses on their time not during normal business hours.  67% expect to message businesses than ever in the next 2 years. In the year 2020, its now more than ever.


Overall, there was a large volume of data to input in my brain and not a lot of processing power to compute the tasks required to store the information. The memory in my brain was streamlined as it had very limited storage available for the content that I was reading. I enjoyed reading the chapter, but some of it seemed a little long and tedious. Some of it seemed repetitive as I just got done with class Digital Marketing I.  Again, I was thankful to interact with Ronnie as a teacher as he was able to answer all of my questions in a timely manner. I am hoping to put this knowledge of what I have left to use in the real world creating a career in digital marketing.


I would recommend this certification and these classes to anyone who wants to create a career or career makeover in digital marketing. I wish I would have never wasted any of my money on marketing influencer courses that stated I would learn everything I needed to start my own company. It was a waste of money. Call it lesson learned.

Lets add anxiety and stress on top of taking digital marketing

Well That’s a Wrap Folks


We have come to the end of this awesome class and I am now closing the book on my NWTC career. I can’t believe it’s been two years already and I am set to graduate. It feels like it has gone by so fast, but I must say it has been amazing having the experiences I have  had at NWTC. I have meet and made so many great relationships with new people and I hope to carry some of those relationships throughout the rest of my life. Anyway, back to reflecting on the end of the Mobile Marketing class. I am so happy I have taken this class and I have learned so much from it as well as gaining a better understanding of some concepts. I can’t wait to use the skills I have learned in this course as I continue my career at MCL Industries as I am taking a position in our marketing team. I will oversee managing email campaigns, analytics tracking, and Google Ad campaigns for Maverick Blinds which is a company under the MCL umbrella. Now what are some things I have learned from this course?

Finding Your Audience

One thing I have furthered my learning on is how to properly figure out my target market. It has been great going over establishing a target market in most of the courses I have been in over the past two years as it has helped me keep the ideas fresh in my head. I have actually used this already at my job at MCL when I have set up a Google Ads campaign. I have had to figure out who we as a company wanted to target during this campaign and the regions of the country, they live in. I also used the demographics from Google Analytics to develop a target market for that campaign. I have found that if you can create a good target market your engagement levels will be so much higher on both your social media posts and Google Ads campaigns. For our ads campaign I also had to think about what the customer would be searching so I had to think about customer psychographics when developing the ad campaign.

Social Media during the Pandemic

Another thing I have learned and found very interesting is how much we turn to social media when we are in a situation, we don’t know what to do. The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has opened my eyes to how much we turn to social media when we are cut off from the physical world. Since we cannot currently interact with anyone in person, we interact with them in a virtual state. Whenever I go on any social media site, I see more and more posts from people because they are all stuck at home. According to, social media used to account for 20% of total internet use and starting in mid-March that number climbed to 25% of total internet use. It makes a lot of sense since we are all stuck at home. Even though I am still working, because my company is viewed as an essential business, I feel like my social media use has also risen.

Rapping it Up

In conclusion, I am so happy I have taken this class as I have been able to learn new things as well as furthering my understanding of others. I can’t wait to see where the future takes me and I can’t wait to use my skills that I have learned over the past 2 years. I wish you all luck as well in your future plans and I hope you find great success. Until next time, ya’ll have a good one.

Well That’s a Wrap Folks

The Future Is Bright

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which Produces Greater ...

The amount of knowledge I have acquired since my first class at NWTC has been incredible. When I came into the Digital Marketing program I was completely unaware of the planning that comes with digital marketing. What we learned in this class was how to create a mobile marketing strategy. A mobile marketing strategy consists of a few steps 1.) Create clear, achievable objectives. 2.) Define your target market 3.) keep the message consistent over all social media platforms that are used. 3.) Put out advertisements. 5.)Analyze data and track results. Understanding these steps are the most important part for any marketing campaign to be successful. Something I can take away from this class is that mobile marketing is really about testing out different strategy’s, understanding what is working and what is not and finding what is successful. Another thing that I can say I gained knowledge on is how mobile apps and mobile devices will play a role in the future of marketing. With technology becoming more and more advanced, devices will soon be able to read instant demographics of the people viewing the your sites. The different ways to approach our consumers are constantly improving. For example once soon there will be virtual reality ways to create advertisements, giving marketers the ability to put their consumers in a more personal and real life experience. Keeping up on technology is very important in the marketing world. The more unique ways you can engage with consumers the better chance you have for success.

Implementing This Knowledge In the Real World

The Future Unfolds - YouTube

My senior year in High School I was still very confused and not ready to make a decision on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I was working, jumping from warehouse to warehouse. One thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to be working dead end jobs for the rest of my life. As a kid I have always dreamed of running my own business or being self employed but I never had a clear plan or goal. A few summers ago I was introduced to Affiliate marketing, which basically is selling products for other companies and making a commission off of it. After building my own website and trying to make something happen, I quickly realized that driving traffic to a website is going to be harder than I originally thought. A few weeks went by and I decided I needed to go to school if I wanted to pursue this any further. I signed up for the Digital Marketing program at NWTC and I am very glad that I made that decision. Over this school year I have learned so much and am excited to implement this knowledge into marketing for my own supplement brand that I have created. One thing I can say the corona-virus did good for, was allowing me the time to put some of my dreams together and make them reality. This class helped me build my websites and social media pages, I have also created a marketing strategy that I will put into play once I receive my product, from the manufacturer I have been working with, in 5 weeks. I am excited to see how this strategy plays out and I can not wait to test different strategy’s that this class and program has helped me with.


I hope that every one is this class has been able to obtain knowledge from this class that will help them pursue their dream career or start their own company. The reason I chose digital marketing is because of the sheer fact that every single business needs to know how to get their name out to the public, in order to be successful. No matter what type of business you are running, without consumers their is no business. This class has given the information and tools needed to create successful campaigns and drive traffic to your store or website. Remembering the steps needed to take before launching a campaign is very important. One thing I have learned is that no matter what type of campaign you are running, there are 5 steps that will help build a successful campaign. 1.) Create clear, achievable objectives. 2.) Define your target market 3.) keep the message consistent over all social media platforms that are used. 3.) Put out advertisements. 5.)Analyze data and track results. Another thing I learned throughout this course is that not every strategy is going to work. It is about tracking data, understanding where the campaign is going wrong and what you can do to fix it, to make it successful. I want to also thank my professors and class mates who have given me great feedback throughout this course!

The Future Is Bright


Now that we have came to the end of this class, we can now all share our learnings and thoughts together. There are a lot of take aways from this class and some questions that I do in fact still have. This class we learned a lot about mobile. Not only what it is, but how we can use it, what different mobile devices there are, how to secure our mobile devices, establishing a mobile path, how to engage with customers, how we can market using our mobile apps, etc.

What Marketers Need To Find Out About Customers

Obviously before taking this class I knew that Marketers engage with customers, but I didn’t know the extent as to how far you reach your customers. We learned that marketing is knowing your customers. Think about everything that you own that you have purchased online. Now think about all the times those marketers reached out to you and needed to know what customers need or want and if their products and services are fulfilling those needs. The more and more marketers engaged with customers, the higher the chance they can get their customers to answer questions, surveys, etc. Our book touched on some of the questions that marketers can use to try to target their target audience. Some of those questions included;

  • What media do they consume and when?
  • When and where do they shop?
  • What are their favorite types of entertainment?
  • Which types of mobile devices, carriers and networks do they use?
  • Which mobile applications do they use the most?
  • Which features do they use on their device(texting, phone calls, FaceTime, etc.)
  • Do they scan QR codes? Where do they spend their time?

All of these questions are a great starting point for being ready in the mobile industry. Engagement can only happen if you make an effort. I think this alone is something all of us are going to take from this class and use in our future.

Customer Behavior/Google Analytics

To continue, not only is learning how to engage with your customers is a must, but the multiple different channels we can use consist of; in person, email, surveys, customer feedback, etc. One main thing that we looked at and discussed throughout this class is how to measure customer behavior. Google Analytics was one tool that we all used at some point during our semester together. We were able to measure how people are engaging with the brand’s digital properties and data. I personaly loved using google analytics. Before this class I didn’t know anything about it.

Google Analytics Review | PCMag

“Google Analytics is the best friend of all SEO Specialist and Digital Marketer around the globe.”

So what?

I learned that this class is all about detail, organization, content, engagement, how to use mobile for your business etc. This class has opened my eyes up to a lot of things. For example, this pandemic right now. Nobody can predict anything. Everyone is just taking it day by day. That’s what marketers do on a daily basis. It’s up to them. How much time and effort, how well they measure their goals and successes, and so much more. I learned that digital marketing is so much more then just having a website, thats for sure!

The History and Evolution of Digital Marketing

“There’s never been a better time to be in advertising, and there’s never been a worse time.”

Aaron Reitkopf

Reflections: Mobile Madness?

After completing Digital Marketing I, I left feeling excited but overwhelmed as so much changes so quickly. I wondered how people keep up with all of the trends, technology, and legal landscape. After this class, I have the same feeling, but an even greater sense of feeling overwhelmed.

I question how much consumer behavior and related predictions have already been thrown out the window, or quickly will be as this pandemic progresses. There is some information out there which indicates that advertising spend will decrease due to the pandemic. In fact, a recent survey by Influencer Marketing Hub stated 69% of brands expect they will decrease ad spend in 2020.

I have really appreciated this course as a framework for mobile marketing, and fully agree that there is indeed opportunity here, especially given how low cost some endeavors can be.

I think after the pandemic, some consumers will be reluctant to amass in public, while others likely will be clamoring for it. For many businesses, I think the key is to “keep your options open.” In other words, don’t just count on the brick and mortar of the four walls to sustain your livelihood and deliver the earnings. Think beyond the four walls, because there will be a certain segment of people that would rather be part of the experience by enjoying it from home.

I also think that as marketers roll out the next cool thing, they need to be mindful of how tired people are at this point, and likely into the future. Consumers do not want to look in five different places to see what hours a business has. Consumers are looking for effective, “one stop shops” for information. Consumers want an effortless experience.

I must say that this course has been a struggle for me. Not because I’m disinterested in the topic by any means. It’s because of everything else we are dealing with at the moment. For 50+ days, my work days have had me sequestered in the dining room sitting at my laptop. My eyes are so tired by the end of the day, I do not think I have ever stared at my computer screen more. Everything is a voice or video chat, whereas, in the past, it may have involved someone just casually stopping by my desk to talk. We don’t have that right now without screen time really. I also have two sons that need help with their homework, that involves even more screen time. To communicate with friends and family, that’s either a phone call or FaceTime. By the time I get to my homework, it is safe to say I am suffering from screen fatigue.

How many others feel just like I do? What does that mean for consumers that think they need to detox from technology like me (especially on the weekends)? It feels a bit like a paradox or a bit of a love hate relationship at the moment. I think the best thing that can be done for fatigued consumers is to keep the engagement and purchase process as simple as possible.

How many businesses will still be open after this pandemic? It seems to me that those that have found a way to use social media as an example have found creative ways to stay afloat. I used my phone just the other day to buy cinnamon rolls for two family members in LaCrosse from a restaurant/bakery there. They were taking orders out of their home versus the restaurant so we relied on Facebook Messenger to communicate and arrange for payment. The following week, this same restaurant/bakery teamed up with a brewery across the street for robust social media campaign selling all kinds of bakery items along with 6 packs of beer with delivery included. It was a good reminder to the community of “We’re still here.” The campaign was so successful, the restaurant/bakery started doing carry-out for a good portion of their menu. I feel that without some mobile marketing, this family favorite would have been out of business already.

Facebook / Fayze’s Restaurant & Bakery

I have often argued with my husband about his own employer and their lack of online presence. They have a website, but not great content to really show what their pattern and mold shop can really do. There is no social media. What happens when there are still restrictions and potential clients cannot walk through the shop in person? How does one sell a service that cannot be seen? I hope that this serves as a wake up call for businesses to start getting online. As much as I am tired of the old Dell laptop computer at the moment as I type this blog, it seems to be the ugly truth. Innovate and use mobile marketing, or consider your business done. Here’s the final thought as I wrap up this course and this blog.

“If you’re not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry — your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead.” – Jamie Turner, Founder of 60SecondMarketer

Reflections: Mobile Madness?

Digital Marketing and the Root of its Being for Me

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”

― Maya Angelou

You know,

Back then when I was working for a Digital Marketer as a Sales rep, I thought I knew what Digital Marketing was.

Just Social Media

Just SEO

Just Landing Pages

and Honestly I didn’t even know what a Landing Page was in depth back then.

Or all the details that went along with Digital Marketing.
Everything inbetween the lines.

I just thought I knew.

I can honestly say that, going through this course has changed my aspects and views on what we call,

Digital Marketing.

image from simpllearn

I thought it was more of a trend,

just the online world ,

Just you know, Social Media Awareness.

When Honestly,

it’s more like this,

image from thoughtco

The real idea behind Digital Marketing is the Ability to Effectively Communicate in the Internet World

Whatever platform that may be

Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc

Digital Marketing is the ability to promote , offer a value, and close the deal for yourself, business owners, business partners, and business clients.

As far as the value that is instilled in this process,

You can say that it is like human word of mouth but on a platform that literally the majority of society is on a day to day basis.

I learned that many business owners who may not believe in Digital Marketing, and who despise it , are actually leaving alot of money on the table.

This leads to Mobile Marketing as well.


It’s because the business runs not on just the values of the business owner, but how you solve your potential client base’s problems.

Every one hears that part of the perspective…


It is also what platform is hot, trendy, and being mostly used at the moment.

I hear that most people say that this or that is more trendy right now than that.

Which may or may not be true, depending on the audience that you are actually trying to target.

Mobile Marketing is a big part of Digital Marketing.

The phone is just another version of a better tv right?

I mean you stream Youtube, Social Media, and visit websites on it true?

So just imagine, if someone actually liked your business and what you do and tries to look at your website on the road or out running errands.

Majority of the people are not hauling a laptop with them right?

I mean the phone is most convenient.

If they can’t easily access your database on any device, they’ll most likely not get to it till later on a laptop

IF they don’t lose interest.

I will be implementing this portion when I launch my Digital Marketing Business

Because the easier the audience understands you,

the easier the audience can engage with you

and the more I can understand the audience

The value exchange is endless

“The good deal right now is the seven platforms that live on this [phone]”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

I believe that Everything has its piece in the Bigger Picture

and Honestly,

Just because I completed this course , Does not mean that I know it all.

I truly don’t think any of us are real experts at it, not for a long time anyways.

Algorithms always change

Trends change

Attention changes

and Attention is an asset I believe.

Some are simply better than others at this game.

However, I can appreciate the information that I was given during this time as it has helped me understand not just the techniques but also the regulation side of things.

Questions about Digital Marketing

Good Grief, I have plenty of questions, who doesn’t?

The Good Questions I would say would be,

Especially during these times with COVID-19,

Do you really think now, maybe perhaps, Business owners and consumers will come to appreciate Digital Marketing and Digital Presence?

I think they will and they won’t.

Some people will bend with the wind and some will stick to traditions.

Nothing wrong with it but it does shine light on what could’ve been done, I believe.

Here are two resources that could help enlighten:


Today’s current crisis just goes to show that Digital Marketing / Digital Communication actually saves alot of travel time.

People are having Zoom conferences more often now in the comfort of their own homes.

With Virtual Reality coming to light,

I believe we can only get more Digital in technology from this point on.

What will be the New Platforms for the future you think?

Virtual Platforms like Sims? Where We meet up in Virtual places?

Virtual Summits?

What do you think is the future for Digital Marketers?

I have spent this time to explain a bit about my story and how I see things.

Now , I’d like to hear from your world,

your eyes,

your ears,

and your story.

To something that is more than just a college major

more than a skillset

What is it to you?

Drop your comments below and tell me your story.

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Digital Marketing and the Root of its Being for Me


As we are nearing the end of the semester, it is crazy to look back at all the information that was covered. Mobile marketing will continually grow as time goes on. The Mobile Marketing Essentials textbook stated, “90% of all media consumption is digital – television, personal computers, mobile phones, & tablets.” When you are out in public you are bound to find other people looking at their phone.

5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch

Information Learned

I feel like the book was easy to understand and connect to the real world. Understanding the mobile customer journey is important when marketing to consumers. The purchase funnel has changed because of people’s purchase behavior on the internet and mobile apps. People spend more time with a mobile device than any other technology. Establishing a mobile first strategy is when you start with small in screen size to allow for better utility and allow for bigger sizing and better functionality as designs build larger. Emails are important to test out to make sure they work across all devices. Most people regularly check their email on their smartphone than any other device. When creating an email, you want to make sure it is concise, personal, and providing a valued offer. I delete a lot of my emails without even opening them if the subject does not seem like something I would be interested in. Crafting an email and testing it is super important.

“People spend more time with a mobile device than any other technology”

The examples that the book used were great in understanding the topic. In chapter 3 section 2, they talked about local advertising. One of the examples was that Halls targeted their ad in areas where higher incidences of the flu and the ads performed 62.5% better compared to non-targeted control ads. They also had examples of weather-related ads such as Flonase ads during allergy season and hair products during humid weather. I may have seen ads that were targeted during certain times and have not noticed. After learning about the targeted advertising, I might recognize it when I see it.

There were many things that I thought were interesting. One was that children are not grasping writing because of using their index finger. I never though of how that could become a problem until the book mentioned it. Another statistic that the book mentioned was that 36% of employed adults said they frequently checked their work email outside of normal office hours. The technology allows people to check work email at home may interfere with their personal time with family. In Chapter 4 Global Understanding it mentions that China has adopted mobile marketing better than the rest of the world. I was surprised that their college students do not need to carry a wallet because of the app transactions. It is definitely a different way of life in China when it comes to how they purchase things.

I think the way people shop will be different after the virus. Online shopping is booming and according to, “60% of online shoppers said they would shop that way more frequently going forward.” It is very convenient for people to shop online and safe during this time. People who may have not done online shopping prior to this, may end up continuing to do it. According to, “Some experts believe the changes are here to stay and that online retailers will come out on the other side as winners.” Many people are shopping online not only for essential products but for clothes. Boutique websites are growing in popularity which may hurt the retail stores. Before Covid-19, I favored online shopping since I could find exactly what I needed and did not have to waste time searching in stores. Now that people are forced to shop online, they may find websites and businesses that they like and become loyal to. Social media usage has gone up during Covid-19 and the stay at home act. Ads may be making people buy new things that they come across when scrolling. People have also been using the pick-up option more since they do not want to go in stores to buy things. Although Walmart had that option, it has not been in use like it is now. Many places that had the pick-up option in place have been booked out for weeks at the beginning of Covid-19. I feel that people who used this service and liked the how convenient it was will continually use it.

Using Consistency To Improve The User Experience Across Desktop ...


Overall, I have learned a lot throughout this course that I can utilize. Consumer behavior is changing constantly as technology changes. I believe that some consumers behavior will be impacted from the coronavirus outbreak.